Ash couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. He watched Keldeo save his life, become surrounded by a golden light, and change in appearance. He was so distracted, that he didn't notice that the Sacred Swordsmen had been freed of the ice. They collapsed to ground, Ash ran to, from Keldeo's description, Cobalion.

Cobalion stirred, and slowly opened his eyes to see a human standing over him. "Th-thank you, Ash." he said.

"How do you know my name?" asked Ash.

"I heard Keldeo and you. It is obvious that you two are good friends." said Cobalion. At that moment, Keldeo jumped up to where they all were.

"Master Cobalion, are you alright?" asked Keldeo.

Cobalion blinked. His pupil looked different somehow. He noticed the changes, and smiled. "Yes, I am alright."

Iris helped Virizion get to her feet, while Terrakion was helped up by Cilan.

"Keldeo…what happened to you?" asked Terrakion.

"I became more, resolute." he said, glancing at Ash and Pikachu.

Meanwhile, Kyurem had been watching this take place in its entirety, and did not like it one bit. "YOUR NEW HORN WILL NOT BE ENOUGH YOUNG ONE." he said to Keldeo, as he changed into his Black form.

Keldeo leaped down, and stared at Kyurem angrily. Kyurem fired a Fusion Flare, which Keldeo dodged by back-flipping into the air. Kyurem again used Fusion Flare, while Keldeo used Focus Blast. Somehow, the Focus Blast ripped through the fire, and scored a direct hit.

"ENOUGH!" roared Kyurem, as he was surrounded in a purple ball of extremely cold electricity. However, Keldeo had a plan. He jumped 100 feet into the air, used Double Team and Focus Blast. 100 Focus Blast's ripped into Kyurem's electric field, causing an explosion larger than a skyscraper.

Cobalion smiled at the smoke cloud. He was extremely proud of his pupil. Kyurem, however, emerged from the smoke, and froze Keldeo's feet to the ground with Ice Beam.

Ash did not like that one bit. "Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" Pikachu launched the electric attack, but was stopped by a Focus Blast. Ash turned to see that Keldeo had fired it. "You can't interfere Ash! You'll be frozen solid!"

Keldeo predicted right. Kyurem soared into the sky, and looked at the six above. He formed an electrified ball of ice the size of house, and shot it right at the group. Keldeo leaped in front of it, now free of the ice. At that moment, his blue horn flashed gold, and a massive gold sword with a shimmering aura of pure power the size of a city block erupted from the horn. Keldeo slashed downwards, and ripped the attack clear in half.

The attack exploded, and threw Keldeo to the ground. It was so powerful, it froze Keldeo solid. This disappointed Cobalion, for his pupil was doing so well. Kyurem turned back to his normal form, and began to walk away.

But, Keldeo leaped out of his frozen prison. His body was surrounded by a blue-ish gold aura. Then, the glowing golden sword appeared again. Keldeo yelled and slashed Kyurem with it, and while he was behind him, he slashed the air, and a gold crescent slammed into Kyurem, knocking him into the wall.

"Keldeo used the secret sword." said Virizion, impressed.

"Unbelievable." breathed Terrakion.

"No, masters. I used MY OWN sword." corrected Keldeo.

Kyurem pulled himself out of the wall, and smiled. "THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR! YOUR TRUE POWER!" He turned into his White form, and charged. Keldeo again hit him with Focus Blast, sending him into the ground. But, he got up again.

Kyurem launched Dragon Pulse, aiming for victory, but was shocked to see it being blocked by Keldeo's sword. In fact Keldeo was gaining ground. He charged forward, and slashed Kyurem. Still in the fight, Kyurem shifted to its Black form and launched Freeze Shock. Defending with Focus Blast, Keldeo fired. The two attacks struggled, but Freeze Shock went awry and blasted towards Ash and company.

"Pikachu, MOVE!" Ash yelled, tossing Pikachu out harm's way. Keldeo jumped though, and sliced the attack in two with Secret Sword. The resulting explosion was so massive; Cobalion had to jump to protect Ash. When the smoke cleared, Kyurem was standing over Keldeo, a foot on his horn.

"I…lost. I yield." he gulped.


Ash, Iris, Cilan, Cobalion, Virizion and Terrakion came down to meet Keldeo.

"Keldeo, you were just amazing." said Ash, kneeling down and rubbing his hands on Keldeo's mane. He them walked back so Iris and Cilan could say their praises.

Keldeo thanked them, and turned to his masters, and bowed before them. "Masters, I am sorry for all this. My reckless actions led to all of this. I will accept your punishment with happiness, for I know that I met great friends because of this ordeal."

To Keldeo's surprise, Cobalion laughed. "Oh, Keldeo, you will not be punished. You fought valiantly. You have completed your training, and earned Kyurem's respect. This means the highest honor."

Keldeo perked his head up. "You mean…I'm going to become an official Sacred Swordsman?"

Cobalion nodded, as did Terrakion and Virizion.

But kismet wouldn't make it so easy for them, as they heard a loud grinding sound, and watched as a steel beam fell to the ground, then another, and then another.

"The fortress is collapsing!" yelled Terrakion.

"The battle destroyed the support columns!" screamed Iris.

"We have to get out of here, or we'll be crushed like a pancake!" exclaimed Cilan

"No kidding!" yelled Virizion.

Cobalion ushered Ash forward. "Get on my back, quickly." he said in his steely voice. Ash nodded. Iris got on Virizion, while Cilan got on Terrakion. Pikachu and Axew hopped on Keldeo. They all charged forward towards the exit, but a loud roar stopped them. Kyurem was back, and was freezing the area with Ice Beam, freezing everything in place. When he was finished, the area now looked like an Ice Palace.

Nonplussed, Kyurem tromped off, back into the shadows.

(Later On)

The group was on top of a familiar hill. Keldeo remembered this as where he met Cobalion. Cobalion ushered him forward. "Your friends may watch you take the oath." he said, smiling.

The four took places in a square-like formation. They all brought out their swords, and began.

"The light of the earth brings one and two." said Virizion.

"The water of the seas has given us three." said Terrakion.

"A fight of valor and courage has brought four." said Keldeo.

"Combining our swords as one allows to truly," Cobalion stopped. He motioned to Keldeo to finish.

"To truly define power and courage." said Keldeo.

A ball of light rose up from the four, and exploded in the air, showering across the earth, some landing on Ash, Iris and Cilan. A rainbow formed in the sky, shining against the evening light.

Keldeo walked up to Ash. "I guess this is goodbye." he said, sadly.

"Yeah." said Ash, equally as sad. "Don't worry; we'll see each other again someday. You're going to make a great Swordsman."

"Thanks. I'm never going to forget your advice, to be more resolute. That's why I'm calling this my Resolute Form." he said. "To remind me of the great friend I made. I'll teach new apprentices the same, passing it along from generation to generation."

Ash hugged Keldeo tightly. He then pulled something out of his pocket. A camera. He gave it to Iris, who took a picture of them. Ash grasped the picture, and put it in his pocket, to forever remember his good friend.

He watched Keldeo walk over to his masters. Cobalion said, "You are my favored one Ash. I once thought humans as disgraceful, but you give me hope for a wondrous future. May fate shine down on you and your friends." They ran off. Ash ran to the top of the hill and watched them run off. But Keldeo stopped. He raised his back hooves, and shot off a Hydro Pump, dousing Ash with water. Ash spat out water, then laughed.

(Thanks for reading! I know it wasn't 100% accurate, but thanks!)