A/N: Every fanfic writer gets it: the occasional idea that comes from nowhere and inspires them to write something else to what they began writing. Yeah... it just happened to me. All this week, instead of finishing off Sorrows (which i will inform people, is ALMOST done) I wrote the whole fic of I Finally Let You... Yup, I am a sad excuse for tdoing ten things at the one time... but, this just GOT me, and I was bitten by the fanfic bug!

I hope you guys like this: it is a sort-of AU, with elements from Step Up 2 and some original ideas of my own. It is... different, to say the least, but I genuinely hope you like it, and where it goes. Angst, hurt/comfort and loads of depression ahead, but there is a -maybe!- sweet ending! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please leave a review- if it doesn't go too well, I wont finish it here, and will leave it.

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Chapter One

He sat at the top of the pillar overlooking the crowds of students milling the halls of MSA. His legs dangled over the tops of the lockers below, and he let a stray strand of curly hair block his vision temporarily before he swatted it away behind his ear. It was interesting, he noted, to watch them in their daily lives, acting, dancing, performing, creating, and he was left behind. It was interesting, as he knew they couldn't see him.

They never would. But that was okay.

He shrugged his shoulders at the thought, and continued to watch as a group of students, girls among boys, laughing and cheering as they walked into the dance hall, where they would perform until after hours. He knew they were performing for the Streets, and that they were getting ready for the battle of their lives against the formidable team known as the 410. The girl that led them in was smiling as one of the boys, Chase, he knew, cracked a joke.

It was like being surrounded by the world, and yet being left behind by each and every human being, with no-one to wait for you, and no-one to care for you. He was stranded, and he knew he wouldn't be able to do anything about it, simply because he didn't know why he was here in the first place.

He shifted his free hands into his pockets as he shuffled back into the wall lying snuggly behind him. He was waiting for something to happen, he just didn't know what. He was waiting, like he had been these past few months, and he didn't know why. He saw shadows, those human beings, shuffle through their lives, and felt himself waiting for someone, for something, to turn and say- Here, do you want a hand?

But no-one could see him and help him. He was a ghost, and he had no idea why. He couldn't remember what happened, except for all those flashing lights, and screaming voices. He could only see flashes of faces he couldn't quite place, and being afraid, so very afraid, of what would come next. And now, as he watched the world file out of the buildings doors and into the real life that waited for them beyond this one, he heard the beat of music thrum through the dance hall, and felt a prick of loneliness as he knew those kids in that room would be dancing, barking jokes, and making memories, and yet, he wouldn't.

He would be left behind once an hour or two was up, and they had left, and he would roam the corridors, waiting for school to begin once more.

A door banged far off in the distance, and there was a squeaking of sneakers against the tiled floor. A muffled girl's voice sang through the air, and Robert looked up, taking his hands out of his pockets. He craned his head to the vast expanse of the floor below, feeling very much the guardian of the school, as underneath him, he saw a girl in a shirt and skirt dropped the books she carried in her hands. Another set of muffled curses unfolded from her mouth, and although he couldn't see her face, he could imagine what she would look like. Brown hair, shaped perfectly around a sweetened and round face.

He watched her as he picked up her books, and almost held his breath as he saw the strap of her bag come undone from her shoulder just as she finished picking up her books. Everything dropped in one go, and she swamped to the floor in a sigh. Around them, he could hear the beat of I Wont Dance courageously fill the background. Swiftly, he combed his hands through the air, like he would through her hair if he was ever blessed enough to try.

Like magic, the books gathered themselves up into a neat pile, and her bag shifted up her shoulder, like someone was pulling it up onto her from behind. Immediately, the girl jumped, and looked over her shoulder, trying to make out the mysterious magician. He stayed where he sat, unable to move, his mouth open at the sight of those creamy brown eyes as they gazed at her surroundings.

She seemed to radiate a warmth from her, all chocolate brown and sweet. Her shoulders hunched as she shivered and he almost smiled. Everyone always shivered when he helped them like that. Days of being in this school taught him that.

"Who is there?" she said softly, just as she slowly looked up, to just above the lockers, and above that again, to where he sat, high up in the air. He watched her, silent, wishing with such a desparate need, that he could be real, as real as she, and that he could answer, speak his name. He hunched his own shoulders when she continued to stare upward, like as if awestruck by the beauty of the architecture above her head.

He wanted to be in front of her, to say hello.

He wanted to be her friend.

Maybe the loneliness shone through, but as he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth against the wetness he felt on his cheeks, she seemed to gasp slightly, words on her lips, but not quite making it to her ears, or to his.

And that's why
I won't dance, why should I?
I won't dance, how could I?
I won't dance, merci beaucoup
I know that music leads the way to romance,
So if I hold you in my arms, I won't dance

He could feel himself shudder into the background, against his will. He hated when that happened. He hated it when he felt his body betray him and fall away into nothingness, and he had to leave her behind.

It was almost like she could see him just as he disappeared into the darkness, the music playing between them, like the bridge he'd always so badly wished to create.