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Chapter 21

Elizabeth's POV

"Wait, what?" Peter looked at me in surprise.

"My family and I are undercover." He shook his head in disbelief as I repeated the fact that had recently made Peter and I seem distant.


"Well, we work for the CIA. The agency heard some pretty fishy stuff was going on at OSCORP so they sent my dad in as an undercover banker at the bank that OSCORP would use. We had everything on them; monetary records, employment records, and records of the projects they were working on."

"So you're like a spy?" He totally disregarded everything else I had just said.

"Uh, yeah, I am." I reached up to rub my neck out of habit during uncomfortable situations.

"But you're still a teenager right? Like you're not an agent who's really like 32 right?"

"Don't worry, I'm not a cougar. I'm still just 17." Peter definitely looked relieved to hear that.

"How'd you get into this business anyway?" He walked over to where I sat on the bed and I watched him look down at his gloved hands as he twiddled his thumbs.

"Because I was exceptional." I muttered this statement with disgust. I had never had a choice about my employment with the agency but given the circumstances what other choice could I make? Peter's hands stopped moving and we both looked up to make eye contact. His eyes held everything I had ever wished for. Love, worry, sympathy, protection, and so much more. For once in my life I had found exactly what I was looking for without even trying.

"I know that," he smiled that boyish grin that gave me butterflies and continued to speak, "What does that have to do with the CIA though?"

I took a deep breath preparing myself for a story that only my bosses and I knew. "When I was little my parents were killed in an accident in a laboratory. Both of them were scientists and I got their 'smart' genes. My parents would sometimes do projects for the agency but they were never given the full status of being agents. Before they had died though, the CIA already had their eyes on me. At age 7 I was already a star athlete which they liked because they need undercover operatives to be in shape. At age 10 I had built a fully functioning miniature rocket for a science fair all by myself. The year my parents died, when I was 11, I was already taking college level classes." I took a break from my monologue and looked at Peter who was already starting to interrupt me.

"But earlier last month you had asked me for tutoring." His voice was quiet as I felt the realization hit him square in the stomach.

"Pete, there was a second part to the mission that involved only me." Sadness, fear, and a hint of anger filled his eyes. "They wanted me to get close to you." Peter jumped up from the bed and looked at me.

"Wait what!?" He threw his hands in the air and began to pace. "Why?"

"Peter, the government knows that your just a messed up science experiment. Don't ask me how they just do but they think that they can use whatever you have as a military advancement."

"So you already knew who I was?"

"No. I didn't know but when I found out my heart broke." He gave me a questioning look.

"Why? Why would the fact that I'm more than just a normal boy, the fact that I'm just a 'messed up science project' break your heart?" I could tell I had hurt him and I felt a lump in my throat start to form.

"Did you feel sorry for me? Is that it?" I shook my head as tears welled in my eyes. I had never heard his voice so angry and I felt sick knowing it was all my fault.

"What was it than!?" His voice broke as he yelled at me and I saw tears in his eyes but his tears were tears of hate. I stood up forcefully and looked him in the eyes as I yelled back.

"It's because I loved you! Okay? Are you happy now?" My wall had fallen. The tears began to stain my cheeks as I began to fall apart. "You broke me Peter. All the training, all the hard work that has made me the fearless, heartless person that I am has been thrown all away for you. I broke rule #2 Pete."

"What was rule #2?" His voice seemed less tense but he still spat the words at me and they stung.

"Never fall in love with your mission."

"So that's all I was to you? A mission?" I looked up from the place my eyes had focused on the ground in shock. I slowly walked towards him and reached to put my hand on his cheek. He turned away and backed up towards the window.

"Peter, please. You are so much more than that! You are what I've always wanted! You know when, when little girls dream about their knight in shining armor? That's you Peter! You are my knight in shining armor. It's always been you." Peter shook his head. He turned and looked out the window then back at me.

"You should work on upping your training again because you're gonna need it when you work on saving Bryan by yourself." With his last words Peter pulled down his mask, shook his head, and jumped out the window onto my fire escape.

"Peter wait!" I saw his body tense and hesitate before he slung his web but nothing could bring him back as he flew away into the night.

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