At Last

Oh look, I wrote another drabble.

And as always, thanks to Trish for betaing the story.

"Seems like we'll be eating leftovers for two, three days," Jules remarked as they were standing in line at the cashier. "Are you sure you don't want to invite Spike and Natalie over?"

Sam put a hand on the small of her back as the line started moving. "Jules, are you really that worried I'll give you food poisoning? Should I pretend to be offended?"

She tugged at his black shirt. "I didn't say anything, you did."

He mock huffed. "Very funny, but this is something that I have perfected over time. An old Braddock family recipe."

Jules grinned, immediately picturing an eight year old Sam with an apron and tousled blond hair. She was well aware of Sam's almost non-existent talent in the kitchen, but his endearing persistence had finally won her over. "As old as Scarlatti's anchovy risotto recipe?" Sam's disgusted grimace spoke volumes. She chuckled. "As long as you promise you'll clean up afterwards."

"Ah, maybe we should call Spike after all- oh hey, is that- Jules, do you mind?"

She turned her head, following the direction he was looking. A tall Asian man with a military crew cut was standing by a blue Ford pick-up truck, smoking a cigarette while talking on his cell phone. She vaguely recognized him from a picture she'd seen on Sam's locker.

The mixture of guilt and excitement on his face once again reminded her of the image of an eight year old Sam. He was practically bouncing, fidgeting, shifting his weight from one foot to another. "Sure, go ahead."

"I'm sorry, I'll be right back." He pressed a quick kiss on her temple before leaving the line, zigzagging between running children and loaded shopping carts.

As she waited for the cashier to check out their items, she casually glanced outside. Sam and his former military buddy were chatting vigorously, occasionally giving each other a pat on the shoulder before laughing at something. The delight on Sam's face was readily apparent.

Jules was trying to put a name to the face -was it Ryan or Russell?- when Sam turned around and nodded at her, his mouth animatedly saying something she couldn't decipher at that distance. When his friend gave an amiable wave her way, it was obvious what they were talking about. She smiled and returned his greeting with a wave of her own before quickly returning her attention back to the cashier, coloring slightly at having been caught snooping.

"I'm sorry, that was Russell." Sam explained as he took the grocery bags from her arms. "He's back in Canada for five days before being deployed on Friday."

"Should grab a drink or two then," Jules nudged him as they walked to the parking lot. "Or did you invite him over to enjoy your famous meatloaf?"

Sam's blue eyes were tinged with regret. "He's flying out to Vancouver in two hours. You would have loved him."

Jules gave his arm a squeeze. She wasn't exactly privy to his military past as it wasn't a very popular topic between them, but she did know how much Sam cared about his friends.

A boyish smile she fondly remembered from his early SRU days made an appearance. "Do you know one thing I love now that we're not hiding our relationship anymore?"

She shook her head. His grin only grew bigger.

"Now I don't have to correct myself whenever I brag about you."


This is Jules, my girlfriend. She's SRU and a sniper. She won the Law Enforcement Professional of the Year and she's truly great with home renovation. Oh, and her mango smoothie? Delicious. And she's gorgeous too, isn't she? My girlfriend. Mine.

I'd better end this now. Cheers.