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The ED was short staffed on the Friday so Sam reluctantly forced herself to go into work. She had been glad to avoid this particular day and particular person but unfortunately for her, it was not to be.

Instead of counting all the times he had been on her mind, it was easier for her to think about all the times she hadn't thought about him. Her life at the moment seemed to be dictated by what ifs and on this day this many years ago they were…

She first saw him in cubicles on CDU. It was apparent to Sam as she first walked into the hospital that Dylan had kept his birthday quiet. There was no surprise there. Sam quickly ruled out the possibility of Mr Jordon being cruel in putting Sam in the same ward with her technical husband on his birthday.

"Mrs Reymond, car crash. She's not telling us something. Find out what it is." Dylan said bluntly to Sam as if she were any other doctor, handing over the patient as his shift had just finished.

As she took the file she smiled and said "happy birthday" quietly. Although she'd never admit it, she was delighted when he said-

"Coffee this morning was disappointing. No marshmallows"

Dylan was glad for the excuse to talk about the past, even the privet jokes like that made him feel better about his situation with Sam. He'd give anything for things to go back to like they used to be. But he'd done some unforgivable things and there was no way Sam would ever forget the harm he had caused her.

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