Chapter 3- Team assigning

Naruto went over to his closest and ramaged through it to find an acceptable outfit for graduation. He chose fishnet armor shirt, a black jacket with orange trim and strips down the arms sleeves, black pants and ninja sandals. Once he had applied his wear, he made his way down to the dining room, where Haruki was currently cooking breakfast. She saw Naruto skid down stairs and land into a chair at the kitchen table.

"Big day's finally here. You excited about being put into a team?" asked Haruki, smiling at Naruto as she served him breakfast.

"Yeah I am, but I think it's pretty obvious that I'm gonna be on the same team with Fu and Gaara," said Naruto, gorging on his breakfast.

"You three have been practically stuck together in training and class. Seem's only fitting you should all work together." said Haruki, taking Narut's plate after he finished his meal.

"The three of them are practically the best in their class. They might just be better than Aimi, Raikan and I back in our genin days," said Kuro, coming into the room.

"It's only been because you guys helped that we were able to get this far," said Naruto, grinning to his caretaker.

"True enough, and now you get to reap the benefits. Though you'd have to get a move on to gradutaion to do that, wouldn't you?" said Kuro, going next to his wife.

"Yep better get a move on! I'll see you guys later!" said Naruto, blitzing out of the door as the pair waved bye to him.

Naruto got a jogging pace as he made his way to the shinobi school. On his path way, he noticed the red head of Gaara. Gaara wore a reddish-brownish jacket with long sleeves and an upright collar. He wore black pants and dark green sandals. On his back he sported a giant gord held on by a white sash (Picture his outfit on the Sasuke Retrieval arc).

"Hey Gaara," said Naruto, getting the attentoin of the Ichibi Jinchuuriki.

"Hey Naruto. Ready to leave the school behind?" asked Gaara, as Naruto put his arm over Gaara's shoulders.

"You bet! It'll be even funner if we can get paired up in a team," said Naruto, smilng at his long time friend.

"Definitely. By the way, what do you think of my new gord? Now I can have sand at anytime I want, and it holds a lot more than those bottles I used to have," said Gaara, pointing to the gord.

"It looks really heavy though," said Naruto, looking it over, "You still going to be able to manuever with it?"

"It's actually not as bad as you would think. I had Raikan work with me on my overall body strength to be able to move with enough flexibility and to carry the gord," said Gaara reflecting on how much Raikan and his clan had been helpful to him.

"That's awesome! You seen Fu yet?" asked Naruto, looking for the final member of the trio.

"You called?" came the voice of Fu as she was leaning against a buiding in front of Naruto and Gaara.

Fu was wearing a white top that connectd to her skirt. She also had white leg guards above her blue shinobi sandals. In her short, mint green hair she also sported a orange hair clip on the leftt side of her hair.

"Thought you slept in again," chuckled Naruto, while Fu gave him a punch in the arm.

"That was one time. Besides you really think there was any way I'd miss this?" said Fu, walkling with her closest friends.

"Then let's not waste any more time. Lets go!" said Naruto, sprinting with Fu and Gaara in toe.

They ran for another few minutes before making it to the entrance to the academy. Upon enternting the academy, they followed a series of signs set up for all those graduating. At the end of the signs they found two chunnin sitting at a table covered in headbands. Upon telling who they were and after the chunnin checked their list on a clipboard, Naruto, Fu, and Gaara were each presented with a Kiraigakure headband. The blue headband had a design of two horns curving into eachother in the center of the metalpiece. They then walked into a class room packed with students, awaiting the team assigning. Just a minute after tthey sat down, one of the chunnin from the table entered to address the class.

"Welcome all. Let me be the first to congratulate you all on graduatinig from the academy. That was your first step in your new lives as shinobi. Now, however, you will share the next steps of your lives with two other individuals. You will learn to trust these two with your life as they will trust you with theirs. With that being said, we'll now begin the team assigning," said the chunnin, as he read off teams and names.

"...Team 5 will be Naruto Uzumaki, Fu, and Gaara. Your sensei will be Ren Chitose'" said the chunnin, while Naruto gave Fu and Gaara a 'I told you so' look.

The chunnin continued down the list until the final team was called. The teams then left the room and went to sepearate rooms to find their senseis. Naruto and co. made their way down a hall, and turned to the room on the left. Upon entering they saw a man they guessed was their sensei, Ren Chitose. Ren had long white hair and white eyes. He wore a headband and a scarf around his mouth. He also wore fishnet underneath a gi shirt, which was underneath and open haori with two kodachi's on his back. He had bandages around his arms from his elbows to his fingers. He wore black pants and white sandals. Ren was leaning aganst a desk, turning his head to look at his team.

"Ah, you finally made it," said Ren, lookin over his students. "As you no doubt know, I am Ren Chitose. Over the next few years, you three will be under my tutelage. In that time my goal is to not only teach, but to improve your current skill set."

"Have you taught anyone before us Ren-sensei?" asked Fu, seeing her sensei rub the back of his head.

"I have not. You three are the first so it'll be interesting for all of us," said Ren sheeply.

"I'm just psyched! We're gonna be going on missions for the first time!" said Naruto, pumping his fist with a grin.

"Easy there hot shot, we'll get there when we get there. Now then, you guys ready to things rolling?" asked Ren, looking at the three.

"You bet!" said Naruto and Fu while Gaara just nodded.

"Good, meet me in the field clearing outside the wall to the west. See you then!" said Ren, eye smiling as he vanished.

