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Surprise and Secrets

"Adam, answer the damn phone." Calum hissed into the answer phone as he heard Adam's familiar voice mail once more.

"Hello, sorry but as you've probably guessed I'm unable to take your call. Thanks for calling, leave a message and your number and I'll call you back. Thanks." Calum took a deep breath and repeated his message that Adam should call the Grid as soon as possible. He shrugged his shoulders as Malcolm pulled up the CCTV for the bridge where Adam had agreed to meet Lexi.

"There's Adam about twenty minutes ago." Malcolm stated as he watched the footage.

"Ok." Ros nodded. The familiar twist of fear in the pit of her stomach, She knew everyone thought Lexi was on their side but something about the leggy brunette had always bothered her but without evidence all she could put it down to was professional jealousy. "We know Adam was alive about half an hour ago. Question is where is he now?"

"Do we have any way of tracking Lexi?" Zoe asked, her eyes on Zaf as he headed out of the Pods.

"I'll hack her mobile." Tariq stated calmly. "Give me two minutes."

"We may not have two minutes" Ros spoke calmly as Lucas closed his eyes for a moment. Harry folded his arms and stared at the screen. Memories of believing his friend had been blown up by a car bomb on Rememberance Sunday flooded his mind as he watched the grainy image of Adam walk ahead of the woman they had thought they could trust.

"Not again." He shook his head sadly. "Don't make me have to tell Wes that again."


Ruth sat on the edge of her hospital bed staring at the small baby girl in the crib. Gracie slept peacefully as the tears rolled down her cheeks as she watched her daughter. Memories of another baby girl in another incubator flooded her mind. She closed her eyes and let the tears fall, knowing her auntie Jess would have rolled her eyes and told her to enjoy now while it lasted.


"Oh. Hi." She smiled as she sniffed and wiped her eye with one hand. "Baby blues. Come in, where's Charlie?"

"Nursery." Catherine smiled. "I promised him we'd come after nursery. He's made you a picture." Catherine smiled. "She's beautiful. I'm your big sister. I'm the one you listen to, not our stupid brothers." She smiled as the baby met her gaze. "We'll get on just fine."


"Dad said it was ok to pop in." Catherine sat next to Ruth. "Oh. Oh no don't cry. I was like this with Charlie. Remember? All hormones and tears?"

Ruth nodded as she looked away. She didn't want Catherine to see her like that, a crying blubbing wreck. It was bad enough she had spent half an hour listening to her consult telling her how lucky she was to have a healthy child considering she was five weeks early and considering her age and condition. She still hadn't told Harry the full story and knew that if she had her way she probably never would.

"I remember. He cried once and you thought it was because he didn't like you." Ruth smiled as Catherine rolled her eyes.

"And I was convinced you and Dad were only trying to spare my feelings." Catherine smiled. "She is beautiful and you are already a mum in every other way to me and the boys. I don't think my mother would have sat and held my hair back while I was vomiting. I don't think she'd have spent all night up with me when my body was going cold turkey from the shit I pumped into myself or stopped Dad from trying to find and kill Charlie's father. Or persuade him that Calum is good enough for me."

"Catherine." Ruth sniffed. "You are supposed to be stopping me from crying."

"Sorry." Catherine smiled at her. "It'll be ok. You, Squeak and Dad will be fine."

"She is never going to lose that nickname, is she?"

"No." Catherine half laughed. "Why did Dad start calling her that?"

"I. Er. Well."

"I don't think I want to know." Catherine wrinkled her nose as Ruth blushed a shade of red only she was capable of.


Zaf walekd along the street Malcolm had found Adam on minutes earlier. The bridge was always busy but just when Zaf wanted it to be fairly accessable it was busier than ever. He sighed as a woman in high heels almost barreled into him.

"Excuse me." Zaf muttered as the woman huffed and walked away.

"Anything?" Beth asked as she looked around. She couldn't fight the sinking feeling in her stomach as the heavens opened and rain began bouncing off the tarmac.

"No." Zaf hissed. He sighed heavily, knowing Adam and Ros were the only ones who never really gave up hope that he would come home after the Redbacks had found him. He had no intention of leaving Adam to deal with the American now.

"Found her." Tariq resited the urge to puch the air. Harry nodded and smiled slightly.

"Good work. Give Zaf the details. Tell him to get Lexi back here as soon as. I think it's time Ros and I paid a visit to Grosvenor Square. Ros?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." Ros smiled as she tugged her jacket closer to her.

"Glad to hear it." Harry turned to the remaining officers. "Right, we still have a viable threat. Find out why these jokers decided to call themselves Brothers of Peace. Tariq. Find out what finances they have. Dimitri, Lucas I want you to focus on getting whatever information we can from them. Alec any old contacts in the FSB I want to know about. Malcolm your friend should be here soon?"

"Nikoli will be here in the next ten minutes."

"You believe he is still reliable?" Ros turned to face Malcolm.

"ros, Nikoli is a good man. He was tortured by what happened to his country, physically and mentally. He has no allegiance to Russia, Chechenya or America and I think he will be trustworthy considering he married a Scottish woman and settled here over a decade ago."

"How is Ayda?"

"I'll ask him." Malcolm smiled as Ros closed her eyes for a moment. It seemed Malcolm and Harry had more secrets than she would ever know.


Ruth smiled as Gracie slept. The baby had been changed and fed and there was nothing for Ruth to do but rest until the baby woke or the doctors arrived. She knew Harry wouldn't be back for a few hours so she slipped the laptop Catherine had brought in for her out and began typing.

"Oh God. Oh my Lord." Ruth closed her eyes and swore, relieved that Grace was too young to understand "How could you? Oh Lexi? How could you?"


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