I knew this day would come, I just hoped it would not be so soon. Truths not yet told and expectations shattered. Despite what you long to believe, in my heart I know what is true and I mourn for things never to be.

Looking into your eyes I know what I will see reflected in their depths. Pain, regret, longing, and angst, shining out through cerulean blue, trapped behind a charming smile. Burying your feelings down so deep, until you can hide no longer and they spill free in a slow roll of self-loathing and destruction. Forcing you to face the truth.

I know you tell yourself that things will not happen the way fate has already decreed. But it is there, in words unspoken, the intensity of gaze, desperation and anxiety you struggle to suppress come though in the depth of your touch. You want to deny it but our paths were set long before we ever met.

I offer hope, and you cling to it desperately, but the future can never truly be ours. Fleeting moments, gone too fast. Lingering looks, hidden caresses, moments stolen from time itself. Life, being what it is, gets in the way.

Responsibilities and commitments previously made tie you to another life, one I can only view from the outside. Forever on the fringes, touching your world… so close yet so far away, like the scene in a snow globe, protected by a thin layer of glass. Emotions swirling like glitter, whirling and settling, beautiful chaos, set on a shelf.

Yet I am here… to hold you, support you, offering what I know in my deep in my soul can never be. My heart is mine own; if I choose to give it you are free of blame for the breaking destined to occur. Gathering close the moments of time that we have. Storing them like treasured mementos in a hope chest, lovingly packed away for a time that won't ever come.

There are sacrifices yet to be made, tears will fall, and dreams shatter. I know you, you can do this, I can too. Bittersweet sacrifice, we will both persevere. Though hurt, we will heal and I can not resent what is meant to be. So I bolster you up, knowing you will survive to come out the other side of this a stronger, more complete version of you, as I become a more complete version of me. Ready to once again take on the world, any obstacle, any challenge, negativity be damned.

So I pull you close, hold you tight and wait for the inevitable end yet to come, for it is only a matter of time.