Darren sighed.

Today was the day. Today was the day of the biggest battle of his life. After many hours of trash talking, yelling, screaming, curses, and plain our harshness, the vampires had come to a decision. The "Steve Team" had struck them first, so they should strike back.

They were going to attack Vampire Mountain.

Darren got up from his tent and went on a walk. He tried not to wake up anybody, except those who he had to talk to about the upcoming skirmish. He woke up Seba, Vancha, and of course the girls. Jenny was fine with waking up to help Darren, but the others were lagging the major eagerness.

"What do you want, Shan?" Katherine yawned and rubbed her arms, trying to warm up.

Vancha slapped her across the face and snapped at her, telling her to shape up and respect the princes.

"Anyway...I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad that I have such a strong team to lead me," Darren began before a few of the girls grumbled and started to walk back to the camp.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?!" Vancha called to them.

"We've all heard it before!" one of the girls yelled back.
"Heard what?"
"The whole 'thank you for being a miracle and I am so glad that you were my team' and blah, blah, blah!"

Daren scrunched up his eyebrows before sighing out, "Okay, so maybe you do know what I was going to say. But you missed two things."
The girls turned back with suspicious looks adorning their faces. "What?"

Darren looked at the ground for a few seconds then looked back up at the girls with fire in his eyes and a determined face. "One, I can promise you that your life will be at stake and that not all of you will make it by the end of the day tomorrow. Two, Mr. Crepsley? Yeah. He's mine. Nobody is allowed to touch him."

Just then, everybody slowly got out their weapons at the sound of somebody running up to them. Amber came out of the bushes, out of breath and flushed. She held up a finger, trying to catch her breath. The vampires around her still held out their weapons –she had been among the group who abandoned Darren, so they were uncertain of her motives. She sighed and began to speak. "I'm sorry for abandoning you," she said apologetically. "So I decided to spy on the vampaneze to make up for it."

"Th-they have plans to attack. Tomorrow." She smiled an evil, insane smile. "But it's at the same time as you."

Darren nodded in thanks and turned to the others. "This is going to be our final war guys. And I have a feeling that it's going to be a blood bath."

The next day, all of the "Team Darren" members were lined up at the front of Vampire Mountain. Most of them were terrified to go up against their masters, their friends. Their only family left in the world. Nevertheless, they had to do this. They had to do this for all of them.
Because if they didn't, what would happen to their mentors?

Jenny was standing next to Darren. She was terrified. Sam was her best friend. A sister that was dead because of this. She wanted nothing more than to run away. But she had to do this. If not for her, then for Darren. If not for him, then for Sam.

She sighed and looked at Darren. He was looking around the snowy forest, waiting for Steve and his "followers." He already had a prep talk to the rest of the vampires… If telling the whole lot of "Team Darren" that they were on a suicide mission was a prep talk.

After a while, Darren raised his hand and they slowly started to creep up the mountain. After a few seconds of anybody barely breathing, they heard some shouts. Everybody stopped and it was completely silent. After a few seconds, the shouts increased in speed and volume. They quickly backtracked back to the forest, screaming, so the vampires would follow them there. They have the advantage there. There were trees, hiding places, and, the most important thing, they had masks hidden all around there.

The vampires and vampaneze chased the group of half vampires into the woods were some of the girls threw some rocks at them, to somewhat shock them and gave the others time to turn and bring out their swords and knives.

It was now time.

This was it.

Everybody knew.

This was the final war between them.

Darren saw a streak of red and was about to go after it when Steve pushed him off his track. Darren struck his sword to Steve's knife, but suddenly, Darren was flying through the air. Mr. Crepsley was standing there with his face scrunched up in a snarl at Darren.
Darren sighed and grabbed a mask from his spot he landed. He had to get his mentor back, no matter the cost. The red-clad vampire ran off, taking Steve with him.
A vampire that was converted back into...well, sane a few hours ago shouted to Darren that he needed his help over in the meadow with some vampaneze. Darren nodded and got up and ran to his aid. He dashed around, witnessing battles that he wished never happened.

Master and assistant. Darren felt his heart beat in pain for them, he had only fought his mentor once and that was when they were practicing. It was, needless to say, an easy victory for Mr. Crepsley.

Darren jumped off a big rock, over to the vampire. He nodded and ran out in the meadow to find some vampires eating away at Amber.

She was long since dead, her heart ripped out. She died in a way that was peaceful, killed instantly from behind, but it was all the same. Darren ran towards them, sword in hand. He remained silent until he was ten feet away. Then he howled, almost like an animal, and they wiped her blood off their lips.
They charged at Darren and swiped with their claws at his face. He dodged, but received a knee in the stomach instead. The vampire had jumped on Darren's back, used it as a boost, and jumped higher in the air. He landed behind all the three deranged vampires and swung his sword back. It had cut one's neck and the vampire screamed out in pain.
The vampire growled and dug his sword it deeper, blood spraying him down in rich red blood. The man dropped to the ground, dead. If not, then he was going to be soon. Darren threw off the vampaneze that was on him and the vampaneze growled at the vampire and Darren. They must have known that Darren was the leader, because they went after him first.

Darren had easily dodged the attack and jumped over him. He turned back around and swiped down with his sword. The vampaneze was hit across the back, leaving a large cut from the bottom up to the neck. The vampire grinned and pushed the vampaneze out of the way. "Nice job Darren," he said.

