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Respect Your Elders?

Albert sighed heavily as he stood in front of the younger members of the team. So much had changed sicne he had arrived in London and now he could barely remember what it was like when he had first run into Mickey Bricks and Ash Morgan. Shaking his head he waited for Danny and Sean to stop bickering. Carole handed Eddie a drink before sitting next to him.

"Who actually owns the nursing home?" Ash asked as Albert fired up the laptop so that the images were displayed on the screen in front of them.

"This man." Albert nodded to the picture. "James Michael Kirk, aged 45. Businessman essentially."

"And he owns a home for old people?" Sean was amazed as he looked at the image of the suarve businessman on the screen.

"Bought it two years ago when the original owners went out of business." Albert explained.

"Why?" Emma looked up.

"The land. It's in the middle of a 42 acre plot. The back looks out on to a field owned by the local farmer and it is in easy access to the city." Ash explained. "He wants to sell it so that the place can be bulldozed and turned into a housing estate. You know the type? All mock tudor and shoebox size rooms. Identikit housing for identikit people."

"Sadly." Albert looked at the screen. "Sadly, it all comes down to money."

"These old dears." Sean ignored the narrowing of the eyes as Albert shot him a look. "They'll just find somewhere else to live."

"Not that easy." Stacie sighed. "Not when you're 90, with no family and dementia."

"Indeed." Albert sighed. "Or when you sold your own home to go into a care facility. These are not rich people."

"No." Mickey sighed. He closed his eyes and looked away, remembering his mum when she had been in a similar home. He had sworn then that she would have the best care he could afford. The thought that people in the same situation as her could be thrown on the street made him feel sick.

"What would happen to the people who lived there if it is sold?" Carole was aghast as she listened to the others.

"Some will end up in NHS care, others in EMI care. That's elderly and mentally infirm. Used to be known as Geriatric Psychiatry Units. Not a place I would want to spend my more vulnerable years. Because, thats what these people are. Vulnerable." Albert stated as he stared at the screen. "It just cannot be allowed to happen."

"We wont let it happen." Emma stated firmly. She felt Mickey rest a hand on the small of her back.

"How do we stop it?" Eddie asked.

"Dunno." Ash sighed heavily. "Any ideas?"

"Well." Carole smiled slightly, "I dunno about you lot but there is no way we can let this man sell those people's home. It just can't happen."

"No, it can't." Albert smiled, relieved that his friends seemed to agree with him. "My friend Megan, the nurse. Her husband is a resident there. His dementia means she can't look after him at home. It's people like that this is going to affect."

Mickey glanced at Ash as Albert spoke. He could see the coggs whirring in the fixer's brain. Smiling slightly he looked across to where Emma and Stacie were sat together, both women clearly disgusted at the idea such vulnerable people would be thrown out on the street.

"You know something, Albert?" Stacie smiled. "I think I may have an idea."


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