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Steve laughed evilly. He had a plan. A plan that was going to kill Darren. Literally. His plan was simple: Poison all the full vampires and turn

them on their assistants. Make them his slaves. The assistants –half-bloods… whatever.. would all die out. Then he would set the full

vampires on each other, to kill out all the full-vampires. The plan was genius. The best part was that Creepy Crepsley would be their leader.

His smile widened. And the half-bloods wouldn't stand a damn chance.

"Well, Darren. It's time. I do hope that you will enjoy fighting your mentor to the death," Steve purred as he pet his knife.

All he had to do was find out how to poison them. There was no way in hell that they would trust him if they saw him. Mr. Crepsley thought

that he was evil and had most likely told everyone to watch out for him. Steve growled in frustration. He suddenly threw his knife to the ground, dangerously close to Gannen's foot.

"What's wrong?" He asked, fearing he would get another knife, this one in his foot if he wasn't careful.

"Why is it so hard to think?" Steve yelled at the purple skinned man.

Gannen sat down next to Steve and asked what he needed help thinking about.

"How to poison Creepy and the rest of the damn vampires without getting the half-bloods infected with it," Steve snapped, throwing another knife at a poor vampaneze, who was hit in the shoulder.

Gannen winced sympathetically and thought about it for a minute –when he got an idea.

"Vancha once told me of the council that the vampires have every twelve years. What if we took out all the half vampires and had only the full vampires go in? Then fill the air with the gas, my lord?"

Steve thought about it. And the more he had thought about it, the more he liked it.

"The only, downfall is," Steve mumbled. "How would we get the half vampires to leave?"

"Easy. We use the vampets. We'll flit there and get the half-vampires out, claiming that there is something that they should see. And if their mentors ask, we just give them an excuse like, 'it's nothing for full vampire's eyes to see' or something like that. We'll disguise them as guards and send them there," Gannen immediately answered.

Steve cackled evilly.

"Sounds like a wonderful plan, Gannen."

Back at the mountain, Darren and Mr. Crepsley were sitting in the Hall of Khledon Lurt, drinking from large mugs of blood. Darren's

co-Prince, Vancha, had come earlier. He had green hair, red skin, wore purple animal skins, and smelt of dead, rotten animal carcass. It repulsed Darren. He ran his hand over his now bald head and thought of how interesting this upcoming council would be. Many had died and not many vampires would be in the fighting mood.

Darren put down his mug and looked at his mentor. He had been better since the death of his friends, Arra Sails and Gavner Purl, but was still very upset at times. This day had been one of those days. But he was very good at hiding his feelings from everybody, so it had seemed like nothing was wrong with the orange haired vampire. But Darren had known him in a way nobody had before. So Darren took him down to the hall as soon as he had woken up to get some blood and hopefully some ale, so he would become drunk and forget about his troubles.. So far he had no luck. Larten was only drinking blood.

Darren shifted his gaze from his emotionless mentor to his mug of blood and tried to think of something to say. But nothing came to the young half vampire's mind. He sighed again and his mentor snapped out of his thoughts and looked at his assistant. Something seemed troubled within him today. He himself was a little sad from the deaths again that day, but he didn't show it to anybody. He cleared his throat and Darren looked up.

"Darren," Mr. Crepsley spoke up, which surprised Darren; he didn't think that he would say anything. "Is something bothering you?"

Darren blinked in surprise from the question. He couldn't tell Mr. Crepsley that he knew he was sad. That would just make things worse.

"No, I'm fine," Darren lied and smiled at Mr. Crepsley. "Honest."

Mr. Crepsley knew that he was lying, but decided to not push it. Mr. Creplsey brought the mug of blood to his lips, took a sip, then set the mug down again and looked around for something to talk about with the boy.

He didn't have to think long, because he spotted Vancha walking in.

"Vancha!" Mr. Crepsley called out to his old friend.

Vancha turned around and saw Mr. Crepsley and Darren sitting at a table. He smiled and went over to the pair.

"Hey you two," Vancha said, sitting next to Mr. Crepsley and grabbing some blood for himself.

