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Chapter 2

"Hey Makoto, where have Shadow and Toya disappeared off to?" Atsuma asked, looking around. He was bleeding, and so was Makoto, as they had been fighting. He rubbed his head, as a bump started to form. 'That's great, just great.' He thought to himself. Makoto looked around, confused.

"No. But...what if they've run away together?" Makoto asked, narrowing his eyes. "No one is having Toya but me." He clenched his bleeding hand weakly into a fist. Atsuma face palmed. 'Now Makoto's all worked up, even more so than before.' He thought to himself. He then groaned, looking at his right arm.

"W-What's going on?!" Atsuma asked, clenching his hand around his arm. 'D-Doesn't this only go like this if there's a Devil Golem around?' He thought to himself. 'Wait...does that mean that there IS a Devil Golem around?' He looked around. Everything seemed fine. Nobody was turning cold, or collapsing.

"Why is your arm glowing now, Atsuma?!" Makoto asked. Atsuma looked at Makoto, shaking his head. Makoto's eyes widened. "Y-You mean..." He started. Atsuma looked away.

"We should go to the Sealed Ward. That's where the Queen of Ice was. Maybe, somehow, she survived. Maybe it's a new one all together." He explained, and started running to the Sealed Ward. Makoto sighed, running after his silver haired friend.

Meanwhile, Toya was still following Shadow. He looked around, and realised he hadn't been in this part of the Sealed Ward. 'I suppose not. The floor collapsed half way through last time, I think.' Toya thought to himself. 'But...how could Shadow be leading? He's NEVER been here before. Not even in training. He didn't want to go in because of the Queen of Ice being here before.' He watched Shadow. 'He IS in a trance-like state, though. So, maybe that's why he couldn't come down here?' Toya asked himself. He looked around, seeing that this part looked more futuristic than the other parts he has been to. The walls and floor was silver, probably made from steel or something, but there were things that looked like veins that travelled up the walls and across the floor. They were more scattered than they were in the other part, and none of them were in sync, all pulsating and glowing at different times.

"Shadow, don't you think..." Toya stopped, seeing Shadow's eyes. They were totally black, with red pupils and they were bloodshot. "S-Shadow...?" Toya asked, watching Shadow.

"..." Shadow glanced at Toya, not saying anything. He turned back to look where they walking, almost ignoring Toya completely. "...The four becomes one to destroy all." He murmured. Toya watched, confused for once. 'The four becomes one to destroy all? What does he mean?' He thought to himself.

"What do you mean Shadow?" Toya asked. Shadow didn't reply, as they walked down some stairs. They then stopped on a platform that descended two floors before stopping.

"The Ice, Fire, Earth and Eternal shall join to become the Darkness." Shadow looked at Toya. "The Darkness needs one Magicore, one that has been either of the Ice, Fire, Earth or Eternal. You are in this requirement." He said. Toya's eyes widened. 'So, the Ice, Fire, Earth and Eternal must be the Queen of Ice, the Emperor of Fire, the Lord of Earth and Infinity...' He watched Shadow. 'Is this why he is taking me? Because I was the Magicore for the Queen of Ice, is that the reason?' He thought.

"Though, the Darkness needs more than one. A second Magicore is required. But, one that was born of something ancient, even older than your blood." Shadow continued, one of his eyes lighter than the other. "I am of that kind. I was born of a more ancient blood than you." He explained. "The Darkness needs both of us to revive completely, to rewrite the world. But...it will not fail. Not where the Eternal failed. It will rise, changing everything back to those ancient times." He watched Toya, not blinking. Shadow's arm was glowing faintly, and the circle with the slash through it was visible again.

"This isn't right Shadow! Just stop it, the world has evolved and moved on!" Toya protested. "You're being controlled, by this Darkness! Who is the Darkness?" He asked, watching his friend. Shadow glanced at Toya, and then moved his sleeve to show the symbol.

"...The Darkness is the ruler of all things." He murmured. "Soon, everyone will know that. Even you..." He said, looking away again. Toya watched Shadow, and looked at the symbol.

"That symbol..." Toya started, remembering when they found Shadow. He had seen it on Shadow's arm that time. "I remember now! It was on your arm, well engraved, well, carved into your arm!" He exclaimed. Shadow then grabbed Toya's arm, his hand surrounded by a dark aura.

"Be...quiet. We're almost with the darkness." He whispered. Toya tried speaking, but no words came out. 'H-How is he doing this?' He thought to himself. Shadow started dragging Toya down a dark corridor, soon reaching a dark room. Toya then had a sudden thought. 'But, how will it work?! They were all destroyed, weren't they? The Queen of Ice, Emperor of Fire, the Lord of Earth and Infinity...didn't Atsuma destroy all of them?' He thought to himself, and then stopped. Shadow made Toya kneel on the ground, breaking Toya out of his thoughts. He then knelt beside him, watching something in the middle of the room. Toya tried to work out what it was. There was a figure, that couldn't exactly be seen, inside a dark purple fog. The fog surrounded the figure completely; making sure it was enveloped in the dark purple mist. Toya looked at Shadow, then back at the mist. 'So...that must be the Darkness that Shadow was talking about.' He thought. 'But...why is the figure in the purple mist?' He asked himself.

"Wait up Atsuma!" Makoto whined. Atsuma sighed, glancing back at Makoto.

"I thought you were used to it by now? Remember when you were the 'Mystery Man'?" Atsuma asked, rolling his eyes. "Look, I want to hurry. This is bad if my arm is acting up, since that means there must be a Devil Golem." He explained.

"But there are no Devil Golems left! You destroyed them all, even Infinity!" Makoto replied, now running beside Atsuma. "There's no need for your arm to be glowing or anything." He said.

"So, why is it glowing if they're all gone?" Atsuma asked. "I think there MUST be a new one, or something that is as strong as a Devil Golem." He looked at Makoto. "Do you think that's why Shadow and Toya have disappeared? What if Toya's become a Magicore again..." He murmured. 'But...Shadow? I didn't realise. Does he have blood of the ancients?' He thought.

"No! Not my precious Toya!" Makoto cried. "We need to hurry Atsuma. Toya could be in danger!" He said, grabbing Atsuma's wrist as he started running to the Sealed Ward. They soon got there, and Makoto kept dragging Atsuma.

"Get off Makoto. I'm not a child, I can walk by myself." Atsuma pulled his hand away, walking into the Sealed Ward. "I wonder...did they go down a different path to where we went before?" He asked.

"Well obviously! They've probably gone this way." Makoto explained, walking down the hallway. Atsuma shrugged, walking after Makoto. 'Toya...Shadow...I hope you two are ok. We're coming for you. So just...hold on!' He thought, clenching his hand into a fist as he followed Makoto.

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