Author: Salios

Fandom: Harry Potter/Avengers Crossover

Pairing: Harry Potter/Steve Rogers (Cpt. America)

Rating: T-M

Warning: This story will contain male/male relationships, including intimacy ranging from light kissing to possible sex. Swearing, and descriptions of violence and gore also possible.

Disclaimer: I do not own either fandom or their associated characters; this is a fan piece and not written for profit.

Earl Grey and Apple Pie.

Chapter 10

At the first press of lips Steve felt one of Harry's hands latch onto the stiff collar of his shirt and tug. The strength behind the quick motion was enough that he felt the first few buttons of his shirt pop free, the sound obscenely loud. Steve groaned into Harry's mouth, not caring that their teeth clacked or how the slide of their mouths was a little too wet. He tilted slightly to more comfortably slot their lips together. This meant their noses were no longer touching, allowing the soft, warm bursts of air from Harry's nose to pass over Steve's heated cheek. At the new angle, and the addition of Steve's tongue, the short brunette moaned. He tugged on Steve's shirt and pressed closer at once. The thin cotton of Harry's shirt did little hide the warmth of his chest. Steve's free hand came up to Harry's shoulder before stroking down across his shoulder blade and waist to settle at the small of his back. The tips of his fingers brushed the bunched mound of muscle under the waistband of Harry's jeans, making the younger man's hips jerk.

Steve grinned into the kiss. He gently rolled the fingers of his left hand around the back of Harry's neck in a massage while his right arm wrapped around Harry's waist. With a miniscule amount of effort and a puff of breath he pulled Harry from the table and onto his lap. Firm thighs settled around Steve's hips, digging into the cushions behind them. The arm around Harry's waist dropped until the width of Steve's hand was palming the firm curve of one arse cheek.

Harry laughed and pulled back enough to nip at Steve's lower lip with his teeth. His grin was wide. The colours in Harry's eyes were bright dashes of amusement against the darker curtain of lust. The hand previously holding Steve's collar became nestled into the short strands at the back of the American's neck and he nearly purred at the sensation.

Their frenzied kissing slowed until the two men were all but cuddled together; Harry still comfortably planted in Steve's lap. They butted noses and traded sweet, quick kisses. Harry pressed his forehead to Steve's and didn't look away. Humming contentedly, the American gave another gentle squeeze to the back of Harry's neck but otherwise didn't move.

" this something new then?" The sleepy murmur of Harry's voice was barely tinged in lust, just enough for Steve's next breath to shudder slightly.

"Hmm...?" He really didn't have it in him for a more articulate response.

"This," Harry nudged Steve's nose and pecked his lips. "Is this something new for you?" As though realizing how obscure the question was he quickly elaborated, "I mean, the whole snogging a man part."

Steve didn't answer until he'd comfortably wrapped both arms around Harry's waist and gave a gentle squeeze. "Not...not entirely. I mean, I am in the Army, after all." His cheeky grin startled a bark of laughter from Harry. "But I never gave it much thought until I met you." He shrugged, cheeks slightly pink. "I hadn't considered that I might be gay until then." Though he sat slouched on the couch cushions with his arms lazy around Harry's waist, Steve's shoulders were tight with tension. It was obvious the blonde had kept from looking too intently at the 'why' portion of his attraction.

Harry gently cupped Steve's cheek with one scarred palm, his smile soft and fond. "Steve, you don't have to put a label on how you feel." He rewarded the blonde's honesty with another peck to the lips, "having feelings for me doesn't automatically make you gay."

He frowned, "but, isn't that what being gay is? A man liking other men?"

Harry leant back slightly, though he didn't remove his hand from Steve's cheek. "Just because you're attracted to men doesn't make you gay. There are different kind of attraction, and many different sexual orientations. You don't have to limit yourself to a word." He smiled. "I've always been a firm believer in the idea that whomever makes a person happiest is who they should spend their lives with, gender aside. Do you know how many people have publicly identified as Asexual? I don't know all the terms, and I won't pretend to understand everything about it, but I can tell you to just relax." He poked Steve's nose. "As you Americans are always saying, 'go with the flow', and all that rubbish."

Steve gave a mock grimace and mimed biting at Harry's fingers. He was rewarded for that with the press of both Harry's index and middle digits of that hand to the plump, and rather swollen, curve of his lower lip. The blonde jumped, startled at the gentle press. Slowly he opened his mouth enough to gently swipe at those two digits with the tip of his tongue. The answering exhalation of breath from Harry was as much a moan as anything else. His tongue made another few passes before retreating. Steve pursed his lips and kissed Harry's fingers.

"I think I can do that, just...just don't be angry with me for not knowing what to do..." He didn't want to screw this up. Steve wasn't as virginal as his teammates and the media made him out to be. The blonde had enjoyed his share of bedroom trysts and heteronormative dates. He liked sex, hell with his physical abilities he liked to think he was rather creative in bed, but being with a man wasn't something he'd ever considered. Well, not in any detail, really.

Harry smiled and withdrew his fingers to press the pads against his own mouth, giving an answering kiss. He returned them to Steve's lips with a grin. "That, I can promise. But you can't be afraid to ask me questions. Without communication we can't make this work." He shrugged, "there are things you can't tell me, and things I won't (or can't) tell you. That's just how our lives are. But we can make do with what's available. Sound good?"

Steve's response was to tug the slim brunette into another round of heated kissing.

The pair spent the rest of the day alternating between small talk, another few pots of tea, and cuddling on the loveseat. After the third time Steve managed to elbow Harry in the ribs, the younger man had hissed under his breath and tugged his lover up. Steve laughed and allowed Harry to drag him to the back of the shop. Under the staircase leading up into what he assumed was Harry's apartment, was another door. Harry jerked it open and trotted down the steps. The American dutifully followed and found himself in a warmly lit basement. Two doors led off from the room they occupied, one to the right of the stairs and another straight ahead. The door on his right was closed, the other open enough for Steve to spot the lip of a bathtub and some pale cabinets.

"Come here and make yourself useful!" A throw pillow impacted with the side of Steve's face and he spluttered.

"That's three times today, three!"

Harry grinned viciously.

Steve grumbled under his breath but thumped over to where Harry stood, one hip pressed against the arm of an old, worn couch. He patted the back and gestured at the other side. The blonde huffed and moved to the other arm, giving Harry's discordant hair a gentle swipe. The squawk was worth the sting of Harry's palm left against his arse. Steve winked, Harry grumbled.

"Behave!" Steve laughed. "Fine, fine, if you won't behave then at least be useful, yeah?" Harry bent his knees and locked one hand around the front of his armrest and under the backrest. "I should have brought this bloody thing upstairs years ago." He tugged gently and his end of the couch rose, though it wobbled precariously.

"Stop, stop; you're going to hurt yourself, or me!"

Harry scowled and dropped his end with a thump. "Well then, what do you suggest Mister Macho?"

Steve rolled his eyes and rounded the couch until he had Harry wrapped in his arms again. He pressed a kiss to the crown of the brunette's head. "Remember the whole talking thing?" At Harry's reluctant grunt he grinned. "Well, I think I need to communicate," Harry swatted him for that, "something to you." He tipped Harry's head back so they could lock eyes. "I realize you don't much follow the news, but have you ever seen anything about Captain America?"

Harry's confused blinking was definitely in the top ten of Steve's favourite things.

"I've heard the name tossed about, but what does he have to do with us?"

Steve smiled.