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"It was all a lie Felix"

The words echoed in his mind. His heart sunk. He stared at the Frenchman in front of him, watching as he fiddled with his sword, not daring to meet his eyes. The light breeze blowing his long outfit. They had just escaped Brennenburg Castle, after being trapped for two weeks. All was okay between the two, until they got out. His friend got silent, his face showing anger, fear, regret. When he asked what was wrong, that was what he got.

"What was a lie?" He spoke softly. The Golden man scoffed.

"Stop pretending you actually give a damn." The Frenchman looked up, his eyes watery. "You know our friendship was nothing but a lie."

The Swedish man's heart sunk. "Our friendship was not a lie Stephano." His voice shaky. "How could you even think-"

"BECAUSE YOU DON'T CARE." The Golden man threw his sword down and stomped, making the other man jump and step back. He looked up, his eyes showing anger. "You never cared."

"Y...Yes I did." Felix spoke, too afraid to yell, even though he wanted to. Stephano laughed.

"Yes, you cared. That's why everytime a monster came you threw me at him, telling me to fight him off, while you run and save yourself."

Felix bit his lip. He was right. He did that everytime.

"Tell me, how did you prove to me that you care?" Stephano crossed his arms. "By Pushing me down holes, making me fight off monsters so you can save yourself? Is that your way of showing you care?"

Stephano shook his head. "And to think I.." He slammed his mouth shut. Felix blinked.

"You what Stephano?"

Stephano waved his hand and shook his head. "Nothing. I...said too much"

"Tell me." Felix stepped closer. "Tell me everything."

Stephano looked at him, glaring. Felix stared back, not backing down anymore.

"Everything?" Stephano questioned. Felix nodded.

"Alright, you want to know? Fine. I'm pissed off that you kept leaving me behind. No matter what. If there was a monster, you'd leave me and run. If we seen piggeh, you'd run up to him and talked to him. After all I done for you? I CARED for you. I HELPED you. I..." Stephano paused, letting out a shaky breath. He closed his eyes and whispered

"I loved you."

Felix felt his heart skip a beat. He remained silent. Stephano opened his eyes, waiting. Waiting for Felix to run up to him, hug him, tell him he's sorry...Tell him he loves him too.

But he didn't.

Without a word, Stephano bent down and picked up his sword. He looked up at Felix with teary eyes.

"Since there is nothing else to say..." He paused and held back a sob. "It's time we head our separate ways." He spun around, and began walking.

Felix's eyes widen. "Stephano you can't leave!"

Stephano stopped walking and turned around.

"Then stop me. Tell me you cared. Tell me you love me too."

Felix only bit his lip. He wants to. He wants to scream it. ...He couldn't. He can't.

Stephano let out a painful laugh.

"Goodbye Felix."

He turned around and walked.

Felix watched. Watched his body shake with every sob. Watched him getting further and further. Watched him disappear into the woods. Watched his one friend disappear for good.

Felix sunk to his knees. He burried his face in his hands. He looked up at the last spot he seen his friend, tears running down his face.

"I love you Stephano"

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