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Once upon a time, there was a little boy with the improbable name of Carlisle Cullen. Like all babies, he was sparked into existence by a man and a woman. This man and woman loved each other, and they took Carlisle home to raise him together. Some would say that made him luckier than many.

With his mother, Carlisle was lucky. She brought beauty and kindness to Carlisle's world. She was a gentle soul who passed that gentle manner on to her son. She loved him unconditionally, even when he was naughty.

But where his mother brought all the good things in the world, his father brought all the bad. Anthony Cullen had taught him fear and pain. This was the man who should have loved Carlisle the most, who was supposed to cherish and protect him.

After his mother died, gradually, the beauty and gentleness she brought all but died with her. The one exception was Carlisle's brother, Edward. Somehow, Carlisle knew it was his responsibility to bring that light and goodness his mother taught him to Edward's world.

So he took it on himself to make sure Edward was loved and protected. He cherished his little brother, giving him the love and affection that should have been Anthony's duty to provide. All the while, Carlisle's own world was all but devoid of positivity. He was falling quickly to a place where anger reigned supreme with its cohorts: fear, frustration, and sadness.

Despite Carlisle's best efforts, Edward struggled with his own anger and self worth. So when Edward found Bella and they had Sammy, Carlisle thought to himself he'd done good with his life. As a doctor, he thought he did some good in the world - good his father claimed he wasn't capable of.

It was a good life. It was a good story.

But this wasn't the story Carlisle told his baby daughter.

For Penelope Ann, he spun a beautiful fairytale. There were princesses and princes and fairies. And in the end, something ugly was turned into something beautiful - coal to diamonds, as it were.

Some day, he would tell her the story about how they - he and Jasper, her fathers - turned something that had once been twisted and ugly into the beautiful life they had together with her.

"Penny. Pretty Penny," Carlisle called lightly, leaning over her crib.

The little girl grumbled.

"She's asleep."

Carlisle turned, smiling when he found Jasper leaning in the doorway, watching him. He turned back toward Penny, stroking a strand of hair behind her ear before he stepped backward. As he expected, Jasper was there, wrapping his arms around Carlisle's waist. He pressed a soft kiss to his ear before he sighed contentedly.

"She's getting big," Jasper said wistfully.

Carlisle hummed his agreement. "Too big for that crib."

Jasper gave a little grumble. "Not that big."

"Big enough to climb out of it when she wants to." He chuckled, looking at their daughter fondly once more before he turned around in Jasper's arms. "You can't stop her from growing up."

Jasper pouted slightly. "Can't we slow it down? Just a little?"

Laughing again, Carlisle pressed a soft kiss to Jasper's lips.

In the seven years they'd been together, Jasper had changed. They had both changed, of course. Time did that - changed people. For them, they had changed for the better. Jasper had calmed quite a bit, lost the anger of his youth and grown into a young man with a steady head on his shoulders.

The biggest change in Carlisle was something he should have known since he was a child. He was worthy of love. He was worthy of a future where he was more than just an observer.

He had a life now. A good one.

Once, shortly before she died, Esme had stared at him, taking his face between her hands. "Your life isn't over," she said softly. "My life is over, and that's okay. I've done so many amazing things. I have a beautiful son. And you. You've given me a love I couldn't have known. But you? You were meant for more than you've let yourself had."

As Jasper tugged the door to Penelope's room closed, Carlisle realized this was what she was talking about: this was more.

More than just watching, making up for something he'd never done wrong. More than being a good brother, watching from the sidelines as Edward found the love he deserved, became a father, while Carlisle didn't think to look for the same things himself.

This life, shared now with a man who loved him, who cherished and protected him, was more.

Before they were even within the safety of their room, Carlisle was tugging at Jasper's shirt, kissing him with fast, hard, needy kisses.

"If I didn't know any better," Jasper said between pants, "I'd think you want me, old man." He let Carlisle tug his shirt off.

"Unlikely," Carlisle said with a scoff. Splaying his palm flat against Jasper's back, he pulled his lover toward him and pressed a quick trail of kisses to his ear. "Why would a handsome, charming, distinguished-"

"You forgot modest," Jasper mumbled with a slight moan as Carlisle took his earlobe into his mouth, nibbling lightly.

"-gentleman such as myself want with a punk ass kid like you?"

Jasper's hands went to Carlisle's pants, his eyes mischievous as he undid the button and yanked his pants down, boxers and all. "I can think of a few things." His tone was even. Sultry.

His words went straight to Carlisle's cock. He got one good, hard kiss in before Jasper dropped to his knees, pushing Carlisle into a sitting position on the bed. Carlisle automatically reached back, grabbing a pillow and handing it down to Jasper who slid it beneath his knees.

As many years as they'd been together, Jasper could have Carlisle any way he pleased. With that delectable mouth of his, his strong tongue, and talented hands, Jasper could have him cross-eyed and on the brink in shamefully few minutes.

Tonight, though, there was no reason to hurry.

