I'm sorry that I haven't updated this like at all promised. However, I do have a reason for it. You see, as much as I enjoy writing FanFiction pieces, writing Original Fiction is still my passion that will trump it any day of the week. Lately, I have been working on multiple original pieces instead of War and Peace and Love and Hate. Please forgive me for not upholding my words. I appreciate your enthusiasm towards my works on here and the support you all have shown – don't think for one moment that it wasn't enough. I don't know when I will update anything on FanFiction because things are amazingly unpredictable. I considered taking down both of my books, but I've decided to keep them up because maybe somebody will still enjoy reading them.

In the mean time, if you are interested in Original Fiction pieces usually found on FictionPress, I have started putting up some pieces. Do not, by any means, feel obliged to do this if you aren't interested. I'm found under the same username. I hope you are all having a good summer, I am well despite my lack of attentiveness towards whatever books I've uploaded here. Thank you again for your continuous support!