Excerpts from the Journal of the Yami Masho:

-Celesta SunStar

I own nothing, and this uses the English/American affilliations and names since I'm more familiar with that. Yami Masho just made a better title.

Date: Whatever the Hell day it is, it's not like we have calendars...

I see myself in the mirror; four and a half centuries of serving the Dynasty have made me cold and hard-edged. The candles flicker, making my reflection even more sinister and threatening. That damn scar is helpful in that respect.

All of us, (the former Warlords, and Warlady of Talpa) have a fascination with our former enemies. Admittedly, mine is a bit more obvious, but I know the others have their own. Which is why they don't bug me about it. Especially since they are visiting for a while.

Seckmet now keeps a small waterfall and a pool of koi in his rooms. He showed it to Torrent when the Ronins first visited as an apology in the guise of asking for help, and endured the hour-long lecture that went along with it.

Dais got caught up in a practical joke plot... ahem, a 'discussion' on illusion techniques with Hardhead and Strata. I'm not the target though... Dais doesn't want Kayura to find out about his artistic talents. He's not a bad artist... in fact he draws very good nudes. He's just afraid that she'll castrate him, but as she has very good taste, I don't think she would. Besides she's mostly busy comparing double sword techniques with Wildfire.

Dais doesn't know that, heh.

I don't suppose it really matters since he gave me copies of the really good ones, and some of them were of Sage.

I'm not sure exactly what I feel for the bearer of Halo... There is a connection between the Armors of Darkness and Light, one that goes very deep into the heart of both of us.

And that scares me...

Times like this I wish that Anubis were here. He had a way of seeing right into the depths of your soul and laying bare your thoughts and shortcomings in the cold, unyielding light of uncompromising truth.

Useful, but I never much liked that... shadows are more forgiving.

I guess Sage and I will just have to talk and see what happens. Maybe I will actually find something to talk about this time.

End Entry

A/N - I did not come up with the Dais likes drawing nudes, thing. I forget who did, but it wasn't me. I don't know what Cale's journal will show in the time to come, but won't it be interesting to find out.