Lavi glared at him, he couldn't tell if he was angry or disgusted. Why… no what would persuade a man to do this for the attention of a girl?

'So you killed those she loved because it was for her sake?' Lavi said obviously infuriated by this sick killer. Nella only whimpered in distress, most likely worried for his sake but she had herself in a very precarious situation.

'I'm glad you understand…'

'It's sick!' Lavi interrupted him, which the man didn't like at all as he moved the blade away from his hostage's throat and pointed in at Lavi with a lazy look in his eye.

'Sick? The fact that you've had your way with her is what makes me sick! How dare you touch what is mine,' the man seemed furious as he roughly shoved Nella onto the ground.

'At least I showed her the respect she deserves,' when Lavi saw the dangerous glint in the man's eye, he feared that he had went too far as the man came at him at such inhuman speeds that Lavi's only reflex was to swipe the branch in front of him to deter the path of the man.

It worked only briefly as the man stepped back quickly and lunged at Lavi's exposed side but Lavi wasn't an amateur when it came to dodging thanks to his taunting of a particular Asian person he knew.

Twisting to the side, Lavi did his best to knock the man back with the branch he was holding but, like the umbrella, it didn't last very long as it was sliced as if it Lavi was just wielding a carrot.

The man stood back as Lavi glanced dumbly at the chopped up stick, showing off his potent weapon of choice. Lavi gulped nervously as he chucked the useless branch aside; there was a slim chance that he was completely insane because of the plan that had just come up in his head.

'Your pretty good, much more fun than those bastards I killed,' the killer noted before once again, rushing towards Lavi. This time Lavi made no move to dodge but kept his one good eye on the blade whizzing around like a silvery blur in the man's hand.

When Lavi was sure where it would be moved to he made a grab for it but his aim was off and it caught the killer off guard. Through this distraction Lavi brought his elbow down in the space between the base of the killer's neck and shoulder blade, throwing the man's balances off to the point that he fell to the ground.

But Lavi's performance only seemed to amuse him as he laughed and stood up slowly facing Lavi once more.

'That… was surprising but I still have the upper hand,' the man sneered as Lavi saw the man's gold eyes flicker over to Nella who was watching from where she stood. She seemed paralyzed and fear dazzled her silver eyes.

'Nella!' She jerked at the sudden call of her name as the man came at her, probably finally going to deal the deadly blow before Lavi jumped in and grabbed the man's wrists and a fierce struggle began between the two.

The killer was strong, very strong as Lavi nervously stared at the blade that was hovering and shaking just centimeters from his face. It was hard but it seemed like the killer himself was having a tough time trying to throw off Lavi's grip.

Lavi knew better than let the man get the upper hand as he stepped forward and brought his heel down on the man's foot causing the man to hiss in pain. The blade loosened in his grip and Lavi used that opportunity to throw the man off sending the blade sprawling across the ground a good distance away.

'Fuck you,' the man threw a punch as Lavi ducked but another fist came from under him and knocked him flat off his feet. Dazed, Lavi coughed as if he could feel the contents of his stomach about to erupt from his mouth. He could faintly hear a cry from Nella's quivering lips.

'You think I'd give up after everything I went through,' Lavi felt the man's boot smash into his exposed ribs and he heard the sound of some bones breaking. He felt the man's hand grip his collar and plummet him against the truck of a tree.

Lavi could feel the ragged bark burying into the crevices of his spine as the killer threw fist after fist at his face.

'That bastard of an uncle kept me from her at first so I killed him, then his goody-goody brother took Nella away on a trip overseas… but when I heard they came back, oh I knew I had to act…'

'So you killed all those she came in contact with and those she cherished so that she would eventually come running to you,' Lavi puffed as he struggled to see through his swollen left eye.

'No, I wanted her begging me on her hands and knees,'

'NO!' The harsh cry caught both of them off guard as the killer turned around in surprise as Nella dashed towards him, his own blade flashing in her hands and before both of them could react, the blade trailed along the man's neck and bright red spurted from the deep wound like a fountain.

Lavi felt the man's grip loosen as he clutched his throat and gurgled horribly as he desperately tried to stop the blood from pouring out of him. He glanced at a rather shocked Nella who quickly dropped the knife and ran to him.

'Are you all right?' She was panicked and scared as she looked over his wounds that covered most of his body and the dried blood.

'Felt better,' Lavi coughed dryly as he stared at the man's withering body as the last of his blood flowed from his body.

That was the last saw till he gave into the blood loss.


Next thing Lavi knew was that he woke up in the hospital wing, bandages tightly bound his right eye and neck and he hurt all over to move. When he did eventually he felt his hand brush against something long and silky.

He glanced along the side of the bed to see a mop of long white hair entangled in his fingers. It seemed like Nella had fallen asleep watching over him because he quickly shook her awake.

'Lavi… you're up?' she asked, it felt strange having her talk so naturally but she must feel safe to do so now than before as Lavi beamed a smile at her.

'Despite the bandages, everything's ok!'

'Che, don't be smart baka usagi! You barely came out of that with several broken ribs and a fractured collarbone,' grizzled an all to familiar voice as Lavi whipped his head to look at the doorway.

'Yuu, Lenalee, did you come to see me?' Lavi asked happily as Kanda glared at him but didn't make a move to do anything violent probably because Lavi was already in a sorry state.

'Don't call me that or you'll have more injures to worry about,' Kanda threatened but his tone of voice was light, which was unusual for the stoic man.

'Stop being rude… we came to see how you are doing,' Lenalee said as Lavi thought for a bit.

'What about the killer?'

'Alive against all odds and facing court in a matter of days… though I hope he gets sentenced for life,' Lenalee replied stiffly as she eyed the curtains that billowed on the warm spring breeze.

'I hope so…' Nella sighed as Lavi gave her hand a comforting squeeze.

'I'd sentence the idiot who gives him a fair go after all his done,' Lavi said but despite his easygoing attitude, her was being serious.

'You right,' Nella smiled and entwined her fingers into his.

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