Darren turned and smiled. "Thanks, but-look out!" The vampaneze got off the ground and pounced on the vampire. They were almost fighting too fast for Darren to see, but he heard the sound of flesh being ripped open. Darren charged forward and was about to rip the vampaneze off the vampire's neck, which was now covered in red blood, but instead, found himself flying through the air and hitting the snow covered ground with a grunt.
Darren looked up to see his old master, Larten Crepsley standing a few feet away. His eyes were pure white and you could literally see the veins inside of them. His teeth and hands were covered in blood and so were his clothes. His royal-red cape was torn in half, but he either didn't know this, or he didn't care.

"Mr. Crepsley, if you can hear me, please come back! I need you, we all need you!" Darren shouted at the man, praying that his old master could once more hear him again.

The Larten that stood in front of Darren lifted his lip and snarled. Darren shook away memories that clouded his mind and pulled out his sword. "So be it." He locked eyes with the vampire and got into battle stance.

"I'm sorry Mr. Crepsley," he whispered and charged at the vampire.

The vampire met his opponent halfway and threw his claws at Darren's face. Darren blocked it just in time. Some of his eyelashes were severed and fell into his eye, but those were blinked out a few seconds later. Darren swung his sword at him and hit some of the ribs. It had barely even touched the skin, but Darren was just glad that he had touched him, but at the same time, he was just glad that he didn't hurt him. He swung again and Larten grabbed the blade, cutting his palm wide open. Blood started gushing out onto the sword blade as he gripped tighter. Darren drew his sword back and widened his eyes.

He was trapped.

If he wanted to escape, he would have to kill Mr. Crepsley. But if he didn't, Mr. Crepsley would kill him. Darren backed up a bit more at the smile he saw on his 'master's' face.

Darren growled at him, trying to mask his fear. He looked at the vampaneze on the ground, now through killing the vampire. Darren inwardly screamed. Now he was up against two of them. The vampaneze looked at Larten, then Darren. He started running to Darren, nearly hitting flitting speed. Darren's eyes were dinner plates when he randomly stuck up his sword and closed his eyes, hoping for the best.
When he felt something on the sword, he opened them and saw the handle now covered in blood. The vampaneze had hit the sword so hard, that the blade pierced him up to the handle. Darren smiled and jumped back, now handling a sword soaked with blood.

"That worked! I can't believe that worked, Mr. Crepsley, did you see–" He turned to his master, only to see that he was gone.

He turned around, now a little worried, when something grabbed his chest and held him down. Darren struggled in the grasp and tried to move. There was only one arm holding him down and the other was reaching for something. They fell to the ground, causing Darren's breath to huff out of his chest. Darren looked up blindly for the person who held him there, coming face to face with his mentor.

He looked over and saw his bag; it had the mask in it that he could use to get the old Mr. Crepsley back. He reached out his arm, while Mr. Crepsley slowly brought up the knife he had and prepared himself to strike. Darren, being completely focused on getting the mask, didn't see that he had brought out the knife. He got a bad feeling and looked up to see the knife that was arcing towards his chest. He used his other arm to try and stop it.
Darren tried to get the mask, but he couldn't hold the knife back at the same time. He made a snap decision and grabbed the mask with both hands. He shot it up to his master's face. He placed it over his mouth and–
The knife went in his chest.
Darren gasped and started shaking.
Mr. Crepsley slowly returned back to himself. Once white eyes turned to green. Headaches returned as if he had drunk a whole vat of ale the previous night. His eyes went fuzzy and he blinked them for a few seconds then opened then fully.
He looked down when he felt a weight on his chest and saw Darren bleeding out. He froze for a few seconds then quickly covered the wound on his chest with his hands, applying pressure to try to stop the bleeding.

"Darren? Darren what happened?"

Darren smiled a weak smile before speaking. "Yo-you're back."

Mr. Crepsley wracked his brain, trying to remember what could his student meant. "Darren, what are you talking about? The last thing I remember was going into the Hall of Princes for something."

Darren relaxed and laid his head down on the now red snow "I'm glad you're back." Darren slowly closed his eyes and relaxed into sleep. Mr. Crepsley tried to swallow tears, but then Seba came out and helped him carry Darren back to their camp.
- - -

A few days later, Darren woke up. He tried to get up, but some something gently guided him back down. He looked up to see a concerned yet relieved face of Larten Crepsley. "You need to stay down."

Darren smiled again and looked around –they were in the mountain. That was obvious. They were in Mr. Crepsley's room and he was lying in his hammock.

"You were out for quite a while. Are you feeling alright?"

Darren nodded and asked what had happened. "Well, after you had fallen asleep, we got all the bodies of the dead and carried them to camp. Then we made sure that Leonard wasn't around, along with those purple monsters.

We gave all of them funerals and set up your hammock here, so I could keep an eye on you longer and more carefully then I originally could with you in yours."

Darren nodded. "Is everybody okay though?"

Larten nodded. "Some tragic deaths occurred, but nothing out of the ordinary for vampires. The Gods will be proud to welcome them in."

Darren nodded. "Can you do me a favor though?"

"It depends on what it is."

"Can you tell me about the funerals?"