The Grim Reaper Prologue

This is my second fanfiction! I hope all of you would like it!

READ THIS! If the words are bolded then that means they're talking in demon. Demon language is backwards, like talking from the ending to the beginning but if I do that, it'll only confuse you guys so hence, bolded.

The fires bellowed down in the depths. Screams of agony and horror were everywhere, followed by cruel laughter. There were loud pleas to the Gods above, pleading for forgiveness for their sins.

Whips and claws ripped through the newcomers' skin, making them open their mouths in a silent scream, their voice boxes unable to produce anymore sound.

The squeals of joy only caused the new demons to beg for them to stop but to no avail. The shrieks and squeals belonged to the older demons, their skeleton wings flapping in eager.

Their eyes were either an empty blackness or pure red of evilness. What left of their skin clutched to their ribs and other bones.

Suddenly, Lucifer flew in; his long black hair clung to his wretched face. His arrival ceased the tortures and he pointed to a certain demon, snarling, "Satan wants you."

His boney finger pointed a raven black haired demon with hollowed black eyes. He was a new demon, only being here for ten years after his death. The young demon was sent here when something evil overcame his pureness during the decision over his fate in the afterlife.

The raven black haired believed that he didn't belong here in the circles of Hell but being young and after several years, he began to believe he was one of the true demons.

The demon walked forward, towards Lucifer, who was once the left handed of God. "Yes, my lord."

The older demon then turned and headed to the lair of their master of all Hell. On the way, they both said nothing to each other, listening to the tortured screams as they continued on.

Soon, they reached tall doors covered in bones of their sacrifices. The younger demon never shuddered or reacted at all, being used to bones lying around. It was not uncommon in the fires of below but very rarely did Satan want to meet other demons.

The doors opened and they entered into the dark and damp hall. Far ahead was the largest throne the young demon had ever seen. Upon the throne was Satan, fire all over him. His eyes were bright yellow, the color of fiery flames. Red flaming horns sat on his head, his claws gripping on his armrest.

The duo walked up, Lucifer standing next to the throne, representing that he was higher than the younger demon. The younger demon however, just bowed, his leg resting on the cold stones. He remained there until he had permission to leave.

"Follower." Satan started, slightly angry. "I wish for you to go to the surface and claim a soul."

The dark haired demon's eyes widened, no demons were allowed to go to the surface. It was even rarer than meeting Satan. "A soul, master?" He asked respectfully.

"Yes…" The lord of all demons hissed. "A soul should've been here over ten years ago but it still remains on the surface. It is scattered and you must reclaim it all and drag it back to here."

"I am honored, master." The black eyed demon grinned, his wings spreading out.

"For your success, I shall reward you purgatory." Satan growled.

The demon nearly fell over in shock. This was a one way ticket to Heaven and it was practically right in front of him. "Thank you, master."

"But… Only if you succeed that is. If not, then it's fifty years of pain. You have six hundred and sixty-six days. Go."

The ceiling above seemed like it was opening to the Earth, light finally touching the ground for the first time in centuries.

The younger demon nodded standing up. "I shall accomplish my mission for you, master." He then flapped his strong wings, flying straight up and to the surface.

Harry James Potter had a mission to do.

This is just the beginning! The next chapters will have at least 1,700 words per chapter or more. I hope I did a good prologue.