Flowers From Above

Chapter One

My name is Takahashi Misaki, I was eighteen when I was murdered on the 2nd of October 2002. My murderer was a man who was an author, a friend even but that's the issue here, you just never know. Yet his work was my favourite and when I was alive I would never miss a copy of his latest issue.

It's been almost ten years since my death, this year I'd of been twenty eight but I've noticed as every year goes past not one of my love ones have forgotten about me.

They wouldn't mention it, cry about my birthday or visit the lost grave of my bones that were never found. Instead they would remember me in their own special way like a small sweet smile drowning in a sea of old memories or a single glance at a photograph of me. That was how they remembered me on the day of my birth.

Needless to say that I couldn't complain. Back when I was alive I had not realized it but I had a good life. I had already experienced most things people my age at the time probably hadn't and suffered the same fate as I did.

I had found love, something most people wondered whether or not was real. A sensation people craved the most from life and all along I had been loved.

At times I still do miss my brother Takahiro, he raised me when our parents died in a car crash another ten years before I had died. But I never saw them in my heaven.

Somedays I visit earth in my ghostly form although when we think of ghosts some people imagine the typical bed sheet over the head with two eye holes poking out for a cheap halloween costume or an angry phantom who stimultates the bottom of your bedsheet at night to scare you. But they're all wrong.

When I go to see the people I once knew I am the air around them that they breathe, the simple soft wave of their words and the reflection they see in the mirror. I can always see them but they never see me.

I tend to enjoy following my dear friend Keiichi Sumi around, I like to see the places he sees on his travels. Recently he was away on a business trip in England, Birmingham. It was a lot different from Japan but still had it's similarities. He often thinks of me too sometimes.

However a few weeks before I was murdered the person I was with, Usami Akihiko or the name me and my brother had branded him with was "Usagi-san." Secretly we had been dating after Akihiko had lost my brother over to his fiance.

Our relationship just happened, in a way I found it slightly exciting that no one else knew about it. But due to his clingy behavior and arguments we were falling apart by the seams.

I can never forget those warm muscular arms that wrapped around my waist as I prepared his breakfast that morning of the day I was killed. He smelt like fresh flowers and soap which lingered in with the sizzling sausages on the stove. He was my landlord and I was his "maid".

"Get off me." I barked sharply.

I nudged him with my elbow not too hard into his gut before heading over to lay out the sausages on the plate. He followed me then asked why I was still being so "melodramatic."

I tried to explain to him but as usual Usagi-san always had it his way, he seemed to win in every row we had. He was older, rich and much more wiser than me but it made my blood boil seeing how smug he could be.

I remember angrily yanking my satchel from the coach I'd left it on, grabbing my coat and trying to shove my sneakers on fast.

Akihiko trailed behind me and every time I watch this scene replay it's self in my heaven I always focus on the haunting sadness in his eyes when he told me he loved me before I made my way to the door. He didn't try to stop me that day, I often wonder why he didn't, he usually would but not then.

That was the last moment we had together, I simply told him "Go eat your breakfast, Usagi-san." and I walked out without a second glance.

If I knew, I were never coming back, I'd of held on to that last day and instead I'd of said "I love you" back.

Course, fate fell short this time.

Okay, so this is a new story I'm going to be working on aside the others. Basically in this fic Misaki is, well, dead? (I know I'm cruel to the kid.)

It's a sad/violent story so I cannot promise lemon or anything along the lines. People messaged me if "My Best Friend's Secret" will include sex and I can't really see it happening... Maybe? I'm not sure.

Anyway, please give me your thoughts on this first chapter, I'd really appreciate it!