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Roughly, I was dragged from the truck I had been chucked into. My arms and legs were bound with something plastic, and I tried to hide my fear as they dragged me over the concrete. There was no way to see where I was; a black bag had been placed over my head long ago. Most of my limbs were so numb I barely felt the abuse as I was shoved to my knees. This is it, a fitting end for a traitor's daughter.

But instead of a gun cocking, I heard the thumps of several people next to me.

"Who are they?" The voice came from in front of me; my experience with the police told me that this man was indeed a cop. I instinctively tried shuffling away, but I was instantly held in place by a hand around my neck.

The hand tightened as the man behind me spoke in anger. "Mercenaries, working for Bane."

I was unable to bite back a whimper; everybody knew the story of Bane. Rumour had it that he was a heartless man for hire, one who somehow managed to insight utter loyalty and belief in his followers. They would die for him and the cause, whatever that may be.

The cop grunted. I then felt his eyes focus on me.

"Who is he?" the officer wondered.

"Not a he. She is the daughter of Adam Westborough."

Next came the customary slight whispers that always followed my father's name, and on occasion, mine.

"Clara Annabelle Westborough. What is she doing out here, and why does she look like that?" He was referring to my newly shortened black hair and men's clothing.

"A disguise, Sir. We caught her trying to sneak out of her uncle's home…"

They never did tell me what happened to Uncle F. They had simply bundled me into a truck and drove off.

"She was in hiding, then?" he scoffed. "Not very clever hiding at your uncle's, Clara."

I wished I could have been able to speak through that bag. I would tell them that I hadn't been hiding; I thought that my connection to my father had died with him.

Another voice broke through the sudden tension. "Sir, we need to leave," the cop grunted and I was pulled to my feet. For a second my side touched somebody else and I shuddered. There was something so very frightening about a man having that much hard weight.

"Shall I report their names to headquarters, Sir?"

There was a silence, but next to me I could hear somebody breathing heavily.

"No… Wait, add one."

"The girl, Sir?"

Another deafening silence followed.

"No." My breath seemed to whoosh out of me all at once, and I fell even limper into the arms that held me.

"Bring them and strap them down. Oh, and Jones…"


"Place the girl near the Mercs, but don't release her bindings."

Sniffling into my bag, I fought back the tears. It wasn't fair that I should be punished for my father's actions. But then again, when had the world ever been fair…?

Minutes later I was bundled into something that clearly had larger engines then a car-plane-and strapped down near a window. I could feel the slight sunshine warming my shoulders. The cops hadn't allowed me anything proper to wear when I was kidnapped, so a thin nightgown and dressing gown were my only protection.

Careless hands tightened the seatbelt around me; apparently he was only satisfied when I was barely able to breathe.

Sucking in air like it was life, my vision went black for only a moment; sadly the dizziness stayed longer. Idiotic cops.

"Careful, you might kill her." The slightly kinder voice was Russian; I could hear the dulled tone of fear throughout it. But that fear wasn't meant for me.

"Worry about yourself, Doc. Who could miss her anyway? Her only relative was gunned down hours ago."

Anger flared up inside of me. I may not have properly known or liked my uncle but he had protected me somewhat from the world. Sheltered me when everyone else was too scared to, even after the death of my father.

I was ripped from my thoughts when someone's huge shoulders intruded in on my space. Hunching towards the window, I was annoyed to find that my strapped-in self couldn't maintain the position without pain. Carefully, I moved my body back into its original spot; the shoulders next to me didn't move to make any sort of room for me.

Must be a Merc… Only they were that uncaring… Well, them and cops according to my experience.

There was silence once more until a strange noise interrupted my, albeit now slighted, thought process. That heavy breathing was back and I stiffened when I finally recognized what I was hearing.

I only knew because of my short stint as a janitor at a hospital, back when I was on the run. In there I had seen a man hooked up to a breathing apparatus and this Merc's arduous breathing was extremely similar to that noise.

Underneath me the plane started up and I felt it start to move around. All too soon it was up in the air and I was basically trapped with a possible mass murderer.

