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Chapter 1: Lord Shen's Secret

When he was a child, Lord Shen had developed these powers. The ability to conjure up items, make things levitate, and turn things into other things. His family was then visited by a human named Albus Dumbledore. Telling them that the sickly child was a wizard. And needed training to control his "magic" as they called it. Taking the Headmaster's word for it, his parents allowed him to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was disguised as a boy named Sirius Black. There he met who would become his best friend and confidant James Potter. A pureblooded wizard from a well off family. Over the years he and the little group of friends he made called "The Mauraders" became the bane of Hogwarts with their practical jokes and talent. It was in their fifth year, when James and Peter had managed to complete the Animagus transformation, that he told them his secret. Showing them his true form of a bipedal peacock, he and his friends accompanied their werewolf comrade Remus Lupin in the Forbidden Forest during the full moon.

They kept his secret. They where the best friends Shen/Sirius had ever had. When James married Lily Evans right out of Hogwarts, Shen was best man at their wedding. In his real form as well. They also named him godfather to their firstborn son Harry James Potter. In the event of their deaths, Harry would be given to his custody. Knowing his position as a Prince, they knew Harry would be safe with him.

Then the unthinkable happened. Pettigrew betrayed them. He had foolishly trusted the Rat Animagus and suggested to James and Lily that he be the Secret Keeper instead of "Sirius." Thinking that the Death Eaters would waste their time looking for his human alter ego rather than his peacock form. Pettigrew told the Dark Lord immediately where the Potters where hiding.

Shen could not believe his eyes. His best friend lying dead on the floor of his home. He ran upstairs. His human godson was crying. Sweet Lily was dead in front of his crib. Gingerly he held the human infant in his wings. "I know young one. I'll miss them too." He said to Harry who seemed to calm slightly and started hiccuping. He walked down the stairs with Harry intending to take him back to his home in his exile from his parent's kingdom.

" 'O the ruddy 'ell are you?" Demanded a giant of a human as he walked out onto the street. "What are ye doing with Harry?" He demanded pulling out his umbrella.

"I am Shen." The peacock told the giant not wanting to reveal his secret. "A friend of the Potters. I found them dead in their home. Harry is my godson. I am taking him home with me."

"No." The giant said. "Dumbledore said little Harry is to go to his Aunt and Uncle."

"Those...those...cretins?" Shen made a disgusted face. "I would die before I let that happen." He made a snapping noise with his wings and from a silent airship above came wolven creatures.

"Easy now." The giand of a man said calmly. "No enemies here. But Dumbledore wants-"

"Screw what Dumbledore wants." Shen said. "While I will be grateful forever to him for allowing me to go to Hogwarts, I will not allow any godchild of mine to be raised in that filthy family's home. Those people despise magic and anything to do with it. I am taking my godson and will raise him to be the heir of my clan." A metal cable came down with a platform attatched to it and another cable. "Goodbye Hagrid. I am off to kill Pettigrew."

The half giant just looked on dumbstruck as the air ship left with the little savior on it.

To Be Continued...

Next time, Dumbledore reveals to the Order the secret of Sirius Black and Pettigrew gets what he deserves.