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One Fine Day

Chapter One.: The Voice of Experience.

Adam walked along the corridor of Thames House, ignoring Zaf and Dimitri as they discussed the football game both had watched the night before. Zaf was growing more and more outraged as Dimitri outlined the skill and obvious superior talents of his team.

"Liverpool?" Zaf shook his head. "You support Liverpool!"

"So? Have you not seen the genius that is Steven Gerrad's left foot? How can you support that second rate side?"

"Chelsea is not second rate!" Zaf yelled as they walked through the Pods. Adam raised his eyes towards Ruth in a bid for her to rescue him. Instead the Intel Analyst bit her lip to stiffle a laugh. Ros marched towards them, clearly amused by the childish banter.

"Good morning, children. Adam. A word." Adam nodded solomly and tried not to show he was grateful for the fact she had rescued him from yet another football related debate.

"What is it?" Adam fell in to step beside Ros as she headed towards Harry's office.

"Tessa Philips."

"What has she done now?" Adam knew he was not goinng to like the answer. The look on Ros' face gave nothing away but he knew there was more going on that he knew about.

"Her brief has advised her to plead not guilty on all accounts." Ros almost spat the words out. Adam rolled his eyes before stepping into Harry's office. It had been expected, but meant that the entire team would have to attend court. Not something any spook relished.

"Bloody Hell." Adam nodded towards Harry.

"My thoughts exactly." Harry barked. "This is all we need with the Olympics just days away."

"Oh joy." Ros snapped.

"Looking forward to it?" Adam tried to keep the smile off his face. Harry narrowed his eyes as Ros glared.

"Looking forward to the overtime."

"Not yet been sanctioned." Harry stated. "Anyway, we have more to worry about at the moment. We are short staffed at present. How is Lucas?"

"Going mad." Ros stated calmly. "Amy is convinced he isn't coming home and it is driving him mad."

"When is he being discharged?" Harry's voice softened. He knew the last case, and the shadow Tessa still cast over the team had affected Ros and Lucas more than anyone else. He still didn't have the heart to tell her what Harrison had said when he had reinterviewed him a few hours after Zaf and Dimitri, although it had taken some explaining when Harrison had returned from the interview room with a broken nose.

"Later today." Ros looked at the desk. "Harry, what is all this about?"

Harry looked away from the officers in front of him for a moment before running a hand over his face. He knew neither of them were going to like what he had to say.


"How long is it until the big day?" Beth rested her head on one hand as she watched Malcolm blush.

"Yeah Malcolm?" Calum smiled at him. "How long until the new arrival?"

"One week, depending on home checks." Malcolm stared at his computer screen, aware that the rest of the team had initially got the impression he and Sarah were trying to adopt a child and were highly amused when they learned it was a dog that Sarah wanted to add to their family.

"Leave him alone." Ruth rested a hand on her ever expanding abdomen. "I think it's lovely, Malcolm."

"Thank you, Ruth." Malcolm mumbled before frowning. "Anyway, I believe it is Adam's big day before that. Isn't it this Saturday he and Carrie get married?"

"Yeah." Zaf stood up and shrugged his jacket on. "Remember, stag night Friday. The George."

"Oh how could I forget?" Malcolm shook his head as he remembered his own 'stag' night and the drunken antics of the younger members of the team. Ruth rolled her eyes before waddling back to her own work station.


"Harry?" Adam stepped towards Harry's desk as he spoke. Ros folded her arms and waited. She knew whatever was about to happen was not going to be pleasant. Harry looked her directly in the eye.

"I have been on the phone with the Home Secretary for most of the morning."

"And?" Ros narrowed her eyes. Harry watched her physically tense as he spoke.

"He tells me that the Games are being used as a front for a small but determined group from Russia who wish to derail the event and raise publicity for their own causes." Harry watched as both Ros and Adam exchanged glances.

"How does he know?" Adam had never liked Towers and didn't even attempt to hide his dislike for the middle aged politician. "I mean, if he had any viable intel why is he coming to us? Why now? Why not the police?"

"Would you trust Special Branch with this?" Ros remained immobile as she spoke.

"True." Adam shrugged. "But?"

"Because he found out at some trade delegation he had to attend. And because he knows I have enough on him to have his balls on a plate should something happen on my watch." Harry's voice dropped menacingly low.

"Ok." Ros nodded slightly as she thought about what Harry was saying. "I think we have to at least stick our noses in where it isn't wanted. The Government farmed the security out to private companies on this and now they are crawling back to us when the shit is about to hit the fan. What do we know about this little group?"

"Not much." Harry sighed. "I asked Ruth and Malcolm to dig around. Seems they are relatively small and have caused some annoyance in the past."

"Annoyance?" Adam was suddenly more interested.

"In the last Games, their ringleader was arrested but never charged." Harry sighed heavily. "Lack of evidence, apparently. He currently uses the name of Gregor Sande. Although there are other alias' on file."

"Could be a low level pain in the neck?" Adam sighed. It was less than a fortnight to his wedding and the last thing he wanted was to get involved in another high profile case.

"Doubtful." Ros glared.

"Sorry." Ruth barged into the office as Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Ruth." Harry watched as his wife sucked in a deep breath. "What is it?"

"This is more than a low level threat." She paused as Ros and Adam stared at her. "This is big enough to derail the Games."


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