"Hello, sire," Mr. Crepsley nodded in a polite voice.

"Hey Vancha," Darren smiled; Things got interesting whenever Vancha was in the room.

Vancha nodded his head and drank more blood.

"So how are you two today? Are you excited for the council coming up in a few days? It'll be your first one as a prince, Darren," Vancha said as he finished off the blood.

"Yeah," Darren smiled.

He couldn't wait to for the council to begin. If Paris hadn't left for some war business, (they tried to get him to stay, but he refused and left before anybody could do much about it) Darren would have had to leave. But now he could be here and he was enthusiastic.

"I can't wait!"

Vancha chuckled at the smiling Darren and looked at Mr. Crepsley. Mr. Crepsley shrugged.

"It will be interesting. That much I know for sure."

Vancha rolled his eyes and playfully punched Mr. Crepsley in the arm.

"Lighten up!" Vancha smiled. "You used to be so much fun," he said, turning towards Darren. "He even sang at every council! He has the voice of an angel."

"Really?" Darren asked his mentor.

He rolled his eyes at Vancha's antics and at his assistant's surprise, and then looked down at his mug of blood and said sternly, "Yes. I used to sing, but not anymore. I do not sing unless it is a very special occasion or if a significant event has just occurred."

"Well, maybe sometime I could hear you sing?" Darren asked with high hopes.

Mr. Crepsley rolled his eyes at the boy.

"Maybe when you die."

Darren wasn't sure if he was kidding or was being serious. Vancha laughed a little, despite his attempts not to. He cleared his throat and looked at Darren. He really was a strong determined kid, and everybody knew that Mr. Crepsley loved the boy like a son, but nobody would ever admit it. Especially Mr. Crepsley himself.

A few days later!

Steve watched as the vampaneze killed a couple of guards at 'Vampire Mountain' and stole their clothes and weapons. It had taken them a few days to get here; they had flitted. It was much faster than the vampire rule of not flitting, but still took time. It bothered him that they would even think of not flitting through this cold weather. But hopefully that rule had caused the death of a few vampires.

The vampets dressed in the clothes of the now dead guards and nodded at Steve. They knew their orders. Get all the half vampires out ofthere and out of the mountain. But as for Darren...He hadn't gotten that far yet. He was going to have a guard kill him, but he wanted to seeDarren suffer. He thought about it until he came to a conclusion. He would have to get Darren when he was alone, otherwise he would screw everything up. He would have to knock out Darren. Then he could dispose of him.

"Gannen," He murmured. "I need your help."

"Aye, my lord?" Gannen said, standing alert, awaiting orders. "How may I be of assistance?"

"Darren..." Steve purred "We need to think of a way to separate him from the others… Evacuate the mountain of all half-bloods then pick him off from the pack..."

"Why?" Gannen asked as his brow ceased in confusion.

"Because otherwise he could ruin everything. It would be better if we could isolate him in the mountain, but that wouldn't be possible. There would always be someone around –so we need to do it while he's out here... somehow..."

Steve thought for a moment before laughing.

"I have an idea. Why don't we just-"

Before he could say another word, some of the vampaneze who had guarding the place shouted something. He went over there and gasped.

The old vampire prince, Paris, was back!

"Damn." Steve hissed. "Okay. Gannen, you and your troop go kill him. Now!" Gannen nodded and took out his knife. He ran over to the vampire and the prince was about to scream and try to fight when he shook his head and let the vampaneze kill him. He knew he was done for anyway… That his days were limited…

Steve hadn't expected the old vampire to give in so easily –but he didn't complain. This was going to be easier than he thought.

"Right. Vampets?"

He turned to face the humans, who had finished dressing.

"Your task is simple. Penetrate the mountain and get the half-vampires out!" He grinned, "There are some tunnels just slightly further down, that'll keep anyone from seeing you come in. Once your inside, your job is simple!"

Steve nodded at the disappearing guards and looked at Gannen.

"Ready, my lord?" Gannen asked.

