Chapter 6: My Dearest Sarah

Equestrian Academy of Magic and Skills, Ponyville Central, Equestria, Gaia, Summer, 2002 C.E.

Sunlight shone through the nearby windows as Twilight opened her eyes. It was definitely a nice sight to see after waking up from a long sleep. She yawned quietly and sat up. She was in a bed. It was nice and cozy but it was incredibly warm. She pulled the sheets off and climbed out of bed. The door opened and in walked the Doctor.

"Good morning! I'm guessing that you feel quite good right about now," he said with a smile.

"Yes. Thank you again...for rescuing me," she cooed.

"Come now. We're friends. I wouldn't just go and leave a friend to die!"

"We're friends?"

"Aren't we? After all we've been through so far I'd only assume that we had some type of positive relationship."

Twilight chuckled and walked towards the Doctor. She gave him a quick hug that came off as both awkward and heartwarming for the both of them. She pulled away and smiled.

"Yes. We're friends."

"Good! I'm sorry to say that you missed the 2002nd Summer Sun Celebration."

"Oh. When was it?"

"Yesterday. Today's June 22, 2002."

"Wait. Wasn't it the 19th? I've been out cold for three days?"

"Yep! Celestia came by to visit you several times. She's really nice when she's not being brainwashed by half-dead pony clones."

"Where is the Pri...I mean the Queen?"

"She had some political business to attend you. Nothing to worry about. She told me to tell you that it was really nice to see you again...even if you were out cold."

"What about Luna?"

"She's back in Canterlot. Somepony's got to look after things while Celestia's away."

"And Thalia?"

"Took care of her myself. But I wouldn't feel too safe. From what I can assume, this may have been Thalia's final stand but this is definitely not the last time that we're going to run into her."

"We're going to have to face her again?"

"That's one thing that annoys me about time travel. You don't live events or meet people in a normal chronological order. I mean we just finished off a villain who has had a long and rocky history with the two of us and yet this was the first time that we met her."

"Speaking of time travel. Did you find the TARDIS?"

"Yep. It was in Celestia's bedroom. I had it moved into my guest room for the time being."

"Have you fixed it?"

"I've had some time to work on it but, sadly, it's still broken. If we leave now then our next stop will be completely random."

"That's good."

"Excuse me?"

"That's good. That means our next stop will be a surprise. Hopefully it'll be a lot better than this surprise."

"That's the spirit, Twilight Sparkle! I can see us doing this for a long time!"

"But I still wish to return back to my time before I'm an old pony."

"Hey, I said that I'd get you back to 1002 and I promise that I will."

"Thank you."

"Speaking of thank yous, you have some certain someponies to thank."

The door opened and in walked Charlie, Juliet and Sarah.

"It's nice to see that you're finally awake," said Charlie. He walked up to her and shook her hoof. "Charlie Kemp. It's nice to finally be properly introduced to you."

"The pleasure is also mine," said Twilight happily. Sarah was the next to walk up. She hesitated at first but then grabbed the surprised unicorn in a giant bear hug. "Uh...thank you too."

Sarah pulled away and their eyes met.

"Twilight Sparkle," she uttered. "I have waited so long to meet you."

"Am I famous or something?"

"You have no idea," chuckled the Doctor.

"My name's Sarah," Sarah continued. "Sarah Sparkle. I'm your descendant."

Twilight's eyes widened. She looked closely at Sarah and could just make out the family resemblance.

"And I'm Juliet. Her daughter," said Juliet.

" did you know about the Doctor and I being here?" Twilight asked.

"You wrote it down for me," said Sarah. Sarah reached into her bag and pulled out a stack of several pages. There was a small purple note taped to the top of the stack.

"What is that?"

"It's the only untold story of the Doctor and Twilight Sparkle. It was written by you. It tells a full and highly detailed description about what took place three days ago. I received it as a family heirloom when I was eight years old. I'm the only pony who has ever read this story. Here. Read the note."

