"It's not my fault that you are so bad at directions, you even said once that it was all your moms fault because she is the one whom you inherited your sense of direction from."

Mom rolls her eyes. "I already told you that I fixed that problem when I married Gui." I watch dad sweatdrop. "Please tell me that's not the only reason." She laughs. "Nope! I really liked you from the first time I saw you, but I didn't consider the fact that I might love you until you told me that my gender didn't matter to. I honestly thought that you were in love with me at the time because of my looks and not just me."

"Guys? That's nice and all, but it's also kind of gross to hear you go all lovey dovey on us." Mom coughs and her face is very slightly flushed when he faces me again.

"Fine then let's go give a wolf a dental exam." Dad gives her a pointed look and she huffs. "Fine. Let me rephrase. You will get the tooth and I will stay in a spot where they cannot bite me."

Ran and I laugh. "I love the fact that you love it when you are completly covered in blood but at the slightest hint of spit you go crazy!" She glares at me. "They should know better than to bite a delicate young lady." She says as her eyes fill with the unending emotion of contempt. "Even if they didn't before then they really do now." She says with a satisfied smirk.

I shudder at her sadistic smirk and resist the urge to run away from her. "Oh yes, and buy the way I won't provide any help for this one so you and Ran are on your own. If Loli and I could defeat the stupid wolf boss then you two should be able to do the same. Jade you are the daughter of the Blood Elf and 'gay' bard, so I assume you will do just fine. And Ran dear, you are the son of one our greatest rival and enemy which means that you can be and are smart, brave, and talented. Good luck you two!"

By now my mouth is hanging open comically and I look at Ran and see my reaction mirrored on his face. "Wow." he says breaking the silence. I close my mouth and manage to nod my head. "That is exactly what I was just thinking."

I look away from Ran and notice that my parents are already walking away hand in hand. "Thanks for the help so far guys." I yell at them, being slightly sarcastic. Mom raises one hand and waves dissmisivly while dad looks over his shoulder and laughs quietly.

"So would you like to lead?" I ask Ran in a sweet and innocent voice. He must notice that I'm acting and raises an eyebrow at me. I let out a huff of breath. "It's because I don't want to get us both lost." I mumble.

The corner of his mouth twitches with a hidden laugh and he turns around and begins walking while he pulls out the large map. A small swell of guilt runs through my body as I realize that since he is in front of me and I have no weapons that he would be considered my 'meatshield' if we happen to get into trouble.

I walk a bit faster and match his pace as he walks with his eyes concentrated on the map. The way he bites his lip when he concentrates makes me smile. Every time we take a test he does it and I can't help but notice that he really is very cute when he does it. I roll my eyes at my thinking and look out for trees as we walk.

A shadow detaches itself from the trees and I freeze in place. Ran keeps walking so I reach out and grab him by the collar. He stops and lowers the map to glare at me but switches his gaze to the 'shadow' as a low moan is heard from it.

It rushes at us and I instinctivly thrust my right fist forward. I hear the sickening thud as my hand connects with flesh and bone and stare wide eyed at whe wolf that is now laying on the ground in front of us.

"If that's what I get for trying to get a hug then I refuse to ever hug you again." He says as he rubs his jaw. "W-Wolf?" I ask tentativly. "The one and only!" He says happily. He looks around and picks up a small object lying in the grass. He opens his hand and I see a tooth resting in his palm. He wistles. "Yup, I am definatly never going to try to hug you again."

I look at the tooth and get a crazy idea. I look at Ran and point to the tooth. "Do you think that one will work?" His eyes light up with mischief and he shrugs his shoulders. I look back at Wolf who is still holding the tooth mournfully. "Wolf? Can I have the tooth you lost please?"

He shakes his furry head and releases a sigh. "I learned long ago to never ask questions about your parents, and seeing that you are a perfect balence of the two I won't ask you any either." He holds up the tooth and I grab it.

I start running. "Only two more to go! Thanks Wolf! Now I'm closer to being a transformer!" I hear Wolf ask Ran, "You can be a giant robot in this game?"

After we left Wolf we immediatly went to find the turtle. Ran suggested we find a normal turtle and make the quest a bit easier, so that is exactly what we had set out to find.

We found a normal pond and a normal log and on top we found what we thought was our normal turtle. We were saddened to find out that we were right. It had been a normal turtle. A normal snapping turtle that is. Three bruises, one broken finger, and multiple bite marks later, I had my shell.

I sit and inspect the items that I have gotten so far. Each one seems different but makes a lot of sense for someone like me who wants to be a transformer. I finally get bored and gather up all the items and place them into the shell for safekeeping, when they begin to glow.