Jasper started slow, drawing the pad of his finger around the base of Carlisle's shaft. Slowly, as he looked up, his eyes on Carlisle's, he put first one then another finger in his mouth, letting his lips wrap around them alluringly. With that glint in his eyes, Jasper didn't even need to touch him to titillate him.

He did, though. Of course. He passed his slick fingers around and over his head. Sighing, Carlisle leaned back slightly, propping himself on one hand and caressing the underside of Jasper's chin with the other.

Jasper kissed the pad of his thumb before he dipped his head, taking the tip of Carlisle's cock into his mouth. He suckled at it a bit, teasing, before he began taking it in inch by inch. He was thorough, using the very tip of his tongue to lap at his shaft with short, hard strokes. Lick, and then a flick to the underside of his tip. Lick, and swirl around.

Carlisle's breath came in sighs and little moans. He murmured soft things to Jasper, some of them sweet, some of them utterly filthy.

Jasper was excellent at multi-tasking. As Carlisle's body writhed, rising slightly to meet the up and down motion, he naturally moved closer to the edge of the bed. When he was in a good position, Jasper let his fingers drift from where they had been tracing around and in between his balls up to his asshole.

Carlisle gasped and jumped a little, trying to control his movements with his cock so deep in his lover's throat. His moans became much more vocal and his whispered words much breathier as Jasper slipped a finger inside him, sending pleasure radiating from the tip of his nerves all through his body.

"Jasper," Carlisle breathed. He tugged on the other man's ear. "Want you. Need you."

Apparently, this was agreeable to Jasper because he released Carlisle from his mouth almost instantly. Carlisle skittered backward like a crab while Jasper climbed up on the bed over him. Their kisses were passionate, tongues stroking each other as Carlisle fumbled with the button of his jeans.

The way their bodies brushed, it wasn't easy to rid themselves of the remainder of their clothing, but eventually, they managed it.

For long minutes, Jasper merely rested his weight on top of Carlisle, kissing him long and languidly. Carlisle kissed him back, reveling in this moment, this man. He slid his fingers along the smooth skin of his lover's back, pressing his fingertips into the fleshy firmness of his muscles. He kneaded a path along Jasper's side, down his spine, relishing the little cry the other man emitted that vibrated against their joined mouths. Carlisle caressed the curve of his ass before cupping him, pulling him closer.

Jasper lifted his head, staring down at Carlisle with tender adoration. Smiling, his heart so full and satisfied there was hardly enough room in his chest for his lungs to fill. He brushed his fingers along Jasper's cheek, communicating his complete love and devotion to the other man silently.

As Jasper lifted himself to take Carlisle into his body, he lowered his head down again. Their kisses were sweet little smacks as they began to move together, Jasper riding, Carlisle thrusting up. Their pace, unhurried at first, quickly climbed in rhythm. Their kisses became pants, exchanged breaths and gasped words.

"So fucking good," Jasper growled, the sound low and guttural. "Babe, you're so good."

Carlisle opened his mouth to answer but only a whine came out. He tilted his head back, arching his body up once, twice, a third time before he came.

It was only a minute later, Carlisle's hand stroking Jasper's cock brought him his release. His come was hot on Carlisle's stomach and chest.

When his breath was a little more even, Jasper rolled over, flopping onto his back with a hand thrown over his eyes. Carlisle located one of their shirts and cleaned himself off before he rolled onto his side. He draped his arm over Jasper's chest, snuggling close. The younger man's hand rested warm and comforting on Carlisle's back.

"Oh, tomorrow is Saturday," Jasper said with a content, sleepy sigh. "That's awesome."

Carlisle hummed his agreement.

They were both silent for a long while, just enjoying soft touches. "Jasper, do you ever regret getting tied down so young? Especially to a man like me?"

Jasper snorted. "What does that mean, a man like you?"

Carlisle lifted his head. "Older. More baggage. I mean, you were settled down with a baby on the way when you were 26. I know it's older than some people, but still."

The younger man cocked his head, staring up with a slightly exasperated expression. "Because I'm a picnic?" He ran his fingers along Carlisle's neck, the intimate gesture automatically soothing his sudden bout of paranoia. "Babe, we've all got our own little ticks."

He looked thoughtful a moment. "You know, I spent a lot of my life angry. I was angry at my dad for leaving. Looking back, it was damn ungrateful of me. My mother was all the parent I needed. She accepted me." With a small smile he passed his fingers over Carlisle's lips. "She taught me when you find someone to love, you do it without conditions." He cupped Carlisle's cheek. "You're worth it. And I'm not angry anymore. This is an emotional climate I enjoy. I have you - and you do take care of me, even when I make it difficult. And we have our lucky Penny."

He pushed up onto his elbows so he could kiss Carlisle full on the lips. "I don't feel cheated out of anything."

"That's good," Carlisle murmured, kissing him back slowly, adoringly. "That makes two of us."

It was, he thought as he fell asleep, a beautiful life.

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