Poseidon's Secret Son


Ever wonder what happened after Poseidon claimed his son, Percy Jackson? AU. In a dream, Percy receives a strange quest from his father and unknowingly is sent to London where he is to observe a young child who looks a lot like himself. What will happen when he later finds out the child's true identity?


I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians or Harry Potter. All associated characters and rights belong to Rick Riordin and JK Rowling

If Percy Jackson thought that his life was hard, he had another thing coming to him as soon as he went to bed that night. 12-year-old Percy was alone in the Poseidon cabin at Camp Half Blood. He had recently been claimed during the capture the flag game, and because of the ancient pact between his father and uncles to have no more children, Percy had no siblings; older or younger. But he soon found out that that would all change very soon.

As soon as Percy fell asleep, he slipped into a demigod dream. Everyone knows that demigod dreams are no laughing matter because they are mostly bad and they usually always mean something. In this case, it was not a bad dream, but even for Percy, it was very odd. He was standing in the middle of what looked like a park and it was dark outside. Percy thought that no one was around until he saw two dark shapes emerge from the shadows.

He instinctively uncapped Riptide and stood in a fighting stance. He did not smell any monsters or thankfully see any. Instead, Percy saw a seven-year-old boy with very untidy black hair and emerald green eyes staring curiously at him. What Percy saw next both surprised and relaxed him. It was his father, Poseidon, and he was holding his Trident aloft as if he was protecting the younger boy from something or someone. When Percy saw his father more clearly, he ran over to him and knelt down before him. "Hey, Dad," Percy said cheerfully. "What is this place, and what am I doing here?"

Poseidon smiled at his son and answered, "you are in London England, Percy, and I have a quest for you. You must find and protect the child whom you see in front of you. He goes by the name of Harry Potter and he has a terrible home life."

Percy was surprised, but asked, "why are you sending me and not one of the satyrs?"

Poseidon's eyes turned sad as he replied, "I am sending you because he is your brother and he needs your help. He has many difficulties and I was hoping that you could help to teach him. I know you must have many other questions, but I cannot answer them until a later time. Good luck my son and I know that you will do well." And just like that, the dream ended and Grover was pounding on the cabin door and yelling at Percy to get his butt up to the big house.

When Percy saw Grover, he couldn't keep the slight indignation off of his face. "What the Hades, Grover!" Percy cried in surprise. "What is your problem?"

"You should be asking Chiron that question," Grover answered, "he wants you up at the big house now!" And with that, the half blood and the satyr ran to the big house as fast as they could.

When they got there, they were shocked to see not only Chiron, but Poseidon and his rival, Athena. And also to everyone's surprise, the goddess of magic, Hecate was with them. When Chiron saw Percy, he put down his pinochle cards and wheeled over to him. "Percy," Chiron said in a grave but gentle voice, "three of the Olympian gods are here personally to issue you a quest. It was through Athena that Zeus and your father were able to stop arguing long enough to realize that you did not steal the master bolt. However, I will let them explain why they are here in person."

When Chiron moved away, Poseidon stepped forward to address his son. "Percy, my son," he said gently, "we are here on grave business I'm afraid. I know you are only 12, and this is not easy, but we are issuing you this quest because Lady Hecate herself had asked me and Athena to talk to you."

Then Athena stepped forward and said, "we have gotten wind of a new child who is very powerful in more ways than one, but he does not know it. He is only seven years old and his relatives treat him like a slave and starve him. I know this because I have been watching him. They give him chores to do, and he struggles with them; not only because he's younger, but because he is malnourished and permanently disabled."

The goddess of magic spoke next and said, "this boy doesn't even realize who he is or that I had blessed him and his mother and stepfather with the gift of magic. His relatives hate and fear anything that is different and I am afraid that if he does not get help now, he will surely perish at the hands of either his mortal relatives or monsters. That is why we are asking you, Perseus Jackson, to help us. He needs your protection, now more than ever. He lives in London and don't worry, your uncle has temporarily given you permission to take a plane to get there. Any questions?"

"Just one," Percy answered. "When do I leave?"

"You leave tomorrow morning," his father answered him. "Argus will drive you into the city. And don't worry Percy, I will always be watching over you. Now, you had better get packing and concentrate extra hard on your training today. I have a feeling that you will need it." And just like that, the three Olympian gods disappeared in the mist.

Percy was confused, but he somehow understood what his dream had meant. Now that he thought about it, the young boy in his dream looked a lot like himself. But Percy had also noticed that he was very skinny and he could see almost every bone in his body. As Percy thought about the dream and his quest, the more he realized that his father wasn't just asking for a favor. He was genuinely asking for the sake of his family and he thought that Percy would be the perfect person to send because Poseidon thought that the younger boy might trust him a little more than anyone else. And just as Percy was boarding the plane, the younger boy, Harry Potter, was being tormented once again by his whale of a cousin and there was no one around to help him.