Surely the cops weren't stupid enough to allow Bane onto an aircraft, with an obviously important asset… the Russian.

But that breathing kept up. Unwilling to even risk touching this man, I ignored the pain and shifted my body away. I was forced to come back occasionally for proper gasps of air, but was able to keep this up without much difficulty.

That was until I came back for air a tenth time.

The second my back touched the chair a shoulder moved down across it. The Merc had positioned himself so that I was now trapped against the chair. Not daring to move, I waited for him to press down and try to cause me harm. He didn't though; he just kept his shoulder there and stopped my moving. I felt, rather than saw, the Merc's eyes on me. I had no way of knowing if his face was also covered, though somehow I guessed that it was.

"What's wrong, Clara? Not used to being shoved against Mercs…?" That condescending cop was back, and rather than fight off the large Merc I found myself moving a slight bit closer. Next to me, the Merc relaxed his back a little more; I was able to slip more of myself back there. "And you, why are you hiding her?" the officer demanded disapprovingly.

The Merc didn't answer, which lead me to believe my assumption was correct and he was also bagged and tagged, so to speak.

Snorting in annoyance, or at his own supposed cleverness, the cop moved on. I immediately moved out from behind the Merc, not wanting to piss him off in case he actually was Bane. His identity was something that I was almost certain of now that I had properly felt him, for this guy was all muscle and massively tall.

"Alright, bring me the Mercs," the cop's voice snapped through my mind again. I was truly starting to despise this man.

The Merc next to me was pulled away. One part of me breathed in a sigh of relief but the other part missed the fact that he was big enough to keep the cops away.

There were three thumps as the men were shoved to their knees, or I what I assumed to be their knees, anyways. The darkness felt never ending and I would have given anything to see what was happening.

A great gust of wind rushed over me and a roaring noise pierced through the interior of the airplane. He opened the hatch? It was impossible for me to hear what was being said, so I huddled down as best I could to escape the cold.

A Russian voice overcame the wind. "Here," the voice said softly.

A jacket was placed around my bound body; I would have thanked him but was too busy enjoying the warmth. Shuddering softly, I ignored everything except the sound of my breathing. Then a faint 'pop' sounded, much like that of a muted gun. Did they shoot the Mercs? I thought for sure that's what had just happened, but then the sound of wind cut off and I could hear the cop yelling at somebody.

"At least you can talk."

That breathing noise started and I knew for sure in that moment that it was him—Bane.

"Perhaps they feel no need to speak to a man who threatens them with a gun, while holding them to an open plane door."

I hid as best I could into the jacket; it was a useless move, but his voice terrified me. It wasn't what I'd expected but at the moment that frightened me even more. That, and the fact that his almost twanged voice sounded far too chipper for a man in custody. Ears now totally muffled, I breathed through my fear, something that failed when bullets shot through the windows on either side of me. By some miracle I was unharmed. Maybe they had seen the jacket and assumed me already dead and simply covered for propriety sake. More likely they saw the bag and assumed me to be a Merc of Bane's, that or I wasn't considered a big enough threat.

The plane lurched out from under me. Screaming, I tipped forward only to be stopped by the incredibly painful seatbelt. I heard bodies thumping down towards where the cockpit was tilting; a great wrench was felt and I knew that the wings had snapped off; I could barely hear my own thoughts over the roaring that filled the cabin.

Struggling to breathe I dizzily shifted against the seatbelt, desperate to escape everything. My face suddenly slammed into the neck of somebody with almost too much neck. Bane

"No… No!" Squirming like a fish, I kicked and lashed out. It was a desperate act that failed instantly considering my bonds.

"Do not move, small one. Now is not your time to die." The words had their desired effect and I was shocked still for a moment, just long enough for him to rip the seatbelt away with his hands… His bare hands!

There was a second of free fall before I slammed into the chest of the masked Merc. My hands were nearly crushed and I whimpered at the agony through my bag. His arm, for he only needed one, wrapped around me and something else was strapped around my waist. It felt more like . . . rope?

