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Two months had passed and Sam flew through recess as if she'd been working in the ED her whole life. Although Dylan had been reluctant at first, he was now totally calm with her working at the hospital. Originally, he had shadowed her in cubicles, and after that little… disagreement, Sam had finally got to work in peace without her husband constantly breathing down her neck.

Today had been like any normal day in the ED for Sam. She had got to know her other colleagues and seeing as it was Halloween, they had arranged to go out for some drinks after their shift had finished.

The ED staff was surprised to see such a change in Sam. Before the accident, she only really talked to Tom and barely came out to the pub afterwards. She had little to do with any of them outside of work. Now, Sam was the one asking if anyone wanted to go to the pub, instead of politely declining. She had also brought Dylan a little bit out of his shell too. The staff were taken aback as to how Sam and Dylan's marriage really had affected their personalities.

Unfortunately for the ED, their Halloween drinks were not to be. A horrendous fire had started in a night club, and the hospitals busy night soon turned chaotic. The staff had no choice but to stay.

"Look, you're absolutely fine." Sam said harshly to her time-waster. "If it really is as painful as you say it is, and carries on, then go and see your GP."

"But I'm dying!" The patient said melodramatically. "If I fall ill, then it will be all your fault!"

"Trust me; I could live with that on my conscience. Now please, feel free to leave." Sam said, before stalking off to reception, where she saw Zoe just coming off the phone. "Zoe, can I please work in recess. The time-wasters are just- eurgh!" Sam said, frustrated.

"Yeah ok, you can help Dylan." Zoe said; too busy drowning in paper to care that much about what Sam did that night.

"Thanks," Sam said, before quickly hurrying off to recess before Zoe could change her mind.

"Right, what do we have?" Sam said confidently as she approached Dylan and his patient. He had severe burns all across his body and was unconscious, with a gas mask on his face. He had brown hair, and although his face was dirty and grimy, he looked strangely familiar…

"Uh we don't know. We've stabilised him but have no idea who he is." Dylan said quite bluntly. "We can't treat him, as we don't have his notes." Dylan continued, frustrated that he couldn't do his job and help the man.

"Apparently he was quite the hero." Linda chipped in. "Stayed in the club and made sure everyone got out. Can't say the same for the mate he was with though. Witnesses say that he fled as soon as the fire broke out, whilst he there pulled five or six people out of the building."

"Hero…" Sam said to herself quietly, edging closer to the patient. "Wait… Dylan how could you not know who this is?" She said, opening his eyes, and wiping some of the dirt off his face.

"What?" Dylan asked, confused. How did Sam know who this was? They had rarely been out since she had been discharged from hospital, and when they were out, he was always with her. Unless… "Sam, have you remembered something?"

The other staff members in recess at that moment looked up. Although the couple had been more open since Sam's accident, they barely talked about their life behind closed doors. And now the two of them were talking about Sam's… condition, in front of everyone.

"No. No, no, no, no." Sam said, quickly dismissing the idea, much to Dylan's disappointment. "But surely you must recognise him." When Dylan didn't respond, she carried on. "This is Jack Collins. He was in most of the photos Dr White showed us. The photos from my army days."

Dylan's eye's widened as he realised who was lying on the bed. "Oh… yes, right, of course. Uh, Lindsey, can you get me Jack Collins notes?" Dylan asked Linda, who rolled her eyes, not bothering to correct him. Dylan turned around and saw Sam. He didn't know what she would be feeling like- excited or happy were at the top of his list. So when he saw her fearful expression, he was completely taken aback.

"Sam… are you ok?" Dylan he said quietly as he stepped towards her.

"Um…" Sam muttered, not taking in what Dylan had just said to her. She had suddenly gone quite pale and felt sick. Jack was Ian's best friend. Did that mean Ian was nearby? She hadn't seen him since he had practically harassed her at the hospital.

Dylan opened his mouth to ask her if she wanted to take a break when he was interrupted by some heavy coughing, coming from none other than Jack himself.

"Jack? Can you hear me?" Dylan rushed towards the patient who had now awoken and scratching the oxygen mask in a desperate attempt to get it off. "Can you lie down for me please?" Dylan asked, in return taking off the mask."

"Sam… get me Sam…" He gasped in-between coughs.

"Dylan, his notes." Linda jogged into recess, handing him Jack's notes. Dylan skimmed over them quickly until-

"Quick, he's having an allergic reaction." Dylan said, putting on some gloves, getting ready to treat his wife's old friend.

"No!" Jack cried out, freezing the commotion in the room. "Sam…now." He said, trying to keep awake. Sam, who had stood as still as a statue during all of his, walked towards Jack.

"Sam…" Jack said, calming down once he saw her face. "It's Ian… he-"Jack was stopped as his body was broken by another fit of coughs. Sam took his hand, her fears being confirmed. This was about Ian.

"What Jack? What's Ian going to do?" Sam said, on the verge of tears.

"He… ARGH!" Jack cried out in pain, grasping onto Sam's hand tightly.

"Ok we really need to treat you now Jack." Dylan said- if he wasn't treated now, then… well he would basically die.

"No! Sam… Sam… Ian…he's out to get you. He wants you… he will go to… any lengths." Jack said with difficulty.

"Yeah I thought that too, but-"Sam began however Jack interrupted.

"No. I told him tonight… to give up on you… you're happy…" Jack said, and despite crying out in pain, Sam smiled weakly at what he said. "He got angry… and set fire to the club. That's why I had to… stay... and…" Jack finally lost the battle he had been fighting since the fire. A long beep emitted from the machine moniting Jack's heart rate.

"Jack? Jack!" Sam cried as it clicked in her mind that he had gone into cardiac arrest.

"Ok Sam I need you to step back now- now Sam!" Dylan said, putting his hands on her shoulders.

"No, I need to, I need to save him!" Sam wailed. Although the staff in recess were frantically trying to save Jack's life, they were all watching out of the corner of their eyes the scene that was unfolding before them.

"Sam, let's let Lindsey and Tim do their job." Dylan said to Sam, gently pulling her away, whilst Tom covered for Dylan and began compressions on Jack. "Come on, let's get out of here." Dylan said, trying to comfort his distraught wife. Sam only nodded and as she let Dylan lead her out of the room, with an arm around her shoulders, it was all she could do to choke back the sobs.