Steve grinned and laughed out, "Get ready Darren, things are about to go to hell."

Darren was about to leave his cell when he realized that he didn't have his knife with him. Usually when you go to the hall of princes( does it

have a name?) You aren't allowed to enter with a weapon, but this year there were about sixty-eight half vampires coming, and weapons were

allowed on rare occasions such as these. He found Vanez, who whistling and making his way to the hall, when Darren asked him if he had seen his knife.

"Sure, it's in the Hall of Sports. It's strange; all of the half vampires left their weapons in there."

Darren nodded his thanks and went to go join the other vampires racing down to get their weapons. When Darren was in there, he counted all of the faces of the half vampires in the mountain. They seemed petrified by something. Darren was about to ask what the matter was, but before he could do anything, something hit his nostrils. And knew what that thing was. He had smelt it before – knock out gas from a vampaneze!

He was unconscious before he even had time to panic. This wasn't right. None of it was. Why were all the weapons down here, and how in the name of Charna had vampaneze got into the mountain? It was impossible. The last things he saw before the sleep stole him were the guards of the mountain.They're here to help...he thought, but then was shocked as they did the opposite. It all seemed too unreal –the guards helping the vampaneze? No, the guards were loyal to the princes and clan –many of them were old as well. They wouldn't turn against their clan like this. So who were they? And that was the question that followed Darren into his forced slumber...

Mr. Crepsley waited for Darren while everybody was going into the room. A few other vampires were there, waiting for their assistants aswell. He was about to go after Darren, but before he could, they were all called in, assistant or no assistant, to go inside. Mr. Crepsley sighed and waited by the door on the inside. He paid attention, but most of his focus was spent on wondering where Darren was. Harkat was wondering the same thing as well, (along with Vancha and most of the vampires) but nobody could do anything about it.

Vancha was about to say something, when a bunch of guards came running into the room with spray paint cans, filled with something. They each had oxygen masks on. They then started to throw the cans everywhere, which exploded on contact, sending purple gas through the air.

"What are you–" Mika yelled, but then broke down a fit of coughs.

Mr. Crepsley was about to react, when he felt a mask being forced onto his face. The air inside the mask smelled strange, filling his lungs with polluted air. Then he realized that the mask must have been filled with the purple gas!

He slumped to the ground in a daze, along with the other vampires around him. How had this happened? Something wasn't right...then he felt it. His legs forced him up wildly, and his mind went blank. He could think of nothing, he knew nothing-all he knew was that he had to obey the one known as Steve Leonard. He didn't even know why... it was just what he had to do. He looked straight head, ignoring the others around him, and stood, waiting…

Orders would come soon, and he would follow. He had to follow...he wanted to follow... Others around him were doing the same. They stood quickly, automatically-like robots, an army of robots –each one waiting for orders from the great Steve Leonard.

Darren woke up to find himself outside of the mountain, lying in the cold snow. He stood up, only to see that the other half-vampires were still out cold. He looked around and his eyes settled on Steve, who laughing behind him.

"Well, Darren. It looks like you're the leader now."

Darren coked his head and his eye brows scrunched up in confusion.


Steve jumped down from the rock he was on and landed in the snow in a crouch.

"Well, all the vampires aren't... here. They're gone. And since you're the only prince left, you're the leader. Of what little vampires there are left. And even those are only half. Good luck."

Darren growled at Steve then tried to reach him, but Steve shook his head and ran as fast as he could before Darren could catch him. Darren growled then went over to the other half vampires. He took all of them by their feet and dragged them all out of the snow into the trees, where the cold wasn't as bad. Darren had counted how many girls and guys there were out of the sixty-eight half-vampires. There were about sixteen girls and fifty-two boys. Why there were so many girls, he would never know.

He sighed and looked up a tree. He went up to the tree and began climbing it. He climbed up, to almost the top, and looked at the view. So much had changed that he couldn't believe it. Not even a day ago, he was smiling at his mentor while they talked. Vancha was making snide comments, and Seba was there, telling him stories about Mr. Crepsley when he was still an assistant. Mr. Crepsley was red with humiliation, while Darren and the others laughed at the stories.

