Mario's Haunted Mansion

This story takes place before Luigi's Mansion, in which, then leads up to it. Please enjoy.

"So-a, you're-a saying that I can buy-a this mansion for a steal-a?" Mario said to the Koopa dressed in a suit. They were both standing in front of a shabby looking, broken down mansion.

"K-that's correct K-sir."

"Hmm..." Mario thought to himself as he looked from the mansion's key in the Koopa's hand to the mansion to the credit card in his hand.

"It's a deal-a!" Mario said, slapping the credit card in the Koopa's hand and snatching up the key.

"Okay! I'll K-be charging you 243,654,800,000,000 coins." Koopa said as he swiped the card through the portable cash register.

"W-WHAT-A?" Mario gawked, almost passing out. "B-but-, that's-a all the coins-a I've collected trying to save-a Princess Peach-a!"

"K-haha! Sucker!" Koopa said, sprouted the wings. Crap. It was a red shelled Koopa. It threw the maxed out card back at Mario's giant nose.

He flinched and watched as Koopa flew toward Bowser's lair.

"Well-a," Mario said sighing, "Better take a look-a..."

He walked up to the mansion decorated with strange Goomba statues and dead trees. After Mario unlocked the door, he grabbed the torch out of his back pocket and turned it on.

"WOOO BOO!" ABoo screamed as Mario opened the door.

"AH!" The Boo depleted as Mario sweat-dropped. "Mamamia!"

Mario walked further in to see a termite-eaten staircase, age-old furniture, miscellaneous boxes and a giant cello.

Mario decided to head upstairs. He climbed the staircase on his midget legs, and on the way up, he was scared and startled by too many things to count.

At the top, he stumbled into a bedroom and fell backwards onto a bed. He was gripping his chest and panting.

"MA-MA-MIA!" He screamed.

Then a giant King Boo appeared right behind Mario and screamed "BOOWHAHAHA!"

This time Mario wasn't frightened, he was mad. He started chucking weakling fireballs at the Boo, but it depleted. Then he took his torch and started whacking the bed and stomping and screaming in his stereotypical Italian accent.

The room was clouded with dust do to Mario beating the dusty bed.