Lavi Bookman, a well-known detective, is investigating the mysterious string of murders happening in London. His only clue, a particularly breath-taking young woman! Can Lavi solve the case before he becomes the next victim?

Contains Laven

Also contains coarse language courtesy of Kanda, gore and some level of intimacy

Lavi gazed at the crime scene, it was the second one this week, but that didn't mean that the number of dead was two, no, the death toll had now risen to a frightful nine and it refused to stop rising.

He took in a deep breath and took in the scene before him; it was similar if not the same as the previous victims. The victim's body was in a state of disembodiment, it could barely be recognized as human. It lay amongst its own lifeblood that had once flowed freely through its connecting veins that were now severed and drying out the more it lay exposed to the sunlight.

Surprisingly enough, the blood was only visible as a pool not even a speck of blood could be found on the walls despite the extent of injures that seemed to have been caused by something, inhuman.

Lavi shivered at the thought and turned to a young Chinese woman writing down notes on the clipboard cradled in her arms.

'Nothing, there's nothing else to report but the state of the victim's body, Lavi,' she sighed heavily, she had seen this scene eight times and was disappointed and a bit paranoid that they still hadn't found a single clue.

'Don't worry Lenalee, as perfect as this killer may be, there still has to be a weak point, somewhere where he is flawed and expose it,' Lenalee gazed at him, her skeptical thoughts were evident yet not readable as she turned on her foot and headed out to talk to her brother Komui, the Administrator for Lavi's investigation company, Black Order Investigation.

Soon enough something white caught his attention as it lay cowering behind a dumpster hoping not to be seen. Lavi raised an eyebrow and walked over slowly, he was curious as he reached around the dumpster and caught sight of pale hair and piercing silver eyes.

The owner of such fine features pressed they back against the wall, their eyes filled with terror as Lavi eyed the blood that trailed down the front of their blouse before he noticed her injury.

'Are you alright, Miss?' Lavi knelt down beside her but his sudden movements caused her to bolt away from him in fright, unfortunately for her she couldn't get far because she ran head first into a rather grumpy Asian man with his long raven hair tied up in a ponytail.

Lavi flinched as the man took one glance at her and gripped her shoulder tightly.

'Yuu let her go,' Kanda didn't abide and continued to hold her firmly in his grip, giving Lavi the death stare.

'Do not USE my first name, baka usagi!' Kanda growled as Lavi came up to him and took a closer look at the woman. Out of the shadows, her hair was as white as snow, and her silver eyes sparkled. Her pale complexion just made her appearance seem exotic and unusual but then Lavi's eye fell on the part of her face that was covered by bloodied strand of hair as he gently lifted his hand to brush them aside.

She flinched when he did this but she didn't try anything funny since Kanda still had a particularly strong grip on her. As Lavi finally brushed the hair away, he frowned with concern before turning to Lenalee.

'Lenalee, take this woman to hospital, whatever happens, keep her in your sights at all times!' Lavi said as Lenalee nodded and took the young woman's hand gently and led her into the waiting carriage that was suppose to take them back to the office.

'Why'd you let her go, baka? She could be a clue,'

'I'm not an idiot, Kanda, that's why I told Lenalee to look after her, if she saw what happened, which I suspect she did, then I want to wait till she calms down,' Lavi explained to his impatient partner who just grumbled with annoyance and stalked off to help the police keep the people at bay while some men in black began to collect the man's remains and clean up the mess so that the street could be used again.

Lavi sighed and scratched the back of his head, if his hunch was right, he had finally found a lead, but what if the woman hadn't seen the killer and her injures were merely because of something else. Well he'll find out once she was fit to talk as he walked over to Komui who was having a heated argument with the head of Police.

'Well, I still see nothing has been done to stop this serial killer!' the police officer growled as Komui frowned at him.

'We're having as much difficulty as you are, it's just finding the first lead, I'm sure you're aware of this,' Komui's words made the man grumble even louder as his gazed flickered at Lavi and turned back to Komui.

'You people are a joke, having a kid as the head investigator of your branch,' the man snorted before storming off to finish preparing the street for reopening. Lavi chuckled to himself as Komui wondered over to him.

'I don't find this particular funny… by the way, where's Lenalee?' Lavi knew that the man was bound to ask that sooner or later since he has a terrible sister complex.

'With a suspect I hope will help us with the case,' Lavi replied without hesitation as Komui frowned, clearly wanting an explanation.

'I found a young woman,' Lavi clarified, 'and she seems to sport a fair amount of blood and has a nasty cut down the left side of her face.'

Komui thought carefully about this.

'We can't jump to conclusions Lavi,'

'I know,' Lavi replied bleakly.


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