I Know Your Secret

The Hidden Secret

"I know your secret, Harry Potter!"

She was a seventeen-year-old girl, and she kind of scared Harry, mainly because she was so hot, and fit, and beautiful, and Harry tended to fall apart around beautiful silvery haired blonde veela babes. Though, he didn't think she knew he knew that she was a veela. Many humans tried to believe that there was such a thing as half-veela, but there wasn't. Veela bed with other species, but no matter what, when they had a girl she would be veela as there was no male equivalent. Rumour even spread so far as to believe they could breed with male or female, but the magical world brushed those thoughts under the carpet because they were embarrassed.

However, Harry prided himself on keeping an open mind to the world around him, especially because of his secret. That was why he gulped as she whispered those words in his ear, causing him to shiver as her breath felt good, but also because he knew from her cool blue eyes that she did know his secret. She was a veela after all, and veela could suss this sort of thing out in moment with the simplest intake of breath. He couldn't hold back from whimpering as she took a deep breath, talking in his scent as her lips gently touched his neck.

Her chest was pressed to his while she pinned him to the wall, holding his wrists tightly above his head to the wooden wall and pulling back she looked at him as if she could really see him whereas no one else could. He could only quiver as he liked the feeling of her soft female body pressed against his as her lips gently nuzzled his cheek. He couldn't even contemplate pushing her away as he was entranced by her powerful pull, no matter how much he ignored it his hormones were going haywire.

However, those words had brought him down a bit, making a cold chill run down his spine. "I-I-I…" he stuttered while a crimson blush stained his cheeks as he wasn't able to think straight. "I'm… please… I don't know what you're t-talking about. W-what do you want with me?" he barely managed to say as she pulled back to get an even better look at him.

Her grin was positively mesmerizing and her weird power was working on him stronger than he had ever realized it could. It made him weak at the knees. It took every ounce of his will power to resist. It was as if she looked straight through him to all of his secrets and a part of him wanted her to see them all and like him for them.

Harry thought the day had started out quite well considering who he was and that it wouldn't last. He went about his usual daily routine, hung out with his friends, and annoyed Hermione a little here and there, which is one of his favourite pastimes. She was just so easy to bug as she didn't like coming second at anything to a slacker like him. She could just about stand that he could fly better on a broom than anyone in the school before he had even had his first real lesson. Though, the flying teacher did explain that like all things some people were just positively gifted from birth. However, doing his homework at the last second with barely any studying and still getting well rounded marks royally pissed her off even if she did do a lot better she would hate to see what would come about if Harry actually started studying.

Hermione was quite the amusement but when they sat around she would calm down her study-holic behaviour and rest her head in his lap, likely with an amusing pout and relax.

Then after the great Halloween day and the delicious feast his fourteenth year at school was ruined by another one of Dumbledore's crazy schemes. He knew it was too good to be true and that something was going to happen to him during this silly little tournament. The tri-wizard, or was it now quad-wizard now there were four champions in the tournament. But no matter what it was going to take place and Harry was pleased to hear about the seventeen's and over only rule as it kept him from competing, but he forgot that he was him, and something messed up usually happened once a year to him at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It had been fun getting to see strange wizards and witches from other countries. Though, he understood why the French school was in attendance, but why the other? Why would they want such strong ties to a school that he had read up on that studied and taught the dark arts? They were a mess of a school and Harry didn't trust them, which meant he had to watch them, and even more, Dumbledore closely.

It would have been so much better getting that school from Australia: Whitehall. They no doubt had some really cute girls, not that he could date them, and even if he could Dumbledore wouldn't let him date outside of the inbred mongrels of the UK, or at least Western Europe. It would be nice to look, and he had to wonder what Durmstrang did with its girls because there were only boys attending, and he would have to look into that.

Back to his predicament. The Halloween feast had just ended and it was time for the Goblet of Fire to spit out names for the tri-wizard tournament. He was just as excited and curious as to whom the cup would choose to be Hogwarts champion as much as anyone. He didn't really care about Victor or Fleur becoming champions for their schools but politely clapped with the rest of his school. However, he was pleased that Cedric guy won for Hufflepuff, and thought that his moron dad would never mention the quidditch match Harry lost against his son again. The one where he always conveniently left out the soul sucking monsters Harry was being attacked by at the time.

