Holy Rome's Book Adventures
Okay, I know I should be working on "How the West Was Kept", but I just got the urge to write something fluffy and this popped into my head! Enjoy!

Holy Rome sat in the library, reading his favorite book. It was a book; don't tell anyone, of love poems. Yeah, so the Holy Roman Empire liked sappy love poems, so what? You have your juicy secrets too!
But seriously he loved reading these poems because they made him happy.
As he turned to the next page there was the sound of a shelf tipping over.
"Ve-Oh no! I'm-a so sorry bookcase I didn't-a mean to hurt you!"
Holy Rome recognized that voice better than his own.
He jumped to his feet and, completely forgetting the book on the table, and ran into the stacks.
She was buried under a tumble of books, struggling to get free.
"Ah! Holy Roma! Would you give me a hand getting out?"
She was just so cute, like a book fairy. He hastily cleared away the books and held out a hand to help her up. He half expected her to refuse the help. But her hand closed around his and he tugged her to her feet. But he tugged just a little too hard and she bumped into him, sending them tumbling to the floor.
She was pressing against him! They were fitted together like puzzle pieces! They were like the lovers in his book!
Holy Rome pushed Italia away, scrambled to his feet and ran out of the library.
"Ve- Holy Roma, wait!" Italy cried, wondering what he'd done wrong this time. He was always messing up.

"-then he pushed me away and ran out of the library! It was really confusing."
Miss Hungary had come to help Italy pick up the books. Now they were cleaning the shelves together.
"Maybe Holy Rome needed to get some fresh air. Austria does that too, when I bump into him. It's cute but frustrating at the same time."
"You and Mr. Austria play together like me and Holy Roma, right?"
Hungary smiled a mysterious smile.
"Something similar to that, yes. You'll understand when your older, Italia. Hand me that dust cloth please.
When Italia got tired, Hungary sent him to go take a bath. When the younger nation had gone, Hungary noticed the book on the library reading table.
"Oh, so that's where my seduction book went! I wonder where Holy Rome found it; I've been looking for it for weeks!"

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