NOTE: Set in an alternate universe when Kurt transfers to Dalton at the beginning of his junior semester (Season 2). Many Warblers of the past and present, canon and non existant will make an appearance. But 'Teenage Dream' did not happen and Kurt does not know Blaine...yet. And Blaine is in the same year as Kurt in this little story.


Smoothening out his navy blue Dalton Academy blazer embellished with the scarlet red piping and straightening out his blue and red diagonally striped tie, Kurt took one look at himself in the full length mirror of his bedroom. His glasz colored eyes were laced with a mixture of nerves and excitement. With the torment and bullying he received from Karofsky, Azimio, the football team, the hockey team, basically everyone at McKinley it all became too much for Kurt and he requested a transfer which was done straightaway with his dad and Carole saving up money for his tuition.

After Burt spoke with the headmaster, he was more than happy with Kurt transferring given the circumstances at McKinley and the headmaster had said that there was a zero tolerance policy on the subject of any kind of bullying so Kurt could feel safe there. Plus it was an all boys school and he could get Finn off of his mind. The "faggy" comment that Finn had made just weeks ago had shaken Kurt to his core and although he had apologized, Kurt was still rocked by it. Kurt should have known that the one guy he falls in love with turns out to be the son of a woman who is in love with his own father. Oh and he's a raging homophobe. Finn may deny it but Kurt knows it's true or he wouldn't have said it in the first place. So now, although he hasn't even started his first day at the school, Kurt already felt safe at Dalton.

"Kurt! Are you ready? We don't want to be too late for you to unpack your things." a gruff voice called, breaking Kurt from his thoughts.

"Yeah, I'll be right down Dad!" the young man called back before retouching his hairspray one last time and after lacing up his black Calvin Klein Fedor's, he grabbed his satchel and made his way downstairs to see his father stood at the bottom clad in his usual flat cap, t-shirt with an open lumberjack shirt over the top, loose jeans and work boots. He looked up to his son and smiled.

"Looking good there, Kurt." he said, brushing off a shoulder of Kurt's blazer. The younger man could only smile to his father.

"Thanks, Dad." he said before they both made their way out to the Cadillac Escalade in Kurt's possession.


Once there, both Burt and Kurt had gotten out of the car and opened the trunk to retrieve the 6 suitcases Kurt had packed when a turtle formation of 6 sharply dressed young men walked towards the car in what looked like a turtle formation.

"Let us help." one at the front said. He was a little short on Kurt with gelled dark hair and a bright smile.

"It's the least we can do to aid our newest Dalton student in making himself at home." another said. He was tall and skinny with bleach blonde hair in a side fringe. Burt just watched in awe as the six guys took the suitcases out and gently lay them on the ground. Kurt just looked in awe at the six guys.

"Do you know which house you guys are in?" a darker skinned boy asked with an almost shaven head. Burt pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and scanned it.

" says he's rooming with Lee Kendrick in Presley House." he said. The shorter one who spoke first nodded.

"Awesome. He's in the same house as me, Quentin, Josiah and Elliott. We have 3 houses here: Presley, Mercury and Jackson. Oh, I'm Blaine by the way. Blaine Anderson." he said, raising a hand for Burt to shake, which the older man did.

"Burt Hummel. My son Kurt is new to here and you seem like nice guys. Can you show him around and stuff since I'm new to this boarding school type of thing." Burt offered to the boys who all looked to each other with warm smiles before turning back to Burt and nodding once in unison.

"Of course, Mr. Hummel." Blaine said. The older man nodded before turning to Kurt and pulling him into a tight embrace.

"I'll visit as much as I can. Every weekend. And if there's any trouble, you have the house number and my cell." Burt said. Kurt just held on to his father for what felt like forever

"I love you, dad." Kurt said.

"I love you too, son." Burt replied tightening the embrace before letting go and Burt got into the car and made his way back to the garage but not before waving his son goodbye.

The second that Kurt turned and saw Presley House, his jaw dropped. It was like he walked into a Victorian mansion, which is basically what the Dalton dorms were but still. And if this was just the dorms then Kurt could only anticipate what the school was like. Blaine just looked to him and flashed his brilliant smile.

"Come on." He said before walking towards the house with Kurt by his side and the suitcase being wheeled behind him with the 5 other Warblers following suit. Blaine punched in the code for the door and opened it. Kurt walked in and his jaw almost dropped out of place, it dropped that far. It was almost like cartoon like. Blaine could only laugh before looking forward.

"Hey Kendrick!" he called out and a gentleman with olive shaded skin and short black hair looked to them and grinned. He walked over and did a handshake with Blaine before the latter motioned to Kurt.

"This is Kurt Hummel. He's your new roommate." Blaine said and the boy smiled before holding out a hand.

"Nice to meet you, Kurt. I'm Lee Kendrick. The local instrumentalist here at Presley House." He said and Kurt took Lee's hand, shaking it.

"Great to be here Lee, but I do plan on taking that title away from you. I am quite the pianist." Kurt said and Lee raised an impressed eyebrow.