Then it happened. Dumbledore didn't look as surprised as one would have thought when Harry's name was spat from the Goblet of Fire as a fourth champion. Harry resigned himself to his horrid fate and entered the antechamber with the other champion. Fleur was stunning as ever but surprisingly looked at him weirdly. She had done that ever since he first saw her, every time she was near. It wasn't a look of hate or mean or anything, nothing like the looks she would throw at Ronald Weasley (who he could never get rid of no matter how hard he tried-but he hoped that his jealousy would get rid of him now). This was more curious and even - a little gentle, but sometimes the look was harder like now – her eyes darkened and she licked her lips hungrily; it was kind of dirty-wanton.

Dumbledore had then charged in with the other teachers asking Harry whether he put his name in the goblet quite aggressively, which pissed Harry off as he knew Dumbledore knew he didn't. In fact, Harry was certain he was one of the very few people who hadn't wanted to compete, let alone one of the few who didn't try to cheat the old basket cases age-line ward.

Harry had just retorted with the first thing that came to mind and while shrugging he said "sure, whatever… it's not like anyone will care to believe the truth", he had said it rather bored. It was true. They didn't care for the truth. They just wanted reasons to be jerks, so he didn't care anymore. However, he was surprised that Snape came to his rescue only to say he was too stupid to get passed the age-line, but that sort of bull shit response from him was to be expected.

The other teachers, (well that creepy Moody guy), except McGonagall all went and agreed with him after Dumbledore was nodding along. Though, Harry did get high grades (top thirty in the school according to Hermione in transfiguration, charms, and defence). He didn't even try in potions anymore as it was a complete waste of his time. Snape sabotaged his homework as sometimes it came back blank, or with ink spilt all over it. He had made several complaints but nobody cared enough about education at this school to give a damn-well Dumbledore didn't. That was why he went along with Dumbledore's craziness. It was best to be in the loop, and it was sometimes amusing to semi-sabotage the old guy. He kind of felt sorry for him as he had no real friends, just pathetic minions who didn't even realise that was all they were. However, Harry was seriously considering an open war against the guy as each year the crazies just get ridiculous-what next year? An evil teacher getting away with torturing kids?

It had been soon decided that Harry had no choice but to participate, which logically speaking was false as the contract, though in his hand was not placed by him and therefore, technically null-and-void, not that they would listen as the old man obviously wanted him in the competition.

They soon filed out leaving Harry semi-annoyed when he realised to his surprise that Fleur Delacour had stayed behind. Her perfect blue eyes just staring at him like a predator and he even checked out her nice sized chest before she pounced him like he was a juicy piece of walking flesh she wanted to trail her tongue along as she licked her lips again. He wondered why he was afraid of that for a few moments when she said those words.

Right, his secret.

That was how he came to be in such a welcomed and unwelcomed situation as his secret was at risk, but still with her, maybe it wasn't worth keeping anymore; he was old enough to protect himself after all. He was a teenager with teenage hormones and her natural allure magic along with her stunning looks, and fit body pushed to his was so strong he could barely think straight. However, he had to brush it aside. He couldn't let her control him. If anything she would belong to him, not the other way around; if she wanted him; he would be in charge.

Was she really trying to seduce him? Her lips trailed his neck and it felt really good. He felt Fleur's tongue on his throat while she suckled at his skin. He tried to break free, but he didn't have the strength to pull his wrists back from the wall. She was a veela, and therefore physically stronger than a human, and add in her power sapping his resistance away he didn't try very hard or he would have thought to enhance his muscle power with magic just for a brief flash of strength to escape.

Escape? Why would he want to escape anyway? Oh, right, Fleur was kind of molesting him with her body and lips, and she was three years his senior. Not that such a short age gap should worry him as his chest pounded painfully within his chest and he was sweating from nerves, not that tasting that stopped Fleur, if anything she liked the salty taste and relished in the effect she was having with just her lips and tongue on his neck and throat, working her way up to his ears, and they hadn't even kissed before.

It felt like Fleur had just chosen to skip a few steps in their presumed relationship; not that Harry could find it in him to complain.

"Oh, don't be so coy with me," she finally replied as she pulled back from his right ear with an upturn of her lips. "I can smell you… I can taste your delicious scent in the air, when my tongue trails your flawless skin. I can almost see through this pathetic lie to the beauty beneath!" she said licking her lips while her eyes held him captive. Her voice was soft and husky at the same time, but Harry would not give-could not give-he was much too stubborn, and his cheeks couldn't get any darker they were that red.

