The King's Queen

"Wherever there is a grain of loyalty there is a glimpse of freedom."



He held out his hand, revealing a small, red stone. She stared at it, mesmerized by the luster of stone that, she had just realized was engraved in the center of his left hand.

"Do you see now?" he asked, closing his hand.

She looked up at him, shifting her legs more comfortably on the floor. "No, I don't see. What is it am I supposed to see? That your purpose of killing innocent people justifies your reasoning of loyalty?" The thought of history repeating itself was unnerving, but she knew she had to make a decision soon. She knew he was the kind of man who would do anything for the sake of loyalty. Of course, it was all too familiar to her.

He crouched down beside her and grabbed the back of her hair and pulled it back so she was facing up. He stared down at her, his eyes enraged by her lack of understanding. Furious red eyes met unwavering brown ones."This stone solves everything I stand for!" he hissed in her ear. He let go of her hair and forced her head forward.

She winced and watched him carefully as he walked over to a single chair and table in front of her. He was in a deep thought, before he decided to sit on the chair and stare at the stone attached to his hand. "For a very long time, when I saw this stone in front of my hand, I knew it held an immense power. It took me a while to figure out what it was, but when I studied the history of Amestris, I knew it held greater power than I had ever imagined!" His head turned back to her and he stood up, his tall and muscular frame blocking the only light in the room. He was coming towards her now and as he did, she prepared for the worst. She could feel it. The danger was all too real.

He smiled and kneeled in front of her, leaning in close so they were face to face. His breath smelled like whiskey and garlic all mashed into one, but Riza knew better than intimidating the enemy in times of vulnerability. She felt a pinch on her shoulder. Suddenly, she felt hands roaming around her and they stopped right in front of the blouse of her shirt. He starts to unbutton her shirt, Riza's heart pounding mad. Both her hands and feet were bound and she was unable to move. It took her a moment to realize that the little pinch on her shoulder was some kind of drug and she felt paralyzed.

"It's okay," he purred. "I'll make you a woman, like you were meant to be." He grabbed her hair again and forced her lips into a kiss. Riza's eyes were glazing over, unable to focus. Her heart continued to pound, then she felt a sharp pain go into her abdomen. The sharp pain continued, tears falling from her eyes and a whimper came out of her lips.

Suddenly, it was all too unreal. She heard the sound of a blast coming from somewhere. The pain disappeared, but she felt cold. Riza fell on her back, unable to move and she curled up in a fetal position.

"NO! What are you doing!" she heard her enemy yell. Riza stayed frozen. She heard another blast and the man screamed in terror. Before long, she could feel a pair of arms around her and she was lifted up in safety. Riza closed her eyes, the drugs still affecting her. All she could remember was a very familiar voice calling her name.

"Roy…" she whispered, before passing out.