"Awesome. I've got a baby grand in my room. It feels great to have a pianist that probably will play anything but Katy Perry." Lee said before looking to Blaine. Kurt smiled.

"Au contraire. I have quite a range with my dad listening to the Beatles and classic rock with me being a Broadway geek." Kurt said and Lee's eye brightened.

"Oh my god, if I wasn't straight I'd so marry you right now." Lee said before someone from behind picked him up and spun him around.

"Who are you marrying now? You know you're mine, Kendrick." a tall, fair skinned boy with short brown hair, bright blue eyes and a warm smile said before putting him down. Lee just laughed before playfully punching the guy in the shoulder.

"Of course, Cahill. Of course." He said before turning to Kurt.

"Kurt, this is Josiah Cahill. He's basically my older brother although we're not related." Lee said before Lee turned back to the newly introduced Josiah.

"Joe, this is my new roommate Kurt Hummel. Apparently he's got sick baby grand skills." Lee said and Josiah smiled.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Hummel." He said. Kurt smiled and raised a hand before Josiah took it and placed a gentle kiss on it before looking up into Kurt's bright eyes and winking while smiling. Kurt could only blush as Josiah smiled before Lee pulled him back by his collar.

"Easy, Casanova." He said before he turned to Kurt.

"Why don't I show you to your living quarters?" he asked and Kurt could only nod before following Lee up the stairs.


The doors opened and Kurt's jaw pretty much unhinged from it's joint. It was huge with two king sized double beds, one was all made and looked brand new while the other looked definitely slept in which Kurt guessed was Lee's but his eyes drifted to the baby grand piano sat in the corner of the room as Lee sat down on the stool in front of it before playing a chord, looking back to Kurt and smiling.

"If you're a Broadway fan, you should know this one." He said before playing an introduction that made Kurt grin from ear to ear. As Lee began Raoul's part of All I Ask Of You from one of Kurt's favourite musicals 'The Phantom of The Opera', he smiled before Kurt chimed in with Christine's part. Lee's eyes widened before he stopped playing and swivelled on the stool, looking to Kurt.

"Was that seriously your voice?" he asked and Kurt nodded. Lee let out an open smile.

"Oh my god. It's incredible!" he said, standing up before his face changed as if a lightbulb appeared above it.

"The Nest!" he said and Kurt's head tilted to one side.

"Excuse me?" the fahionisto asked.

"At the start of every year at Dalton, the glee club: the Dalton Academy Warblers have a little concert called 'The Nest'. People from the school are invited. This year's Nest is tonight. Do you want to come?" Lee asked and Kurt's eyes widened and his mouth opened into a grin as he nodded.

"Sure." He said and Lee smiled.

"Awesome. I'll put your name down on the guestlist." Lee then said before walking into the ensuite bathroom while Kurt just looked ahead.

"Guestlist? I feel like a VIP." He said with a big grin before beginning to unpack.


With his newly pressed Dalton form hung up in his room and Kurt was now in a lilac shirt with a blue and white border tie and white chino pants with black smart shoes, Kurt walked through Dalton's main halls. He got the tour from Lee and a still flirty Josiah before and it took a while but he managed to get his way around. And now he was sat in one of the smaller studios, amongst other Dalton students. Were all of the boys at this school obsessed with looking extremely dapper? As everyone sat down, including Kurt who had a reserved seat in the front row, the lights dimmed down and there was some shuffling of feet before Kurt heard a "one, two, three, four!" and the lights were brought up to see the at least 30 strong Warblers squadron standing in a turtle formation and pulling the trigger on an explosive opening number of Flo Rida's 'Right Round'. All of the spectators enjoyed it, Kurt being one of them. They had more harmonies than a gospel choir and it still managed to work. And they sounded amazing.

As the night went on, they mixed up their 30 song setlist with classic rock to contemporary Top 40 to 90s rap to diva ballads with a Britney Spears megamix thrown in there. And Kurt noticed as the night went on, the edginess of the songs increased. Not that he's complaining. He just loves watching about 30 attractive men singing and dancing right in front of him. They all got their turn with some of them getting solos in at least 3 songs each. As they finished their own twist of Fallout Boy's 'Sugar, We're Goin Down', the young man who helped him with his cases: Blaine stepped forward from the front and center of the group as he opened his mouth to address the group.

"So, first of all we'd like to thank you all for coming to this year's Dalton Warbler Nest. We hope you have enjoyed the show but we have one song remaining. But we hope you enjoy and maybe think about joining us for the year." Blaine said before they all somehow stood in a semi-circle and they sang a quiet introduction when a young man in the dead ceter of the half ring did a small vocal run before he began to sing.

On my waist and through my hair.

Think about it when you touch me there

Close my eyes, here you are all alone dancing in the dark.

Kurt was intrigued by this soloist because of two reasons. The first was that he had never sang a solo in the whole of the setlist, Kurt would recognise that honey like voice anywhere. And the second was that he had his eyes solely trained on Kurt as he continued to sing, the young man's brown eyes with a glint that Kurt had never seen before in anyone's eyes.