"L-lie…?" he tried to look confused but wasn't sure he was getting the correct effect as he was certain that she could also smell how horny she was making him. "I-I'm… err, glad you like how I smell. I-I think! It's this new links antiperspirant and body spray, and…"

She just laughed. It was like music and made resisting even harder as she pushed herself tighter into him. "No, no silly," she said while pushing her breasts against his chest with a wicked smile on her pretty lips as she knew she was in much more control than he was, but she was still amazed with his self-control and will power. She would have broken gods with the amount of power she was putting out. He almost stopped breathing while she continued.

"I do not care about your muggle aerosols," she said shaking her head and gently nipping at his lips but pulling away as he instinctually tried to take a kiss. "Your will is so great. You resist me so well. I could have any man or woman a puddle at my feet by now, but not you. You are different. You are much too strong. You do not let anyone control you through any means. I like that. I guess Madam Maxime was wrong about you. She says you are Dumbledore's tool, but I think you are so much more with so much potential."

Harry couldn't help the snort in amusement as he tried to shack free from the major effects of her. "I go along with his crap because it's to my advantage, and kind of fun sometimes messing with his 'well' thought out schemes," he retorted before he could stop himself, but sighed in relief as he looked at all the frozen paintings courtesy of this beautiful angel of a girl.

"So you do know they spy on this school," Fleur said with a brilliant smile on her ruby coloured lips. "I supposed it could get so troublesome having to watch what you say around the halls," she commented while kissing his forehead and he resisted the pleasant quiver.

"Yeah," Harry said stretching out his word as he needed something other than this fallen angel to concentrate on and talking seemed to do the trick. After all, he needed to get to know her since she was licking and kissing him. "I-I have to go now… it's going to be a nightmare as it is entering my common room!" he said while hoping she wouldn't letting him go at the same time as needing her to let him flee where he would be quite capable of taking care of that dreadful itch Fleur had forced upon him.

She smiled further as she stepped back with a shrug and let his wrists go and he slowly lowered them to his sides where he surprisingly missed her fingers wrapped around them. She made a sweeping motion with her hand towards the door in a very becoming and loving gesture.

"Then I bid you a good night, my dear Harry Potter, and sweet dreams!" she said with a dreamy smile. "But I will see the real you someday soon, and kiss your truest lips while holding you within my loving embrace!"

Harry just gave her a nervous smile as he quickly rushed off before she changed her mind, or he did and let her see his secret. His heart was pounding painfully in his chest as he exited the antechamber and held off the shivers that ran down his spine as he could feel her watching him intently. He mildly wondered whether someone could get addicted to the pull of a Veela, or maybe it was just she was smoking hot and seemed to actually want him, not in spite of his secret but partially because of it, which made him wonder and need to calm down even further as that was making him feel hotter.

Harry just needed to hope that Fleur didn't tell anyone his secret. That was all he needed on top of everything else right now. That would have to be dealt with all in good time. Shaking his foggy head clear he walked in a semi daze back to the common room where he calmed a lot as he had to deal with boys as he got praised and congratulated on being clever enough to get passed Dumbledore's age line.

However, upon talking to Hermione he found out that Ronald the Douchebag Weasley (thankfully as expected) was in a tiff about Harry getting into the tournament to get all the fame and glory or whatever, but he shrugged that off as it was a good thing to get rid of that loser from thinking Harry was his friend. After all, Harry knew that Ronald ran off to tell Dumbledore everything thing Harry and Hermione did. This just added to show Hermione that Ronald really was the pain and annoyance Harry always said he was, and reason to kick him to the curb forever.

Hermione didn't like Harry implying that Dumbledore knew about all of these schemes and actively made sure Harry was involved somehow, but the more it happened the less she tried to defend him as an innocent old man until this day. For the first time in the history of Hermione. She out right started criticising Dumbledore for forcing her best friend to compete in the stupid tournament that he didn't actually want to compete in.

Dumbledore went on about the light this, the light that. It's all for the best. The Greater Good (capitalised-but ALL-CAPS if he got his way), but what he was really doing was alienating the hero-the saviour-the Boy-Who-Lived.