Naruto looked at his fellow Jinchuuriki, who merely shrugged their shoulders and left the academy. 10 minutes had passed befroe they found the open field outside. The area was constructed to give a practice area for all shionbi. Compared to the hustle and bustle of the village, it was very quiet and peacful with wide grass plain and trees further back. Team 5 spotted their sensei sitting on a boulder, looking at his approaching students.

"Well, now that you three have arrived, I want to perform a test," said Ren, hopping off of the boulder.

"What kind of test, sensei?" asked Fu, while her teammates were curious to the same question.

"It's rather simple: I'm going to test your abilities," said Ren plainly.

"And how do you want to do that?" asked Gaara.

Ren responded by throwing a series kunai and shurikien at the trio. Naruto and Fu were prepared to move, but were saved by Gaara, whose sand flew from his gourd and protected them from the barraged of weapons. Naruto and Fu glanced at one another, nodded, and the two proceeded to perform handsigns, finishing just as Gaara's sand receded.

"Futon: Wind Bullet!" yelled Naruto, launching a ball of air.

"Suiton: Water Bullet!" yelled Fu, firing a wall ball at her sensei with Naruto's attack.

Ren rolled out of the way of the two jutsu's, only for him to pull out his dual kodachi's and started to deflect shurikien made of sand that were being projected by Gaara. Ren wasn't so distracted by Gaara that he didn't notice Fu approaching from his left. Ren threw one of his kodachi at Gaara, forcing him to use his sand to defend instead to attack, giving Ren the opening to block Fu's oncoming punch. Sheathing the kodachi, Ren brought his hand back to block Fu's kick to his head. Ren kept a grip on Fu's hand and leg and flung her back to Gaara, who used his sand to catch her. Ren surveyed the area and took notice of Naruto's absence, when he felt Naruto from behind. Naruto finished a set of handseals and through his hands forward.

"Futon: Great Breakthrough!" yelled Naruto as a great force of wind flew towards him.

Ren brought his arms up to block the wind, but wasn't prepard for Naruto's great amount of chakra pumped into the attack. Ren was then flung back by the great wind force. Gaara maneuvered his sand to catch Ren and wrapped him in a sand cocoon, keeping his head shown.

"Looks like we got you sensei," said Fu, dusting her self off with a smile.

"You thinks so?" asked Ren, as closed his eyes.

Suddenly, Ren's entire body was coverd in wind, which shook the sand cocoon off of him. He then retrieved his other kodachi, covering both blades in wind as he face his three students. Making a slicing motion, Ren sent out a slice of wind at the trio causing them to retreat. He kept up this attack until they disappeared into the forest next to the plain. Ren kept his wind exoskeleton activated as he walked into the forest. He surveyed the surrounding area, and was impressed that each of his students had hidden themselves well. Then, Naruto emerged from the trees and flug three kunai, landing around Ren. A closer inspection showed that explosive tags were attached to the thrown kunai. Ren knew that his wind exoskeleton wouldn't completely protect him from the explosion. He jumped away, but some of the force forced him into a roll before settling on one knee. He looked to his left and saw Fu charging with a windmill shuriken. Ren dodged as he stayed out of Fu's cutting path. Naruto showed back up with a kuani in each hand to attack Ren as he fought Fu. Ren couldn't run anymore as he was fighitng on his right and his left with Fu and Naruto's combined efforts. Eventually, Ren decided enough was enough, pumping up his exoskeleton into his blades and proceeded to cut Fu's shuriken in half while maneuvering his blade hand to disarm Naruto. Unfortunately, his exoskeleton dissipated, giving the opening Fu and Naruto needed.

"Gaara now!" said Naruto while he and Fu went into action.

Naruto and Fu both delieverd a kick to Ren's back, forcing him forward off his feet. Ren looked ahead and saw Gaara, swirling all the sand he possesed and shot it all in a powerful stream straight towards Ren. Ren was still off balance fromt he combined back kick, and thus couldn't avoid the attack. The stream sent him from the forest all the way back to the plains. Ren rolled for fifty feet in the plain before coming to a halt flat on his back. Ren sat up with a groan as he his body as he could feel the bruises froming on his body. He looked up to see his three students standing with weapons ready. Ren stared at them before he did and eye smile and started laughing.

"You three do have teamwork down to a point don't you? Your teachers at the academy said you three worked and trained together, but I had to see it first hand," said Ren, getting to his feet.

"So, this was all just to see our teamwork?" asked Fu, as her teammates and her were curious as to their sensei's tactics.

"Well that and to see your tactics. I had to know what each of you knew so that we could work on what you needed," said Ren.

"But why not just give us a training dummy or targets? Why attack us yourself?" asked Gaara, finishing collecting his sand.

"I'm actually more of a hands on kind of guy. You can only judge something so much when its not done to you," said Ren, "I felt I could only properly gauge you by having all three of you come at me."

"So, how did we do?" asked Naruto, folding his arms.

"Overall each of you did well. You're obviously green in some areas like taijutsu, but you were also fighting against a jounin level opponent so I can't judge too hard. In the end, three did a good job," said Ren, smiling at his students who smiled back.

"What's next sensei?" asked Naruto, feeling pumped with his friends.

"You take the rest of the day off. Tomorrow we report to the mission briefing center and take our first mission as Team 5," said Ren, as he saw the excited looks of his studnets at the prospect of their first mission.

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