I wake up and put my headset on my nightstand. Mom pokes her head into my room. "You better hurry or you're going to be late for school." She closes the door and I quickly go through my morning routine.

Once dresses and ready to go I walk into the kitchen and sit at my place at the table, before I begin eating. Ran and dad walk into the room moments later, laughing about something between the two of them. Mom and I share a look and she just shrugs. I roll my eyes and finish eating.

Ran finishes soon after and the two of us walk together to the bus stop. The ride to school is quiet and has a slightly foreboding feel. Like the silence before the storm. I shiver, but get off the bus anyway. As soon as we arrive Hong Li comes running towards us. He looks worried, which only adds to my anxiety.

"What's up?" Asks Ran. Hong Li looks at my feet as if afraid to look me in the eyes. "We might have ,sort of, possibly made our first enemies." He says. I look at him for a moment. Then I laugh. "You were worried about that?" I ask him. He nods but keeps his gaze trained on my feet. The action is so unlike him that it begins to worry me. Then it clicks.

I snicker. "So your ex best friends hate you now, huh?" His gaze meets mine and I can see the surprise in them. "Yes." He mumbles quietly, and looks away again. "I'm sorry." I tell him. "You don't have to be a part of our team if you don't want to be. You can go back to your friends if you want."

He bites his bottom lip. "I want to stay with you guys... I actually have fun with you." He admits quietly. I smile. "It's good to have you aboard!" He smiles, and it reaches his eyes. The sight warms my heart. together, the three of us walk into the school. We receive a lot of weird looks, but totally ignore them as we make plans for in-game later tonight.

A few of the teachers even look surprised as the three of us walk into the classroom together. Hong Li even waves to the home room teacher when she enters. She just stares at him for a couple moments before nodding back and walking to her seat. I snicker. "I bet the whole school thinks the world is going to end because you are actually nice now."

Hong Li glares at me. I roll my eyes, and the smile never leaves my face. "Welcome to the dark side of the sun." I tell him. He gives me a strange look. "There is no dark side of the sun." He says. I wink at him. "exactly." Ran laughs and the teacher calls the class into session.

The entire day stays normal and by the end of the day the three of us are all relaxed and excited for the plans we have. Seven students gather and approach us slowly. When Ran notices he nudges Hong Li with his elbow. "Looks like your fan club is here." He blanches. "I'm sorry." He tells us. I just shrug. "We knew it was going to happen eventually." I say truthfully.

They stop in front of us and smirk arrogantly. "So, Hong Li, you joined the geek squad." Says Han, the leader." Hong Li shrugs. I glare at the other boy. He notices and grabs my chin in his hand. "If I were you, I would keep your opinion to myself." He says. I stick my tongue out at him. "Then It's a good thing you are not me, isn't it?" He grips my chin harder and small tears come to my eyes.

Two more hands come into my view. Hong Li and Ran are both gripping harshly onto his arm. "Let go of my sister." Says Hong Li at the same time Ran says "Let go of my girlfriend." Han glares at the three of us before he releases me. The brothers let go of his arm and I'm slightly startled to see the indents of where their nails dug into his skin.

Han looks at his arm with open fury. "We challenge you to a tournament duel. As I'm sure even you outcasts know, we are considered the best in this school. When you lose, you will become our personal maids every time you set foot inside the game." He says. His voice borders on calm and rage. I wink flirtatiously at him. "It's a date." I say with a giggle. The anger grows.

I school my features into a serious mask. "But when we win, you have to pretend to be nice and write an apology to each and every person in this school. Every staff member and student will receive and apology for your bullying and the students parents will also receive a letter." I look around the group. "All of you have to do this." They all glare at me with the utmost dislike and the smallest hint of fear. "It's a deal." Says Han. He and the others stalk away without looking back.

When they disappear from view I sink to the ground in relief. The brothers look down at me with confusion, concern, and awe. I smile nervously and scratch the back of my head. "That was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life." I admit. "I thought he was going to make meatbuns out of me."

The boys share a look and laugh. I glare at the two of them. "It's not funny!" I tell them, but they only laugh harder. A sudden thought pops into my head. "So I'm your sister and your girlfriend?" I say looking at first Hong Li and then at Ran. The boys immediately stop laughing and their faces turn red. I roll my eyes and grab both their hands. "Come on, lets go to the park to do homework." They follow silently after me but it's comfortable and calming, rather than awkward. A random thought comes to mind, halting me in my tracks. The boys look at me with pure confusion. "Don't we have to have a team name to be able to compete?" I ask.

Hong Li closes his eyes. "Oh, sh-

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