Darren felt a tear go down his cheek and touched it with numb fingers.What do I do? I'm all alone leading a group of half vampires, I can't do this...

I can't do this...

You have to! Darren, you are a true vampire. Prove to me that you can lead a group on your own and I will fully believe that you can do anything. Please, for me, do this.

Darren snapped his head up from his lap and looked around. He had heard Mr. Crepsley's voice, he was sure of it, but he was no-where to be found. He sighed once again.

Must be dreaming...But I will do it. I promise you, I'll find a way to get you back, no matter if it's the last thing I do...Darren thought as his eyelids closed and he fell asleep up high up the tree.

"Darren! Hey, are you up there?"

Darren opened his eyes to see that he was covered in snow.It must have snowed last night...Darren thought as he brushed off the snow that covered him. He was about to think about what he should do when the other half-vampires wake up when a rock hit him. He freaked out and literally jumped from the shock. But since he was in a tree, he accidentally fell out of the tree and tumbled into branches.

Finally, he hit the ground, where he lay and groaned in pain for a few seconds.

"Sorry! Are you okay? I didn't mean to make you fall like that!"

Darren opened one of his eyes and saw a girl with blonde hair tied into a ponytail above him.

"My name is Sam. I'm so sorry. Can you hear me?"

Darren nodded and groaned once more. He let his head fall into the snow and he grumbled some curses before he looked back at the Sam girl.

"Need some help getting up?" Sam asked the hurt half-vampire.

Darren nodded and took her hand.

"How many are up?"

Sam smiled "All the girls are up, and only a few guys. Should we introduce us to you or...?"

Darren nodded his head. Sam smiled and led Darren to the others. The girls were scattered around, but still close. Two were sitting on logs near a fire poking it with sticks, trying to make the fire bigger. Two were sitting up in a tree, throwing pine cones at people, but missing on purpose. Six of them were sitting in a circle, talking about what they should do if they find their mentors. And the rest were picking up sticks and putting them in a pile, probably to be used for firewood.

"Girls," Sam said, and all the half-vampires' heads came up. "This is Darren. He wants to know your names."

The two sitting on logs looked like they wanted to kill Darren right off the bat. They scoffed and looked back at the fire.

"Those two," Sam pointed to the two, "Are Jessica and Andrea. They don't really trust you... nobody knows why."

Darren nodded slowly with his eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

"The girls sitting in a circle are Sophia, Georgina, Megan, Katherine, Baily, and Amber. The ones who are throwing pine cones are Nikki and Cricket. The-"

"Her name is Cricket?" Darren asked, clearly bewildered.

"She only told us that it was her nickname. I know her real name, but she doesn't like it much, so I won't tell. But no, it's not her real name. Anyway, the rest of the ones getting wood are Angelica, Hale, Katherine, –yes there are two Katherines– Caitlin and Jenny."

Darren smiled at everyone but stopped when he saw Jenny. She had her mouth agape, eyes widened and wasn't breathing.

"Is she okay?" Darren whispered in Sam's ear.

Sam laughed and went over to Jenny. She took her arm and dragged her over to Darren.

"She's a HUGE fan of yours. Sam leaned in close and whispered in Darren's ear. She has a small crush on you."

Darren didn't know what to say. Jenny was breathing again, but she was still in shock.

"Hi, I'm Darren. Darren Shan."

He stuck out his hand to her and she slowly made her hand go up and shake his.

"H-hi." Jenny whispered.

"Oh, this is gonna be fun, she can't even say 'Hi' to you yet! Ha!" Nikki shouted from the top of the trees and threw a pine cone, which hit Jenny in the face.

Everybody stared at the girls in the tree and Nikki slowly put down the other pine cone behind a branch.


Eventually, everybody got up and sat around the fire. Andrea and Jessica had turned it into a bonfire and it warmed everybody up. Jessica stayed away from the fire though, she didn't really like it. Darren stood in front of everybody and was talking about what they should do. He had his back to the fire, so if anybody pushed him in, he would burn.

