(Hi guys! I'm taking a break from my other stories to bring to you the 15th Pokemon Movie Story! Here you go!)

The World of Pokemon, an endless world of excitement! (Regular flyby of Pokemon) Flying through the clouds, skimming through the waters, and thundering through the earth! Trainers and Pokemon alike have formed bonds with each other, working together in harmony to be a Master! This is the story of Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, working with Pikachu, along with friends Iris and Cilan, to be a Pokemon Master!

This tale will bring them across a Pokemon they have never seen before, one who truly hopes to be a Swordsman.

Huff…huff…gotta keep following the master! Huff…huff…she's so fast! The Pokemon kept on running after the other, letting the wind rush through his mane. They finally reached a clearing with a small pond. The master was waiting for him, standing on a broken tree branch.

"You are not to act without our guidance." she said, jumping, and launching a Magical Leaf attack. The Pokemon stood his ground, closing his eyes, taking the super effective blows. He was afraid to the attack, and the master, well, she could sense it.

"You must learn to face your fears." she said calmly while smiling. The Pokemon looked up at her with a gleam in his eyes. He launched a Focus Blast at her, while she gracefully dodged it. He launched another Focus Blast at where she was landing, but a long green sword erupted from her forehead, slashing the attack in two. She charged at him, while he charged at her. The Pokemon tried to do the same thing as her. A gold sword flickered feebly at his tan horn, but dissipated, and ended up taking the blow to the head in mid-air. He crashed into the pond below. The Pokemon landed hard, while the other landed gracefully on her feet.

"It looks like you still need more work." she said, disappointed that her pupil still couldn't focus well enough to use the sword.

The Pokemon struggled to his feet. "I know, I know." he said, dejectedly. 400 years of training with the masters, and he STILL couldn't use the sword. At this rate, he would never be a Sacred Swordsman.

BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. The second master had arrived, watching the two below. He jumped down from the rocky hill, grinning, landing on a rock he formed from the pond's ground. The Pokemon looked at him, sighed, and charged at him. The newcomer had formed an orange sword at his forehead, while the other tried to do the same. The sword stayed visible for a few seconds, then vanished, and ended up being blasted by the opponent's attack. He flew backwards into a rock.

"The first enemy is always the most threatening, but the second can be the killer." he said warningly, dodging a Focus Blast with a flick of his head. The Pokemon was clearly frustrated, as used Double Team in hopes of confusing his masters.

The masters launched Magical Leaf and Hyper Beam, destroying all the copies, and hitting the Pokemon, throwing him backwards. But, somehow, he landed on the water, running across it, hitting both masters with Focus Blast while their guards were down. They flew backwards into the rocks.

While this was all happening, the third master had arrived, watching his pupil being beaten, then beating his comrades. He smiled, which was something he did once a blue moon. He jumped down, forming blue sword at HIS forehead, and tried to slash his pupil with it. The pupil dodged at the last second, and hit the third master with Hydro Pump from his hooves, blasting him back a few feet, onto a rock. He landed on the highest part of it, while his comrades took places below him on his left and right.

The pupil was visibly exhausted, but walked up to the masters, bowing before them. "How was that?" he asked.

"Better." said the third master, whose name was Cobalion the Iron-Hearted. "You've definitely become stronger."

"Does that mean I can fight Kyurem now?" the pupil asked, hopefully.

Cobalion shook his head. "You still need to be able to use your sword, and it is not ready yet."

The pupil let out a frustrated cry. "Tell me Master what IS so important about the sword anyway?"

Cobalion said, "Think about it." To his left, the second master, Terrakion the Cavern-Smasher, said, "He doesn't know himself."

The pupil hung his head at his master's joking manor. He knew he was strong enough but he was being held back.

(That Night)

The four were sleeping in a field of grass. The masters were sleeping together, soundly asleep. However, the pupil, Keldeo the Water-Runner, was wide awake. He got up, making sure his masters were asleep. He then walked off.

I know that I'm strong enough. he thought. I can beat Kyurem. I can do it.

A couple hours passed, as he walked towards a rotting factory. He noticed a ring of Cryogonal overhead.

This is the place. he thought. He walked down the hill, and into the factory. He took a big breath, and shouted to the factory.

"I am Keldeo, a Sacred Swordsman member. I challenge you, Kyurem, to a battle!"

BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Keldeo heard huge footsteps approaching, and knew his opponent was coming. Kyurem lumbered out of the darkness, clearly awake, and ready to fight.

"I am a Sacred Swordsman already!" Keldeo shouted at the dragon. The dragon's body let out a burst of freezing air, creating an arena of ice.


Keldeo knew he was ready. Little did he know what was in store for him.

He crossed the gate, into the arena.

(Back to the Sacred Masters)

Virizion the Meadow-Runner yawned as she woke up, thinking she heard a disturbance.

"Terrakion, Cobalion." she warned. "I think I heard something."

The two woke up, and scanned the area. Cobalion said, "Keldeo, sweep the outside area for intruders." When no response came, he said, "KELDEO, did you hear me?" Once again, no response. He looked towards where Keldeo was sleeping…and saw no Keldeo sleeping there.

Oh no… he thought. He looked around and saw Keldeo's hoof-prints leading off towards the north.

The truth hit him like a freight train. He took off, with Terrakion and Virizion in his wake. "KELDEO! DON'T DO IT! YOU'RE NOT READY YET!"