A group of teenagers stood by a water facility drinking beer, apparently having a good time. A red sports car pulled up and a tall, dark haired Firebender came out, a cocky smirk across his face. One of the group members laughed loudly as he finished the last of his beer, tossing the bottle aside while going towards the boy.

"Mako! You decided to come after all," Tahno stated patting the teenager's shoulder.

"You know it," the Firebender replied. "Is he coming?"

"Iroh? Yeah, he is," Bolin replied with a smirk.

"He actually thinks he's going to be initiated today," the Waterbender stated amusement in his voice.

"Is there any beer left?"

"Nah, man. We finished it all at school."

"I have one," a raven haired, emerald eyed girl replied getting closer to the boy. "It's not cold but you can have it."

Mako shifted uncomfortably. Yeah, he and Asami had had a thing, but it was in the past. She wasn't his type but she just didn't get the hint. The nonbender just kept coming back for something that wasn't there anymore.

"All you have to do is bow down to the rich Sato girl," the Earthbender said playfully throwing an arm around his Firebender best friend.

Asami rolled her eyes.

"Do you want it?"

"No, I'm good," Mako replied taking a few steps away from her.

"Good, because you already had too much," Mia replied who was being kissed all over by the Waterbender.

Her boyfriend rolled his eyes as he continued to nip at her neck.

"You guys aren't going to do anything too bad, right?" she asked.

"Will you shut up?" Tahno shot at her clearly annoyed. "You have been asking questions the whole freaking way! You have some sort of crush on him or what?"

"Hey!" Mako interjected slightly pushing his friend back. "Relax, he's here," he added motioning to a car that was driving towards them.

"And here we go," the Waterbender said as the other Firebender got out of the car.

"Hey," Iroh greeted.

"I thought I told you to be here at ten," Tahno began motioning to his watch.

The Firebender stiffened a bit but didn't reply.

"Try to remember that, next time."

He nodded.

"If there's a next time," Bolin muttered with a laugh.

The group headed over to get a closer look to the water plant. A drain pipe cascaded the water from the upper level of the pant. Mako held his smirk as he took off his pants and shoes leaving him with a black shirt and boxers, amused by the new guy's nervousness.

"So you're going to jump from there," Tahno said pointing at a plank above the water base.

Iroh looked up uneasily.

"How deep is it?" he asked.

"We'll find out," Mako replied patting his shoulder.

The Firebender proceeded in taking off his shirt, shoes and pants also leaving him in boxers and gray undershirt. Both teenager's climbed up to the plank and looked down. Iroh gulped and slightly backed away from the edge.

"Hey, it's cool man," the other Firebender reassured.

"So are you guys going to jump anytime today?" Tahno taunted from below.

"Yeah, does Iroh need his momma?" Bolin added.

"Leave him alone!" Mia interjected.

"So, you've all done this before, right?" he asked.

The boy nodded.

"Yup, just do it and then you're one of us."

Iroh nodded.

"On three," Mako began. "One…two…and…"