"Okay, so that's all I know. Steve said that they were gone, but I don't know what that means. So… I don't really know what to do. Anybody got suggestions?"

The silence was horrible. Darren was hoping that somebody would have an idea.

Finally, one person spoke up. He was a young man, somewhere around twenty or so.

"What about the wolves? We could team up with them for a while. See if they could lead us somewhere. After all, my mentor," Everybody looked down and the ground when he said mentor, "told me that vampire are like relatives to wolves. Maybe they could teach us something."

A few of the half-vampires nodded their agreement and I thought about it. As a prince, I would have all the full rights to do whatever I wanted. A few of the half-vampires disagreed with that and wanted to elect a new leader, because I was the youngest. But they had to. I was a prince and my word is law. I shrugged.

"I guess. But I don't know how they'll accept sixty-eight half-vampires."

A few of them smiled and Jenny gave me a thumbs up. I decided I liked the group of girls; most of them were really nice and the others were just...nice. They could only be described as that; Nice.

Steve laughed and licked blood off of a knife. He was sitting on a prince's throne –Darren's throne– and was wondering what happened to Darren. He purred happily and pointed at a small group of three vampires. They were very weak and he wanted them dead. He hand no room or pity if they were weak.

"You three. Go out and seek the half-vampires. I want you to kill as many as you can. But bring the masks and some spares!"

"Why my lord?" One of the vampires asked. Their voices were the same, but there was something different about them. Something dark and evil.

"Because you three are idiots. You'll probably break them all before you even find them!"

Steve sneered, turning his attention back to his favorite knife. He looked back and saw that they haven't moved.

"Well? What are you waiting for! GO!" He snapped throwing his knife at them. They ignored the knife and bowed. They stood and left. Steve sighed and looked at his knife, which was on the floor.

"CREPSLEY!" Steve screamed.

Mr. Crepsley stepped out from the shadows and nodded to his master. Steve smiled an evil smile and laughed at how genius he was.

He had made Crepsley his personal bitch. He did whatever he wanted, whenever he said so. Steve busted out laughing.

"Get my knife, Crepsley!" Steve snapped at the vampire.

Mr. Crepsley nodded and bowed.

"Yes, my lord."

He got up and went over to the knife, picked it up and brought it back to Steve.

"Why thank you, Crepsley. Now, go away. Your face disgusts me."

Mr. Crepsley nodded and bowed again.

"Yes, my lord."

He stood and walked away. Steve smiled.

"I wonder what Dare-bear what do if he saw what I was doing. Haha. Nah, he couldn't do anything. He's too weak. Am I right Crepsley? Is he nothing but scum to you?"

"Yes, my lord. He is worthless to me."

Darren led the group towards the mountain. Hopefully there would be some wolves or something there. Most of the group didn't talk. They had nothing to say. But the few that did talk were talking about how they were tricked into getting knocked out, how they were, what they should have done, and the one that everybody hated: where their mentors were, and if they were ever coming for them.

After a few hours of wondering around with no luck of finding any sign of the wolves, Darren turned to his group.

"Right. So, there's no sign of the wolves, did anybody see them coming up or...anytime?"

Not one hand had raised.

"It must be because of the vampaneze..." Katherine #1 said to herself.

Yet everybody had heard nodded his agreement.

"Had anybody else been here when the vampaneze were at the last council?" he asked.

A few hands rose into the air.

"Remember how none of them went into the mountain because of the vampaneze? They just stayed outside? Maybe it's the same case again, like last time. But I know where they–" Darren stopped talking, as well as everybody else.

It was quiet...too quite. Not a sound could be heard, no birds, no wind, nothing. Everybody looked around, spreading out from each other so they couldn't be slaughtered at once.

Suddenly, three vampires jumped from the trees and landed in the middle of the group. Four of the half-vampires screamed and ran to the middle of the half-vampires to the full vampires. Darren knew why they were running towards them before everything could be thought through.