If only the old man and the world knew their precious hero had been semi-studying the dark arts. Though, not really practicing, (he didn't have many books for one), as he knew Dumbledore would know with all of the charms on his wand. He had acquired a spare wand anyway that actually worked so much better for practicing spells, (as he built it himself using his own hairs for the core and blood runes within the carbon fibre body for power and strength while he uses it), but actually trying anything dark could be risky. It was just a curiosity really; know ones enemy and all that. It wasn't like the 'good' spells were harmless because he knew of many normal everyday spells that could cause serious damage.

Shaking his head clear he started to enjoy the party as long as he was with Hermione at least. After all, the chance to party was always awesome. Harry had learnt from his first year at Hogwarts that he should take all the little fringe befits to Dumbledore's schemes otherwise it was not worth going along with them.

The party was going nicely with the acceptation of everyone (except a few) asking him how he tricked the age line or cup. He just told each and every single one something different. Though, he made sure that most were feasible and the others would probably have worked if he had cared to try, which made him wonder why no one even thought of just removing the age line and putting it back after them with the addition of the silly beard growing prank. It didn't actually seem like it was very hard magic to pull off.

"You know Harry there's going to be a lot of arguments about who's rumour is real, tomorrow," Hermione said disapprovingly as she sat down next to him on a couch with a couple of open butter beers, and handing him one.

He just laughed shaking his head as he took a sip, letting his veela and tournament problems slip to the back of his mind for now. "Yeah, well that's what they get for accusing me when they know I don't give crap about this stupid tournament or any prize money. Heck, I could fund this tournament with a school from all of Western Europe in attendance and that would just be-I would like to say spare change but it would depend on what the challenges would be."

Hermione rolled her eyes and made sure no one was listening. "Harry, don't be stupid," she hissed in his ear. "You don't want Dumbledore to know you have access to your family's estate do you?" she demanded while making sure they were alone as Harry had already made some charms that they spread around the tower that made the paintings oblivious to certain things students wouldn't want Dumbledore knowing, such as plotting against him.

"But I suppose wasting money on that would be silly," he continued laughingly, which caused Hermione to sigh exasperated. "Maybe we could use the money to fight Dumbledore a different way; a way he wouldn't understand, or be able to fight-!"

"Harry, do you have to be so carefree?" she interrupted with reprimand, but awaited no answer as her question was more rhetorical than a real question. "This tournament could be dangerous. I bet whoever put your name in wants you dead."

"Na, I don't think so," he disagreed, shrugging. "I think whoever did this wants' me to win. It's too flimsy for it to be a death trap. So many things will go wrong if it is, and if they knew me even a little they'll know I should be odds-on to win," he said and though Hermione really wanted to deny that she knew it was true, as she wouldn't bet against Harry winning. "It's something more over the top and elaborate," he sighed rolling his eyes. "It's probably something set up by Voldemort to be honest since Dumbledore is just letting it happen. I don't doubt the old man knows who did it though. We should probably start by investigating Moody as I don't think that's the real deal; it's too-over the top; he doesn't seem like a man who has gone through hell fighting a war!"

"Okay, I'm just going to go with it this time," she replied. "I know I'll say your wrong and then months down the road you'll be saying 'I told you so' again, just like with all those other times. When you tried to say Dumbledore knew about Quirrell our first year I called you crazy even though you were right about him being the thief and not Snape, and I was close to telling him what you said. It's a good job I needed a friend or I might have," Hermione said blushing while Harry looked smug. "But after second year when you found proof that the paintings spy on the castle for the headmaster, and even worse that he uses legilimency illegally on everyone. After he likely let Ginny suffer like that and risk all of our lives I started believing you. Now I wouldn't doubt you if you said Dumbledore and Vol-Voldemort were working together," she said stumbling over the infamous evil wizards name as Harry would ignore anyone too scared to say it.

"Voldy wouldn't work with that loser!" Harry said with a cheeky grin while Hermione rolled her eyes as his humour didn't always match hers. "But anyway," he continued unperturbed. "I still say the wizarding world has hexed you to fear Tommy-boy's name," Harry said as he stared at his friend in thought. "It makes those that can say his name seem brave and worthy of hero-worship, or something stupid like that."

"Now as I said before, that's being silly," she retorted rolling her eyes. "It would be positively ridiculous!" she said adamantly.

"Ginny!" Harry startled the red haired brown eyed girl as she was passing the couch and pulled her down into the spot on the couch the other side of him. She just looked startled and indeed scarlet faced as she realised that yes; it was Harry who rammed her into the spare seat next to him. "I was just talking to Hermione, and I reckon all of the muggleborn's brought into the magical world are hexed to fear Voldemort's name, don't you?"

