Only on The Canvas

Authors Note: Since Junior has used his Magic Paintbrush since Super Mario Sunshine, wouldn't that imply that he can use it well?

Bowser smiled evilly. Mario would never be able to stand up to his latest plan! This time would be different. In fact, he'd get up right now and go tell his youngest son about it.

He pushed himself off of his throne, groaning. Maybe he was getting too old for this…not! He was the King of Awesomeness, and he'd rub it in the Plumber's face every chance he'd get.

"Kammy Koopa! I summon you!" he shouted. In a few seconds, the Magikoopa in a Pink Robe floated in, on a broomstick.

"Yes, Lord Bowser?" The old hag inquired. Dang, Bowser noted. Her voice was all croaky and…blah. Were they really getting that old?

"Where's Junior?"

"In his room, as usual, sire."

Bowser nodded. "Now get out of here!"

She complied, and left to take care of some business. He walked down the Hallway, admiring his grim decorations, like stone models of his head, built into the walls. He'd heard some Hammer Bros whispering about his vanity a few days ago.

Who wants to guess where they are now?

He glanced at the Koopalings doors, right down the hall. There were six doors because the twins shared a room. Junior's was on the left, because he preferred to be alone.

Bowser twisted the knob and walked inside. The lights were on, and Junior was working on something on a canvas. He didn't turn around, probably because he didn't hear his father. He seemed pretty concentrated on whatever he was painting.

"There…" The Youngest mumbled. "Now a stroke of yellow.."

"What ya painting?" Bowser did like his son's works. Junior even did a self-portrait of the King for his Birthday.

"Ah!" His son spun around in surprise. "You're not allowed to see it!"

Bowser narrowed his scarlet eyebrows. "What is it?"

Junior frowned. His bandana hung loosely from his neck, and a drop of sweat went down from his forehead. He tossed a drape over his project, and pushed it to the corner of the room.

"It doesn't matter! It's not finished anyway."

Bowser shrugged. "Now hear my latest plan to kidnap Peach and trounce Mario!"

So they discussed world domination, kidnappings, battle strategies, and other stuff normal Koopa Fathers and their sons talked about.

Suffice to Say, Mario was outwitted and the Princess lay captive in a cell…momentarily. They were sure that Mario would launch an assault on the castle to rescue her soon enough.

So, Bowser didn't see his son for several days as he was occupied with sending powerful, handpicked minions to stand in the Plumber's way.

But somewhere along the way, he remembered that painting that Junior had been working on, and never got to see.

So again, he visited his son, who once more proclaimed that he couldn't see it. Becoming obviously irked by now, he insisted, but it was still a no.

Bowser, being the nosey Koopa he was, snuck into his son's room at night, whilst he lay in bed, sleeping. Ignoring the loud snores that had obviously been inherited from himself, he took the drape off of the painting and tossed it on the floor.

His jaw dropped as he took it in. Even in the dark, it was obvious what it was.

A Portrait of Princess Peach Toadstool, labeled 'Mama'.

He knew about how his son wanted it to be true, but…

And Junior always knew it wasn't, but…

It was only on his canvas.

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