Twilight peeled the purple note off of the stack of papers and read it.

"To my dearest Sarah," she read. "This is a story that I've written for you and only you. Nopony before you has read it and nopony other than you shall read it until the following events have transpired. I have no doubt that you will be prepared for these events when they come around. I remember the event clearly for it was not long ago for me. If being with the Doctor has taught me one thing it's this. Time is complicated. Try not to reason or comprehend it. Just take everything as it comes at you. Here's just a little spoiler for things to come. Only tell this story to those who you know will be able to help you in your part to help these future events unfold. I know you will be brilliant. Your loving ancestor, Twilight Sparkle. Date finished - December 1, 1002 C.E."

Twilight looked up from the note. Her eyes were somewhat watery but she was quick to wipe them with her hoof.

"Looks like you have some homework to do, Twilight," said the Doctor as he patted the papers in Sarah's hooves.

"Great," Twilight laughed. "Not only do I have a note to write. I have another note plus a detailed description of an event that happened to me three days ago."

"Don't worry. I can help you with it."

"So...before you two leave," said Sarah. "How about a tour?"

"A tour?" Twilight asked.

"Yes. You are in the most successful academy of skills, magical or otherwise, in the world. And, not only that, you helped found it."

"I...I'm going to found the most successful academy of skills in the world?"

"Come on, Sarah. Let's not give too much away," said the Doctor.

"Oh...yes. I do apologize," Sarah choked.

Outside the Equestrian Academy of Magic and Skills, Ponyville Central, Equestria, Gaia, Summer, 2002 C.E.

"I still can't believe that Ponyville's going to grow into this," said Twilight as she overlooked the city.

"Technically it's five cities but whatever," said the Doctor.


"Weren't you paying attention? There's Ponyville Central. Then there's Ponyville North, Ponyville South, Ponyville East, and Ponyville West. You certainly need to start listening better."

Twilight laughed and gave the Doctor a friendly shove. The TARDIS stood a few feet away.

"Well it's time to go," said the Doctor as he turned back to Sarah, Charlie, and Juliet.

"Could you come back for a visit sometime?" Charlie asked.

"I never really plan visits. I just sort of go where the wind takes me."

"Are you sure that you don't want to stay any longer?" Juliet asked.

"Sorry but I've got to get Twilight home as well and get some more work done on the TARDIS. Besides, there's a whole universe of time and space just waiting for the Doctor and Twilight Sparkle to venture through!"

"Well I wish you two the best of luck!" said Sarah.

"It was really nice meeting all of you," said Twilight.

"And it was amazing to meet you two!" said Juliet. "You're just as incredible as the stories describe you as!"

"By the way. Who's the pony that wrote the stories about the Doctor and I, anyway?"

"Here it is. I borrowed it from my friend," said Charlie as he handed Twilight a book.

"Let's see. The Countless and Timeless Adventures of the Doctor and Twilight Sparkle. Written by-"

Twilight's eyes widened and she almost dropped the book in disbelief.

"Of all the ponies to write a story about me, why in Celestia did they pick these three?"

"What is it? Who wrote the book?" asked the Doctor.

"Written by Trixie, Snips, and Snails. Ugh!"

"Who are they?"

"I'll tell you about them later."

Sarah, Charlie, and Juliet laughed as the Doctor and Twilight walked back towards the the TARDIS. The Doctor clapped his hooves and the doors opened.

"Bye!" said Charlie and Juliet together as the Doctor and Twilight walked through the doors. Twilight waved goodbye, tossed the book back to Charlie, and then shut the doors behind her.

"I've been waiting my whole life to see this," said a delighted Sarah. The light on the top of the TARDIS began to flicker and the alien teleportation sound began echoing around it. Then it was gone.

"Where do you think they've gone off to this time?" Juliet asked.

"The TARDIS has only one destination," said Sarah with a smile. "Next stop: everywhere."

To be continued...