Savannah's POV

"Whaaat?" I ask Scarlet, my eyes wide. I watch her pat Connor's wet head and sigh, acting like she never heard my question. Malorn clears his throat loudly, like he was trying to make the silence less awkward. I wouldn't blame him, but the way Scarlet whipped her head around made me mentally cringe.

"Not like you people would care anyways…" I hear the girl in white mumble.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on for a sec," I say louder than what I had previously. I waited for Scarlet to look at me before continuing. "How'd he lose it?" Again, awkward silence, but this time I see her pull out a little silver canister from her robes. Malorn immediately stiffens beside me, and I can see she noticed, too.

"You remember this," she says, almost too quiet for either Malorn or me to hear, but I can see he's thinking the same thing as her.

"Pixie Dust Potion."

She nods sadly. "I think he drank the whole thing," she mumbles again, sitting down next to the Ice wizard. "I-I don't know what to do…" Her voice cracks at the end and I realize she's on the verge of crying. Connor, sort of like a dog would, hesitantly sets his head on her lap, but quickly sits up again with a very confused expression on his face.

There's a hint of a smile on her face, but it's quickly wiped away from her features.

"So," she says louder than before, "what was it that you two wanted to ask me earlier?" Malorn and I exchange a glance and we both knew it was now or never, even with all of this happening.

With a heavy heart, I look Scarlet in the eyes. "We need you two to go on a quest." She nods, but I doubt she's actually thinking about what I just said. A few heartbeats later, she tells us her answer.

"I'm going, but I don't know about him." She gestures to Connor. "He's just too far gone." Again, I hear her misery in every word, like it was a rag soaked in Vaseline. I can't help but ask her again, feeling that she's just in shock and can't think strait. "I said I was going, didn't I?" she growls, glaring at me. I watch her glance at the clock, and right then, I realize that it's only seven thirty in the morning. The anger Scarlet showed before melted away to wariness again. "I'm going back to bed she mutters, grabbing Connor's hand. She doesn't look back before walking into her room, Connor trailing behind her.

Short. Mehhhh. :/