They were their mentors, their greatest friend. They are always there for you, no matter in life or death, they will always save you. Always care for you, even when they are in desperate need of medical attention, or if they need to leave before they end up dead.

Darren would never tell anybody this, but one of his biggest fears would be that Mr. Crepsley would either betray Darren or die on him. Darren didn't know what Steve had meant when he said that all of the vampires were gone… there were three right in front of him!


The three vampires faced their students and stared straight ahead, as if they weren't even there. The three stopped and cautiously took a few steps forward, not knowing what to expect. One, the bravest, went up to them and reached out with a hand.

"Levdis?" he asked his mentor.

Something was wrong. A terrible feeling was hanging in the air. And nobody liked it.

The brave one took a few more steps closer to his mentor and put his hand on his mentor's shoulder. The mentor's eyes flashed and he twisted the arm behind his student's back. The brave one screamed and tried to get out of the hold, but before he could, the mentor's hand sliced through his assistant's heart and made an end of him.

The brave one fell to the snow, dead. The mentor shook the blood off his and looked to the others. They nodded and started to dig through their backpacks for something. They brought out some masks, which reminded Darren of the oxygen masks used in medical stuff, and tried to put it on their faces. But it kept falling off –or they didn't like it– so they threw it to the ground.

The half-vampires stared at the trio, shocked-unsure what to do. No one had ever seen anything like this before; a master going against, and even killing, his assistant. No one dared move, or speak until Darren stepped forward.

"The masks..." he stuttered "What are they?"

At this, one of the trio sneered. "They're to help you..." he promised "They're your only chance if survival against..." he laughed "the lord!"

Some of the younger, in-experienced half-vampires leaped forward and lunged for the masks, but Darren stopped them in their tracks.

"STOP!" he yelled.

The few that had run out stopped and turned back.

"Why?" one asked "You heard them...the masks are our only chance!"

But Darren shook his head

"He just killed one us...you trust him?"

The youngest half vampire grinned.

"It's our only hope..."

Then bent down and picked up one of the masks. Placing it to his mouth he took three deep breaths, and then to everyone's shock and horror, he fell to the ground...dead!

"What did the mask do!" Somebody screamed.

The vampires laughed and looked at the half vampires.

"Easy. It killed him. The masks aren't supposed to be breathed into, dumb asses."

One of the half vampires (Darren recognized them as the best friend of the one who just died) started to shake with anger and rage. They

sprung up and ran to the vampires. She grabbed a mask and before anybody could do anything, she jumped on his back and put the mask on his face, forcing him to breathe through it.

The other two full vampires did nothing. They weren't obliged to protect each other; they weren't ordered to. They were only ordered to kill. The vampire wearing the mask began to shake-then collapsed. Everyone else stared in shock as the half vampire that attacked howled into the sky -she was so upset. Then, something impossible happened; the full vampire that had just been killed...he stood up. Shaking his head, he squinted his eyes and looked around –only to be greeted by stares of shock and fear.

"Uh...my head..." the vampire said in his normal voice and got up.

He stood up straight and rubbed his moved, or did anything. Everybody's mouths were open, but made no noise.

After three minutes, one half vampire screamed, "What the hell?"

The vampire stopped rubbing his head and looked up. When he saw that his companions were still there, he got up, stole more masks from

the bag and pounced on them. He forced the masks on them in no time flat. He looked up at us and asked where he was.

"You're..." Darren began as the half-vampires looked around. "I don't know where we are exactly but...what just happened?"

"The masks..." The vampire smiled. "I just know that the masks are important –I just know that the full vampires need them–" he paused, scratched his head and then mumbled. "The perfect plan..."

"What is?"

"The cure...the only cure –it means death to some. Some, being half-vampires! No full vampire would ever think to breathe it...it's so simple, yet so dangerous!"

The half vampires looked at him blankly-then at his companions who were starting to rise.

"So what you're saying..." Darren questioned "is that the cure is the problem in the first place?"

The vampire nodded

"The cure for what?"

"The vampires! They're under his control! All of them...and...I can't be sure, but he has plans..." he paused again. "And big plans..."