Tell me baby if it's wrong to let my hands do what they want?

Late at night I pretend we are dance-dance-d-dance-dancing in the dark

As the beatboxer kicked in, the Warblers did their two step which they showcased throughout nearly every number as the dark haired young man began to sing again.

Ooh la la.

Ooh la la

Ooh la la

Dancing in the dark

Ooh la la.

Ooh la la

Ooh la la

Dancing in the dark

He then stepped forward and began the next verse, a smirk beginning to form as he sang the verse to Kurt.

Work on me,

Open my body up and do some surgery,

Now that you got me up

I wanna taste it, taste it.

And see those pocket aces.

I wanna see who you are.

I got a sex drive to push the start

Kurt's eyes widened at this line. And not because of the ascending note he did at the end of 'start'.

Push push push push the start


On my waist and through my hair.

I think about it when you touch me there.

Close my eyes, here you are dance-dance-d-dance-dancing in the dark

Ooh la la.

Ooh la la

Ooh la la

Dancing in the dark

Ooh la la.

Ooh la la

Ooh la la

Dancing in the dark

As the beat slowed down, the soloist closed his eyes but the smirk was still in place as he sang. Kurt could only watch with wide eyes and a matching shocked grin.

Tell me baby if it's wrong to let my hands do what they want?

Late at night, I pretend we are dance-dance-d-dance-dancing in the dark

He held the last note before the beat kicked back in and he finished the song with the Warbler's backup.

On my waist, through my hair.

Think about it when you touch me there.

Close my eyes, I pretend we are dance-dance-d-dance-dancing in the dark

Tell me baby if it's wrong to let my hands do what they want?

Late at night, I pretend we are dance-dance- dancing in the dark

As he did a small run on the final note, all of the boys stood up on their feet and rapturously applauded. Kurt mimicked them as the Warblers went to the front of the stage, bowed twice and headed off in two straight lines walking into the wings. They soon reappeared and began conversing with some of the concert spectators. Kurt started walking towards the door, making a mental note to congratulate Lee on his solo of 'Brick' and Josiah on his solo of an original he wrote called 'Just That Girl'. He was about to turn the door handle when a voice stopped him.

"Hey, you." It said and Kurt stopped before turning slowly to meet the brown eyes and cheeky grin of the soloist of that one provocative song that Kurt just can't get out of his head.

"Hello there, sir." Kurt said, smiling nervously. The olive skinned boy grinned at Kurt's apprehensive giggle before stepping forward.

"I'm just going to put my dignity out on the line here and embarrass myself which is something I don't do often along with talk or make eye contact unless it's with someone crazy beautiful. And I think you are crazy beautiful and I want to get to know you a little better." The Warbler said. Kurt raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, really?" Kurt asked and the boy nodded.

"So…is there a name to go with that beautiful face?" he asked and Kurt smiled, holding out a hand.

"Kurt Hummel. I just transferred here from Lima." The countertenor said. The tenor soloist's smile grew before gently taking Kurt's hand.

"Alex Hawthorne. And I think I can show you around."


The song used was 'In The Dark' by DEV (the Sam Tsui cover)

Okay! So the mystery Warbler was Alex. I always liked the idea of an Alurt (lol) relationship if Blaine didn't exist and besides, Kurt needs someone to be attracted to him and make the first move so I thought "Why not put Alex in Dalton and be completely open about his attraction to Kurt?". Besides, I think he would be more open if he was in Dalton as they're a lot more accepting than McKinley and my version of Carmel.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed :) Below is a masterlist of all the Warblers that performed at the Nest. While you read that, this is Cola-Flavoured-Sherbet.

Signing out.


Kurt Hummel - Chris Colfer

Blaine Anderson - Darren Criss

Nick Duval - Curt Mega

Jeff Sterling - Riker Lynch

Wes Montgomery - Telly Leung

David Thompson - Titus Mankin Jr

Trent Nixon - Dominic Barnes

Thad Harwood - Eddy Martin

Sebastian Smythe - Grant Gustin

Hunter Clarington - Nolan Gerard Funk

Lee Kendrick - Michael Weisman

Josiah Cahill - Drew Seeley

Joseph Eagles - Bobby Steggart

Quentin Hartford - Pip Arnold

Drew Henderson - Charlie Lubeck

Maxwell Clearwater - Cameron Mitchell

Rhys Gardner - Brian Charles Johnson

Elliott Whitby - Keegan Allen

Tyson Keller - Roshon Fegan

Nicholas Cartwright - Tyler James Williams

Evan Wright - Mitch Hewer

Isaac Cyr - Colton Dixon

Julian Long - Michael Arden

Michael Stone - Marcquelle Ward

Brandon Rose - Chris Brochu

Gavin De Souza - Austin Butler

Diego Alvarez - Avan Jogia

Jayden Kennedy - Matt Shingledecker

James "Beatbox" Kirk - Jon Hall

Alex Hawthrone - Sam Tsui