I drop them and take a step back, but just as quickly as the light appeared, it disappeares. Confusion settles deep into my body and I bend over to look at the shell again. Suprise runs through my body and chases out the confusion as I notice the writing on the once blank shell. "Ran! I know what's next!"

"So let me get this straight. You have to go to a place called the field of flowers to get a lightning bug so that you can get the job you want. And this is supposed to be the most dangerous of all the tasks when all we have really done on the last quests is ask, take, and kill in order to get random items from different animals."

I roll my eyes. "That about sums it up." By now I am curious too. How can a place called the 'field of flowers' be dangerous? What will we have to do? Tiptoe through deadly tulips?

He raises his voice accusingly. "If I am swallowed by a giant venus fly trap, I expect you to take full responsibility."

"Right." I say sarcastically. "The game makers are really going to make giant man eating flowers."

"Ok, there are three things wrong with that statement." He says, offended. "The first is the fact that your mother has a MEAT BUN as a pet. The second is that you have told me all about your aunt Loli, and I know that she is the daughter of the president, so I wouldn't be so sure that something so crazy does not exist. Last but not least is the fact that you just called it a MAN eating plant. That is a mean joke."

I smile warmly. "Ah, but so true. If it makes you feel better we could dress you up as a girl and hope plant's can't smell. With how femminine you appear already, it would be easy to-"

I cut off quickly as I notice that we have walked into a giant field packed with different flowers. "I think we found it." I say quietly. A strong gust of wind sweeps through the flowers playfully and I watch in awe as it picks up pollen and petals and swirls around us.

My body starts to feel heavy and tired. I panic as my vision fades around the edges into a deep black. I can only struggle for a moment before the weight of my own limbs drags me deeper into the blackness and everything seems to disappear.

I run. I don't know what from or why, but I know that it cannot be allowed to catch up. I turn corners and keep going through an unfamiliar building but I can feel it behind me as it begins to catch up. I don't risk taking a glance behind me because I'm afraid of what I will see.

Another corner proves to be a dead end but I see the buttons and door for an elevator. I run to it, hoping and praying that I have enough time to get in. The door finally fives off a ding and opens. I look at the scene in front of me with horror.

The elevator isn't there. I stand frozen and stare at the inky darkness of the shaft and make a decision. I turn and face the presence that has been following me. Instead of slowing down It gets faster. It barrels into me and we both fall into the darkness.

I blink and find myself once again back where I started. I run and run. What kind of test is this? I find myself back at the elevator shaft. I take a deep breath and look at the edges and see a small ledge that circles around the shaft.

I act quickly and step onto the thin edge. In the last test the figure had come headlong for me without bothering to slow down or simply just push me into the shaft. I quickly position myself on the edge opposite from the door and hope that my simple plan works.

The figure once more runs at me from down the hallway. I refuse to let my gaze drift away as it draws closer. My breath catches as it reaches the doorway, but as I had hoped, It keeps running and falls by itself into the abyss. The picture shimmers and another scene takes it's place.

I open my eyes a couple times to allow myself to grow used to the new I am finally able to see I turn around in place. This time I am in what looks like a large construction site. Behind me is a large hill and in front is a lake sized mud pit while there are large machines and heavy equipment everywhere.

Ran appears at the top of the hill and starts running down when he sees me. I laugh at the carefree look on fis face but the bubbleing feeling disappears as he trips and begins to tumble down. I jump in front of him to try to keep him out of the mud but when we collide we are both thrown backwards.

I struggle to stand and one of his steady hands helps me get there. I turn around to do the same for him, but when I see him my body freezes in horrer. He is waist deep and sinking fast. I reach out and take his hand and begin pulling but against all odds, he only begins to sink faster.

"Jade." I freeze at the name. Before Second Life he was the only one to ever call me Jade and it became his own personal nickname for me. I glance at his face, that is now much closer to the mud than I am comfortable with and cringe. He looks peaceful. Like he is of with dying in a buch of mud. I give another tug but he sinks further into the unforgiving earth.

The mud is now touching his chin and I can see in his eyes that he has given up. But I have not, and will not. He shakes his head slowly. "You have to let me go." I shake my head in defiance and pull on him again, even as warm tears streak down my dirty face.

He smiles apologetically for a moment before he uses the arm I have been tugging on to push me back so that I fall onto my butt on the hill. I struggle to get up, but when I do I see the tips of his slender fingers disappear into the earth, as if he was never there to begin with.

I fall onto my knees and begin desperatly searching for any signs of him under the surface. My tears flow freely, following one another like a never ending parade and just before I jump in after him, the scene once again changes.

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