The vampire smirked, "Who d'you think?"

And Darren knew immediately. It was Steve. Every single vampire –including Mr. Crepsley– was at the mercy of Steve Leonard.

Darren sighed and slumped a little. He closed his eyes and tried to believe that it was all a dream. That all of this was a dream, and he would wake up and Harkat would make fun of him for even thinking for a second that it was all true. Then they would walk down the halls to find Mr. Crepsley sitting at a table, eating some food. They would go and talk to him about the dream and Darren would blush all the way through. He wouldn't live it down for weeks until he had a new dream of him being a fairy. Then somehow weeks later he would top that and be the laughing stock of Vampire Mountain.

But none of that would happen. Life is too harsh to be like that. Darren opened his eyes and looked at the stars for the thousandth time in his life. He loved looking at the stars. It always calmed him down for some reason.

Probably, he thought to himself, because it makes me think of home. The stars in this sky were the same stars that his parents looked upon at night –and even though it'd been years, the thought made him feel less alone. It was ridiculous, but it worked.

"We have to stop him..." he muttered. "What gas is in those masks?" Darren asked the trio.

"I don't know; the lord never said!" one answered.

"Well..." Darren sighed. "We need to find out. We need to flood the mountain. That's where it is, right?-anyway, we need to flood the place with that gas!"

He shook his head.

"It's the only way we can get all the vampires back –it's the only way I can get Mr. Crepsley back..." Darren sighed then looked at the vampires. "Who is the highest in rank?" he asked the trio.

All three shook their heads.

"None. None of us are generals. We just went to the mountain for the council."

Darren cursed under his breath and looked back up at them.

"Do you still want me to lead?"

All of the girls (well, most) shouted yes. In one case (Guess who!) she shouted yes so loud and high that she was coughing for a few minutes after she screamed. The rest of half-vampires slowly showed their agreement.

"Well, it looks like we're overruled. Stay leader, who knows how long we're going to be here," one of the vampires said.

Nods of agreement went all around.

"Okay! Listen up! I promise you guys that we will get the vampires back to normal. If it's the last thing I do, I will turn all of them back! And if I have to die to doing it, so be it, I just want my friends back. I just want Mr. Crepsley back."

"Larten? He's the leader now. He's mad with protection for Steve as well. Good luck getting near him!" Vampire #2 scoffed.

"Then I'll die getting him back. Look, I just want things to go back to the way they were, alright? Now, who's with me?"

There was a moment of silence, in which Darren waited nervously –after almost a minute he had given up all hope, he'd have to do this alone,

when at the last second someone spoke.

"I am..." a voice whispered quietly, and all eyes looked to find it.

The owner was a young vampiress. She had short gingery-red hair, which –unlike the other vampires–was decorate by a fabric headband. Her jacket was red-just like Larten's, and she smiled happily.

"If Darren can put his life on the line for Larten...we can too!" She stepped forward to stand next to Darren and said, "Think about how much those vampires have done for us –they're our clan! We have to save them!"

This earned her a smile from Darren, causing her to wink and turn away as the half-vampires thought about it. This girl was right –they had to go. One by one the half vampires changed their mind...until almost all of them were willing to fight.

"By the way..." the girl grinned, putting her hand out for Darren to shake. "My name's Sophia!"

"I know," Darren smiled. "I met you at the fire, remember?"

"Oh...right. Sorry."

Sophia blushed, but Darren smiled and patted her back.

"It's fine. I'm glad you stuck up for me. I thought that I was gonna have to go in alone!"

She blushed and ran over to the other girls, who were whistling. Jenny looked like she was going to murder Sophia for doing that to him. Darren smiled.

He looked at the ground a few seconds later with no trace of a smile whatsoever. Already, two of the sixty-eight were dead. He closed his eyes when he heard a ticking noise and knew that things were going to get worse...a lot worse. But he wouldn't tell anybody that. That would make things very difficult.

He sighed and called out for everybody to get ready. They were going to leave in a few minutes.

The ticking sound didn't stop until he fell asleep that morning.

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