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Chapter 1

"Are you ready for this, Logie?" Kendall patted Logan on the back, clipping a black hockey helmet onto the smaller boy's head.

Logan grinned. "Of course I'm ready! Why wouldn't I be? We haven't played hockey in, like, a month!"

The four boys were currently getting ready for a hockey game. Gustavo had given them the day off, and they had decided to go play hockey at the ice rink near by. They heard that there was going to be a game, and anyone could join.

Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos were ready to kick some ice butts.

"Hey, Kendall?" Kendall turned at hearing Logan's soft voice.


Logan shifted uncomfortably. "Take it easy, okay? Don't get too aggressive."

Kendall furrowed his bushy eyebrows in confusion. "What are you taking about? I always take it easy."

Logan sighed. "It's just… sometimes, you go a little extreme. Like when you beat that guy up last year for checking Carlos into the wall?" It was true. It had taken the poor guy weeks to recover after Kendall's beating.

"But that guy hurt Carlos! I wasn't gonna let him get away!" Kendall defended himself. Everyone knew he was super protective of Carlos; was Logan saying he'd done something wrong trying to stick up for his friend?

"Yeah, but it's hockey, Kendall. You're supposed to check people into the boards in hockey. And Carlos wasn't even hurt."

"How do you know?" Kendall retorted.

"Kendall… just… don't push it. Alright?" Before Kendall could respond, Logan turned and walked out of the locker room. Kendall shrugged, picking up his hockey helmet and following the smart boy out into the rink.

Logan worried too much.

Kendall grinned at the familiar feeling of sprinting on ice, cold wind blowing in his face. It felt so much like home.

The game had started, and was currently 2-1, with Kendall's team winning. Kendall had scored both goals, and was currently trying to prevent the other team from tying the game. He had Logan on his team, and the shorter boy kept on glancing at Kendall with a worried expression on his face. Kendall rolled his eyes.

Logan worried too much. Kendall was supposed to be worried about him, not the other way around. Just then, James sprinted past a distracted Kendall and shot the puck into the net. Kendall groaned. Great. Stupid Logan messed him up.

The game was now tied 2-2. There were only 2 minutes left and the game would be over. Kendall had to score and win, or he'd never live this down. He felt a burst of adrenaline course through him, and he started skating toward the other side of the rink.

He was skating so fast that everything looked like a blur to him. Someone passed him the puck, and he was getting so close to the goal that he could feel the victory already.

Suddenly, it happened. Someone had dropped their hockey stick on the ground on accident. Kendall didn't see it in his rush, and tripped. He flew through the air, and Kendall felt like he was flying in slow motion.

Then, as if nothing had happened, Kendall smashed into the ground. He heard a horrible crack, and expected pain. But he felt nothing. In shock, he reached up and touched his head. A burst of realization hit him.

His helmet had made the cracking noise. It had saved him front cracking his head open. He took the helmet off quickly, and it cracked into two pieces. A time out was called, and people started skating towards Kendall to ask if he was okay.

"Kendall!" One voice stood out from the rest. Carlos. Kendall turned and was met with a huge hug from the hyper boy. "I'm so so SO sorry!"

"Sorry for what?" Kendall was about to ask, but then stopped himself. Carlos had been the one to drop the stick on the ground. So instead of getting mad at him like he would have with anyone else, Kendall just smiled and wrapped his arm around Carlos's shoulders. "It's alright, pal. I'm fine, see?" He showed everyone the cracked helmet.

The coach skated onto the ice to check on Kendall. "Knight, you alright? " Carlos giggled at the unintentional rhyme, and Kendall assured the coach that he was fine.

The coach sighed. "I'm sorry, Knight, but you'll have to sit out for the rest of the game."

Kendall turned to face the coach. "What? But… there's only 2 minutes left! I'll be fine!"

The coach shook his head firmly. "You can't use your helmet, and we don't have a spare."

"But… it's only 2 minutes. I don't need a helmet!" Kendall stubbornly protested. If it were Logan or Carlos, they would've gave in by now. It was just a little game. James might have given up… but Kendall had always been the most stubborn out of them all. And he wasn't about to give in to what some man told him.

"I'll be fine, really." Kendall assured the coach. The coach looked hesitant, but then slowly nodded.

"Alright, but be careful. I don't want you getting seriously hurt." Kendall nodded, giving the coach a grateful smile. The game continued.

Once again, Kendall felt the air blowing on him, but this time, on his head, too. He was gonna win this. He was gonna win this.

Kendall had always been competitive. He always had to win first at everything or he'd throw a tantrum or say the other people were cheating. He hated losing, even if he was second place. He always just had to win. And at the age of 17, that fact was still true. Kendall was the most competitive out of all his friends, maybe even out of all of California.

He stole the puck from an opposing team member, earning a few cheers from his friends. He skated towards the goal, getting ready to slam the puck into the net…

… Before he could process what was happening, Kendall was checked into the boards by someone. He hit his head on the boards, and felt a burst of pain. He lay on the ice, groaning. The buzzer sounded. The teams had tied.

"Kendall, are you okay?"

"Do you need a hospital?"

"Can you hear me?"

Kendall didn't answer any of the questions directed at him. He stood up shakily, feeling around on his head to see if there was any blood. There wasn't. And now that he thought about it, his head didn't really hurt that much, either. It just felt like one of the headaches he got when Carlos talked for an hour straight without stopping.

"I'm fine, really. I'm not bleeding, and my head only hurts a little now. It's alright." Kendall pushed through the crowd of players, and headed into the locker room, disappointed that he had lost. Well, they tied, but in Kendall's eyes, that was just as bad as losing.

` No one followed him inside except for his three best friends. "Kendall, you alright, man?" James asked worriedly.

"Yes, I'm fine! I'm just disappointed that I lost the stupid hockey game." Kendall muttered angrily. Logan rolled his eyes.

"See, Kendall? I told you to take it easy."

Kendall groaned. "Stop being such a worry wart, Logan. I'm fine. It was just a hit to the head. Carlos gets them all the time. I'm fine, for the last time!"

"But Kendall… you hit your head really hard." Carlos pointed out, his voice scared and soft. Kendall sighed again. His friends worried too much.

"Carlos, I'm fine… I promise. The only thing that hurts right now is my pride." James punched Kendall in the shoulder, Logan rolled his eyes, and Carlos just nodded with wide eyes.

"Now, who wants to go to Fun Burger?" Kendall asked.

"Ooh, me!" Carlos said cheerfully, his previous worries disappearing already. The four changed out of their hockey gear and headed to Fun Burger.

Soon, Kendall's little "accident' was forgotten.