Chapter 36

James, Logan, and Carlos felt the wind blowing on their faces, and it made them feel emptier than they already had.

This was the day they had gone to visit Kendall's grave. It had been three months after Kendall's funeral, and the boys had been reluctant to visit. It would have been too painful.

But now they had somewhat recovered. They would never be able to recover fully from Kendall's death. They could only try and trick themselves that they were succeeding.

"That's it? That's all they gave him for the gravestone?" James asked, eyebrows raised. Carlos stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked down.

"Mrs. Knight paid for it. And she doesn't have a lot of money, you know." He pointed out quietly.

Logan nodded. "Yeah, and she wouldn't accept anything from anyone. It's the thought that counts. Who cares if it's small? It's the best one here." Logan stated firmly. None of the other two argued.

"Yeah." James nodded. "I guess you're right."

Logan smiled at that. "When am I not?" He joked.

"Well, I can point out lots of times. Like when you thought-" James was interrupted by Carlos when the smaller boys let out a loud sigh.

"Guys, this is Kendall's day, remember? We're not supposed to talk about ourselves." He pointed out.

James nodded. "You're right, Carlos. You're both right. Kendall's rock is the best one here, and this is supposed to be Kendall's day. Not our's." Because today was the day Kendall Knight would have turned 19.

He had been so close, yet so far.

Logan glanced at the stone, nodding. "Yeah… He's supposed to be 19 today. Only 19…" He whispered, trailing off and looking away.

James patted his shoulder. "Hey, don't be sad. This is supposed to be a happy day." He said.

Logan shrugged. "I can't be happy if Kendall's not here." Logan whispered, sniffling. "I just miss him so much, guys."

Carlos patted Logan's shoulder, too. "I know, Logie. We miss him too. But remember the people you still have left in your life."

Logan nodded. "I know, Carlos, I know… I love you guys and my family. But it still sucks, you know?"

They all knew.

James kneeled down and placed a blue tulip onto Kendall's stone. "Hey, Kendall. Blue's your favorite color, and usually people put flowers, so that's what I'll do." He stated lamely. "We're not ever going to forget you."

Logan and Carlos kneeled down too. "Yeah, buddy, we'll never. Whenever we play hockey, we'll make sure to bring your jersey… so it feels like you're still there." Logan said softly.

"Yeah, and I'll always leave the platinum controller for you, Kendall." Carlos added.

James laughed a little. "We're in denial."

Logan shook his head. "No. We're just being considerate."

The three stood up, not able to continue the conversation any longer. "See ya, Kendall. We'll be back." James said.

"Yeah, and in less than 3 months this time." Logan added. The three boys stood in silence, staring down at the ground where Kendall lay.

Carlos jumped onto James's back, making the tallest boy grunt in surprise. "Let's race Logan back to the car!" He suggested eagerly. Logan rolled his eyes but complied.

The three boys laughed loudly as they ran through the silent graveyard.

They would never forget Kendall, but it was time to move on.

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