Fairy-tale of a Life Time


It's already New Year's Eve, the year 2022. I sighed and looked out the window of my office. The night sky was dark and ready for the fireworks to appear at any moment. I sighed again. I collected my phone, keys and my handbag and headed out the door. I smiled at the janitor and went straight for the elevator. I was the only left in the whole building except for the cleaning staff. That's what you get when you become one of the biggest CEO's in very long time. You stay in the office for what seems hours every day and no one has the decency to come to you and thank you for your hard work. It's not like I am asking for any but it would be nice if someone did that you know.

The elevator door opened, I stepped in and pressed the 'L' button. Once the elevator stopped and opened its door I rushed passed the people when I heard the voice. ''Ash, is that you?'' I turned around and saw the familiar stranger. 'Taylor?' I asked. He smiled, ran and hugs me really tight.

10 years earlier

Taylor's POV

'Taylor, come on man! I wanna leave this shitty place! It's bad enough that you dragged me here. I mean I am an athlete I don't read.' My best friend Mark said. I looked at his brown eyes and raised my left brow. He looked at me rolled his eyes and groaned. I chuckled, I put one of the astronomy books back to its rightful place and headed to the check-out counter to for my three really heavy astronomy books.

I really like this bookshop; it was like a library and a shop. It had everything from cooking books to history. I was so lost in my thoughts that I forgot to move. I shook my head and started to walk to the counter again.

Once I reached it, I saw a girl with hazel-green eyes behind the counter again. She always seems to be working here whenever I am around. She was wearing her hair in a messy making her chubby cheeks to stand out. She looked up from the book she was reading to meet my eyes. She smiled, put her book down and started to scan my books.

'There's this really great astronomy book called 'The Universe and Galaxies' she said out of the blue. I looked at her from my phone I was using, but she continued talking. 'It's really great, it explains all about the galaxies. That would be 33.99 dollars. Would you like a bag?' She asked. I nodded and handed her 34 bucks. She put all my books in the bag and handed to me with my change and receipt. I looked and before I could stop myself I asked, 'Why do you think I was buying these books for myself?'

'Well I doubt that your cousin or brother or sister, if you have any, who's probably 10 years old would read such heavy reading books unless he or she is some sort of a genius and your parents are too busy and I quote ''Working''.' She blushed. I chuckled.

'True, you have a good eye…' I paused so she could say her name but she stayed quite. 'I am Taylor by the way.' She looked into my eyes and said 'I know.' Suddenly some dude came behind her and shooed her away to do some job. She walked to the door that said ''Staff Only'' when I said,

'Bye stranger.' She looked at me and answered with a smile on her face, 'I am no stranger Taylor.' As she disappeared with happy smile and eyes behind the dull brown ''Staff Only'' door.

Mark cleared his throat and brought me back to the reality. I sighed and left the bookshop and headed for my Jeep. Mark hopped into the passenger's seat as I into the driver's one. Mark looked at me with serious eyes,

'Dude, don't you dare to fall in love with that little fat girl.' I looked at him in confusion. 'Huh' was all I could blurt out; he shook his head and continued. 'For crying out loud, she's the sister of the girl you are about to date! You know blonde, blue eyed hottie of the school. Who's practically falling at your feet?' He screamed. I laughed and shook my head.

'Mark you should totally see your face right now.' I put my key into the ignition, turned it and drove home to get ready for the party of the summer that's happening at Kristina's house.

Aishling's POV

I sighed. I finished my part-time job just like twenty minutes ago to find my sister partying in our house. I really didn't like those parties my sister threw every second week so, I, as always ended up in the basement, my room to clear that, reading my book.

The music was loud and I could hear my favourite Far East Movement song 'Turn up the Love'' blasting upstairs. God I loved that song. I put my book on the coffee table in front of me and stood up to move in front the mirrored wall.

I started to sway my hips and started to make my new dance routine. As I stretched my short-ish arms to the sides. I turned around and saw Taylor standing at the bottom my stairs, staring at me with his wide blue eyes. I blushed and tried to make up some lame excuse but my brain could manage was some 'Um's' and 'Em's'.

Taylor smiled and clapped his hands. He made me blush even deeper. 'Wow! That was amazing. I really didn't expect to see you here dancing all sexy like that.' He stated.

'What are you doing in my room?' I asked rudely ignoring his compliment and statement. He shrugged his shoulders and let out a frustrated sigh while brushing his hand though his black hair making himself look sexy and irresistibly delicious. Sexy is just understatement about him. He was more like a freaking god from the sky of Olympus or something who came to earth to screw around with some women.

'I wanted to get away from the party.'

'So you decided to enter my room?' I asked.

'I didn't know it was your room.' He stepped forward when my door opened with a slam to the wall. I saw Kristina standing there with anger and fury in her eyes. She looked at Taylor and gritted her teeth.

'I told you not to come into this room,' she screamed. 'Now you saw my fat sister. Ugh! I can't believe you saw my embarrassing side of the family!' Taylor looked as he was about to defend me when I said.

'Well, he didn't know I was here. He said he was looking for you and thought you are going to be here. When he saw me he was about to leave and look for you.' He looked at me then my sister. My sister quickly ran down stairs hugged him and kissed his lips. 'Why didn't you say that earlier, you silly?' She asked. He looked at me and I shook my head and put my finger to my lips to make ''Keep quiet about this'' gesture. Kristina grabbed Taylors hand and pulled him towards the party.

I dropped on the floor and sat there for what seems like hours thinking that today was the last day of summer. It was the day that Taylor Dolman noticed me for the first time.