Ginny just looked confused before thinking about it and shrugging. "Umm… I-I don't know. I s-suppose they could be. S-some muggleborn girls I know a-always act weird when t-they hear it, a-and with you a-around they-they hear it a-a lot!"

"See Hermione," he said smugly. "Ginny agrees with me."

"Ginny would agree with you if you said the Earth is flat," Hermione replied rolling her eyes and making the adorable red haired girl blush more and she was too embarrassed to defend herself. "Just hexing all those people seems like too much trouble."

"The bad guys like big over the top schemes that could so easily go wrong, but I think it was the lights doing!" he retorted as he stretched his arms and yawned. "In the muggle world loads of people would have called bull-shit already!"

Hermione sighed and pouted as she couldn't deny it. "Yea yeah, whatever, but I think Ginny's entered a love sick trance or something," she said gesturing the blushing girl as she just stared at Harry.

"Leave her alone Hermione," he said rolling his eyes as he pulled them both into a hug laughing as Hermione struggled and Ginny may have passed out before releasing them. "Ginny just knows awesome when she sees it!" he said laughing as he stood up sticking his tongue out to see Ginny sitting with a goofy grin. "Well good night girls. I'm exhausted and have a deadly tournament to start training for so I need my rest, later!" he said as he turned away and left down to the Gryffindor's guest rooms where he had been given permanent residence his first year.

His excuse for having his own room, (well more like two bed apartment) was because he had a 'fear of sleeping in close quarters to others'. (Though, it actually had a real name, it was a lie so who cared? He still couldn't believe people bought that). His room was warded so only he could enter, except for McGonagall.

That jerk Dumbledore had had the gull to have himself and Snape (Harry had thought that all the Head of Houses were on the in-list then, but no, just that twat bag, he shivered. At least the filth didn't know his secret), on the allowed list, but he was lucky McGonagall was thinking and left a little book on how to remove or add people.

He entered his apartment, and closed and locked the door while yawning. His common room was just like a tiny version of the Gryffindor common room, with a floo fire that had access controls so some perverts head couldn't just appear in the fire. Though, Dumbledore was annoyed when he found out Harry knew how to use the security settings. It wasn't very hard to figure out; it was in the book too.

The old man was even more annoyed when Harry kicked out all of the creepy paintings, but McGonagall stood up for him as she didn't allow creepy old paintings in her rooms either. She probably knew that they spied for the old man too. Plus they were creepy enough around the creepy castle, add in the ghosts, and the place was already fifty times creepy.

Harry entered his bedroom where his four-poster bed sat. He had all of the scarlet hangings replaced when he found out about the house elves. All of that red and gold had been doing his eyes in, so settled for creams, and some purples. He liked purple. Heck, he liked red, but too much of a good thing could be bad for you, which was why nobody had a roast dinner every day.

Though, what his colour choices had to do with Dumbledore when he wore what he wore. He was in no position to tell Harry what colours were acceptable for a good Gryffindor. The old man had seen him wearing green once and actually brought him a red silk cloak to hide his green under.

Harry did take the cloak, but never changed his green one for it, (green was cool), but gave it to that hot blonde Greengrass from Slytherin while she pretended to be super frosty and cold. She wore it just to get under Dumbledore's skin. Harry didn't normally associate with Slytherins but he sometimes made acceptations' when it would be amusing; as long as they were nice candy for the eyes like her, too. After all, it's not like they were evil.

Though, Daphne and her younger sister were two of the very few Slytherins a Gryffindor could converse with without it turning into a pissing match. And as stated before she was smoking hot, and Harry bet she had a great pair of boobs.

Shaking his head and laughing a little he just kicked off his shoes and socks. He looked into the mirror and could almost see his secrets. He was small for his age and slender with his black hair cut nicely to the bottom of his neck in waves with sparkling green eyes. He smirked at his reflection and wondered whether Daphne would like him better if she knew his secret before shaking his head clear and crawling into bed while slipping off his tie and lobbing his robe onto the floor as he was too tired to change into some pyjamas. The covers were as soft as normal as he sunk into his mattress to dream of that beautiful siren and she-'devil' with a hand sliding down his trousers. He may have been tired, but he wasn't that tired.