First off, let me apologize for the extremely long delay and lack of explanation. I know I've let you hanging and I'm sorry but it was unfortunately unavoidable

About a week after I got back from London, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. What was initially supposed to be a straight forward treatment (lumpectomy) turned into a much more complex and drawn out treatment (double lumpectomy + chemo + radiaton) and as I'm sure you can imagine, this has sapped all my energy and focus because both of those things have been devoted entirely to my family.

To complicate matter further, I have been in two long distance almost-relationships this year, both of which caused stress and one of which caused quite a lot of pain that I'm still somewhat recovering from.

My grades suffered. I haven't yet found a job. I'm back in therapy and still am just starting to be able to do more than barely keeping my head above water. I've talked before about how emotionally taxing this story is to work on and this has been a really hard year, guys. I just haven't had it in me.

The story is officially on hiatus. i do very much want to finish it but I just can't make any promises and I don't want to lead yall on. If it comes to a point where it is obviious that I will not finish it, I will post a chapter tying everything up, basically summarizing the ending. Not ideal, i know, but like I said, I do want to finish it.

Again, I'm sorry. Thank you for all your support and love over the years.