"Prepare the doctor."

Directly next to me, I immediately heard the screaming of the man in question; exactly what were they doing to him? Without a thought for myself or the position we were in, I reached my hands out from between us and tried to struggle towards the doctor, for he was the one person who had shown any compassion towards me. It took only a tightening of one arm to expel the air from my body as well as my fight, and once again struggling for air, I groaned against Bane's body.

With frightening dexterity he shifted us towards the aisle I knew to be hanging. Rather than fall though, Bane shifted me in his one arm slightly and stood somehow upright on them. I surmised that he was using two chairs and his strength to hold us against the fall.

"Come." I had no idea who he was speaking to, but I felt a rush of air and knew that the doctor was gone somehow. "Not you, Brother. They expect one body to be here."

The Merc didn't even bother to argue, but I didn't dwell on it either as with a rush of wind and a slight pulling sensation I knew we were had just been lifted out of the plane.

I didn't scream, just huddled my body further against Bane's and prayed that he didn't decide to drop me.

"Please don't drop me, please don't drop me…" The words puffed out from my mouth, but I barely noticed.

Not soon enough, a pulling on the rope began and I knew that I was being dragged up with Bane into something else; by the noise above us, I was guessing that it had to be another plane. I could only hope that this one would keep its wings. Unceremoniously, a hand gripped me on the shoulder and pulled me up onto something metal. A deep clang behind me confirmed that Bane had pulled himself somehow up and over the opening in the aircraft. The same hand as before carelessly unwrapped the rope from my body; all the while my legs were shaking like jelly and I barely managed to stand upright.

"Shall I remove the bag from her head?"

I desperately wanted to beg them to, but knew my input would alter nothing.

"Yes. I believe she has been in the dark long enough."

I cringed backwards when I realized how close Bane was. I could practically feel his body heat.

The bag was ripped from my head, along with several strands of my black hair. Eyes not adjusting properly, I blinked rapidly and fumbled backwards a step before I crashed into a hard body. It didn't take a genius to figure out that I was touching the masked Merc, but I couldn't bring myself to look at him, even as I jolted back from him.

"Is there something wrong with your eyes?"

That damned cheerful sounding voice frightened me even more now that I could see the face from which it came, although to be honest I still couldn't properly see his features.

Somehow, I found my voice. "No… I… I… my glasses. The cop took them."

The only response I got was a short and amused, "Hmm." Then something was in front of my face; confused, I reached out and gripped my glasses?

I was almost frightened to put them on, but in the end, Bane was far too intimidating to risk rejecting a gift from.

Hands shaking, I slipped them over my nose and instantly wished I had grown some courage and snapped them out of defiance.

Looking up and up, I tried to process the general gigantic figure that was Bane—an impossible task, as I quickly realized. Standing well over my short five foot two inch frame, he cut a terrifying image, but by far the first thing I truly noticed was his mask. It covered his entire mouth and nose, only ending just under his eyes and wrapping around his head with three thick grey bands of metal. Through my addled mind I dimly noticed that the way it was designed could have only been for fear; it looked like he had metal teeth protruding from his mouth that wrapped to his nose and chin from either side.

"You seem rather quiet for one reputed to be the daughter of a traitor. Am I frightening you? That was not my aim, but then again, I suppose it is unavoidable."

A flash of grey in my eye reminded me that Bane's Mercs were still here, and they were watching the exchange with a terrifying lack of emotion.

"What do you want?" The words snapped out loud and unintended. Shocked, I slammed a hand over my mouth and cautiously backed away from the muscular monster.

Tilting his head, Bane regarded me silently; I waited for his hand to rise and for one of his men to suddenly kill me. But that didn't happen.

"Want…" His eyes–practically the only visible thing–crinkled up slightly in the corners and I somehow knew he was smiling behind his breathing device. "I want Gotham to be repentant… and then burn"

Ending it here cause like I said not sure when I will be updating it, and sorry about factual problems but I have only seen movie once lol I promise to go through it again once I attain a copy of said movie and fix all the mistakes.