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Enchanted Arms: The Fifth Devil Golem


(Just after they defeat Infinity)

"We'd better go now. We need to rebuild Yokohama." Atsuma said. Toya and Makoto nodded.

"We'll help too!" Karin said. Raigar nodded in agreement.

"Well, let's get going then." Yuki said, as they all started making their way back to Yokohama. Toya looked back, confused. He rubbed his eyes, and sighed. 'It must just be because of this adventure.' He thought to himself, as they all exited the room. But, what Toya saw wasn't just his imagination. A girl was laying unconscious, hidden by some rubble. It looked like she was just pieced together, with icy left arm, a futuristic right one, a stone left leg and a fiery right leg. But, in an instant, the limbs changed so they looked like normal limbs, just leaving the girl unconscious. A symbol, which looked like a diamond with a spiral inside of it, appeared on the girl's neck and started pulsating.

(A few weeks after the end of the rebuilding festival - at the end of the game)

"G-Guys! C-Come have a look!" Atsuma cried, as Toya and Makoto ran to Atsuma's side. There was a boy, around 19, laying unconscious in front of them. He was laying in an alleyway, hardly noticable. His hair was messed up, and blood was smeared all over his face and neck, and some on his right hand which looked like it carried on up his arm. There was a symbol carved into the boy's arm, visible as that arm's sleeve was torn apart. The symbol was a circle with a slash through it. Most of his clothes were torn or ripped off, showing blood splashed all over his body, and cuts and scars.

"Who is he? I don't recognise him!" Makoto said, as if he knew all the boys. Though, he was only really interested in Toya, so he didn't pay much attention to anyone else. Toya knelt beside the boy, feeling for a pulse. He quickly withdrew his hand, holding it.

"He's...so cold." He said quietly. Atsuma watched Toya, shocked. 'C-Cold?' He thought to himself, watching the boy.

"I-Is he...alive?" Makoto asked, watching Toya and the boy. Toya looked away, shaking his head.

"He couldn't be. Not while he's this cold." He replied, looking at his hand, which had frozen a little. Makoto watched in shock, as Atsuma looked away. '...I wish I knew him. He...He feels so familiar.' Atsuma thought to himself. Makoto started walking away, dragging Atsuma with him, when Toya stopped them.

"Wait! He's breathing!" Toya cried, watching the boy. They all watched curiously, wondering how he could have survived through freezing temperatures with the wounds on his head and body.

"Let's hurry! We need to get him seen to!" Atsuma cried, as he and Makoto carried the boy to the University. Toya stopped, seeing something on the floor. He walked back, seeing a notebook. 'A notebook? I'd better have a look at this...' He thought, putting it in his bag and running after Atsuma and Makoto.