Chapter 7: Team Rocket

"Maybe it was the work of Team Rocket!" Cilan blurted out. "Nah, Team Rocket can't do anything right, much less make a pokémon diappear in thin air!" Misty said, remembering all the failed attempts at catching Pikachu. "Misty, Team Rocket seemed to have advanced in technology while I was in the Unova region. They're not pushovers like they were before." Ash said. He looked down and clenched his hand into a fist. He started thinking to himself "If Team Rocket does anything to my Pikachu, they are gonna pay."

Over at Team Rocket Headquarters...

"You have failed me FAR too many times. You buffoons can't even preform a simple task such as capturing a puny Pikachu! You leave me no other option. You're fired!" The booming voice screamed. It was Giovanni in his chair, petting his Persian. Jesse, James and Meowth were kneeled in front of him when they heard the news. "Boss, you're not serious are you!?" Meowth questioned. Giovanni simply pointed at the door to leave. Persian jumped off his lap and went straight up to Meowth. He want right up to Meowth's face and gave a great big growl. Meowth yelled and ran out. Jesse and James went out chasing after him. Persian and Giovanni just let out a little snicker.

"Oh what do we do now?" James asked. "Well, we can always sell your bottle caps." Jesse replied. James' face went pale. "Not my bottle caps!". Meowth was getting irritated and used Fury Swipes on both of their faces. "No! I know exactly what we're going to do." Meowth said. Jesse and James looked at him. "It's simple. We capture the Pikachu!" he continued. "I hate to break it to you Meowth but that hasn't exactly worked in the past." Jesse said. "Do you see another option? Think about it, we capture Pikachu, we bring it to the boss, and then we have our jobs back!" Meowth said. "Yes! We can at least do it for old times sake!" James said, standing up instantly with lots of enthusiasm. "Ok! Time to find Pikachu!" they all said. The put their hands together and lifted them up in the cheer.

Back in Pallet Town...

"Guys, I don't think Pikachu is here." Max said. "I'm using my PokéNav but it doesn't show Pikachu anywhere in the vicinity" he continued. "No! We're not giving up hope! I'm gonna find them both!" Ash yelled. "Ok ok Ash, calm down. Maybe we can have our pokémon help!" Max continued. Ash thought this was a good idea. He placed his hands on where his pokéballs were. Nothing. All his pokéballs were gone. "Guys! My pokéballs are missing!" Ash said. The rest of them all checked for their pokéballs. Also missing. Everyone started panicking.

Suddenly, there was rustling in the bushes nearby. Team Rocket jumped out from it. "Prepare for trouble!" Jesse said. "And make it double!" James said. "To protect the are motto from devastation!" Jesse said. "To resurrect our old one within our nation!" James said. "To denounce the evils of truth and love!" Jesse said. "To extend our reach from the stars above!" James said. "Jesse!" Jesse said. "James!" James said. "Ex-Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!" Jesse said. "Surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!" James said. Then, there was silence. "Meowth! Come on! Finish our old motto!" Jesse scolded. There was no response. They began to look around. Meowth was nowhere to be seen.

"Team Rocket! Give us back our pokémon!" Ash said and he bolted towards them. He tried to tackle James but he just held him back with his hand. "We don't have your Pikachu you little twerp. And right now it seems we have bigger problems. We can't seem to find Meowth anywhere!" Jesse said. "Wait, your missing pokémon too?" Dawn asked. Now, Ash was just standing. "Just Meowth." James said. He grabbed the rest of his pokéballs but noticed, his were missing. So were Jesse's. "Our pokémon!" Jesse and James screamed unanimously

Max randomly fell to the ground. "Max!" May screamed in terror. "Guys, I feel really faint." Max said very softly. May placed her hands on him. Then, her hands went right through him. Max was disappearing.