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The streets of Florence were silent as several hooded figures moved swiftly towards Palazzo Medici, every so often they would have to dodge the night watchmen; the curfew may have brought crime down but that didn't stop secret meetings of the illuminari. The secret organisation headed by Piero de' Medici. Three smaller figures hurried along silently behind them.

"Leo, this isn't a good idea, Mac tell him!" Lisa whispered. Lisa Gherardini, a young artist who disguises herself as a boy so that she can paint, a boy named Tommaso, Tom for short was the smallest of the three figures the others were her best friends Niccolo Machiavelli, or Mac as he was called by friends and Leonardo da Vinci more commonly known as Leo.

"Leo knows what he's doing Tom don't worry!" Mac said.

"I know but it just doesn't feel right breaking into Lorenzo's home!" Lisa complained. Lorenzo de' Medici had once been their friend but when they found out that Lorenzo's dad Piero was behind the plot to assassinate the Duke of Florence, Lorenzo didn't believe them and when the robot man destroyed half of Florence and it was clearly under control of Piero, Lorenzo still didn't believe them. They hadn't spoken to him since.

"Lorenzo, made his choice, he'd obviously rather see Florence destroyed by his father then help us stop Piero!" Leo said. Just as he said that he walked into somebody.

"Hey look where you're going!" Leo, Lisa and Mac all recognised the voice it belonged to non-other than Lorenzo.

"Lorenzo?" Lisa asked.

"Lisa, Leo, Mac; what are you doing here and why were you talking about me and saying that you're going to break into my home?" Lorenzo asked, Leo, Mac and Lisa were speechless, Lorenzo had heard them talking…