Grim Reaper Pt.6

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Harry grinned evilly, his eyes solely locked on the twins. He was getting irritated when they wouldn't leave the room without the other; they were truly a perfect example of conjoined at the hips. Just when he was about to give up and move on to a different victim, Fred stood up, announcing that he had to use the loo and George remained where he was.

Harry smirked and blend back into the shadows in the ceiling.

George looked at his twin from their plans for their pranks. "Okay, Fred." He smiled with affection. And Fred returned it tenfold before turning to their dormitory's loo upstairs.

He walked up the stairs quickly and into the boy's third year dorm, bypassing Lee who sat on his bed, reading Gone With the Wind. "Hey, Fred!" Lee called out.

Fred secretly smiled with a plan beginning in his head. He put up a façade. "I'm not Fred, Lee! Honestly, after all those years, you still get us mixed up." He made sure to sound annoyed.

Lee looked abashed. "Oh, I'm sorry, George!"

Before Fred knew, his smile broke out on his face, letting Lee know he just got pranked by the same trick once more.

"Fred!" Lee scolded, shaking his head before going back to his book.

The redheaded twin snickered as he continued on his journey to the loo to relieve himself. He passed by a mirror and into a light blue stall, not seeing an ashen face appear in the reflection.

Once he did his business, Fred went over to the sink, washing his hand and making sure to use the soap. He always looked over his shoulder as if his mother would pop out of nowhere if he didn't use the soap, so hence why.

Ignoring the urge to look over his shoulder just in case, he finished up, drying his hands with the red towel. He looked up into the mirror, grinning. "Why hello, handsome. What is your name? By Merlin, you looked just like George!" He laughed briefly. That always had been an old joke between him and the guy who spent nine months with him in their mother's womb.

"You sick, twisted bastard!"

Fred abruptly looked around in shock. Who would say that to him? He saw nothing. "Wh-Where ar-are you?"

"I'm over here, freak." It said.

Fred snapped the other way around, his eyes widened when nothing appeared. He dunked to look under the stalls but he saw no one. He was all alone in the loo so where were those foul words coming from? He quickly gave a side-glanced into the mirror, hoping to see a brief reflection of the stranger or even a shadow to assure him. He did a double take.

Much to his horror, it was his own reflection but it didn't look like him. It was him but the reflection had a snarl permanently attached to his face, his eyes full of hatred, unlike Fred's frightened look. The reflection gave him a cold and angry glare that Fred could never hope copy that sneer. "Wh-What?" Fred stepped back in shock.

"You heard me, bastard." It hissed at him.

Fred scowled, figuring it must be a hex on the mirror and the joke was on him. It hurt him to be pranked in this way. Usually he would laugh at one but this was too much. "I'm not falling for this stupid stuff." He went to the door but it suddenly locked on it's own.

No matter how hard Fred tried to pull or unlock the door, it wouldn't budge. "Let me out!" Fred shouted to the other side of the door, thinking the other person was holding it locked.

"Aww, where are you going, Freddie?" The reflection crooned with an ugly smile and snarl still etched to its face.

Fred gave a bored look at it, feigning boredom but before he could try the door again, the reflection of him suddenly walked through the mirror. The mirror shimmered and glimmered, allowing the 'it' to pass through. Once the new 'Fred' was out, the surface of the mirror rippled back to normal.

Fred couldn't move his eyes away from it, his face horror-stricken. He desperately clenched on to the doorknob, his knuckles turning white as he watch the clone of himself move closer to him. When it was only a few feet away, Fred finally came to his senses.

"Come on guys! This isn't funny!" He pulled and tugged at the knob, pounding his hands on the door, his voice trembling for once in his life. His hands soon became inflamed and sore the knuckles bleeding, his voice rising higher with every breath. "Please! Lee! Lee! George!"

A hand entangled itself into his hair and pulled him roughly away from his freedom. No one came for him.


Lee shook himself from sleep, his book opened on his chest. His dark blue headphones were on, blaring music into his ears. That was odd, he thought, he didn't remember putting them on. He furrowed his eyebrows, wondering what woke him up. "Fred?"

When no reply came from the loo, he got up from the maroon bed. "Fred?" Again, no one returned his calling. Lee hoped no one was in there and Fred already went back downstairs. However, he was sure he heard something coming from the restroom.

"Fred?" He reached out with a hand to the doorknob and just as he was about to open it, it opened on the other side. Lee soon came face to face with the guy he had been calling out before. "Fred?"

"Yes?" The red haired twin responded.

Lee tried to speak but nothing came out. He couldn't explain it but this Fred somehow felt… different. Different how? He didn't know. "Uh… nothing." He finally said, shaking his head.

Fred looked down at him warily before nodding. He stepped around Lee and headed back to the common room, leaving behind Lee.

Lee shivered, he suddenly felt cold for unexplained reasons. Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he went back to his bed and his book.He'll deal with it later if this cold and dreadful feeling comes up again.

Downstairs in the common room, Fred or also known as Harry, grinned in his success on possessing this body. He could feel the soul of Fred Weasley yelling out inside of him, struggling for control but his attempts were fruitless.

For some reasons, Harry didn't feel pride and enjoyment as a regular demon would in this situation. The feel of having a human body was nothing compared to the skeletal body he possesses. The soft texture between his fingers was insanely addicting.

It felt nothing he ever had before. Harry felt calm and peaceful without pains that he would normally have. The years of torture and ecstasy in Hell had scarred his demonic body. He never thought it feel so wonderful. Humans truly had no idea how lucky they were.


The supposed Fred looked up at his twin, remembering his role. "Hey, George." He smiled but on the inside, Harry was jumping for joy as he pushes Fred's soul back with ease, as if swatting a fly away.

"Okay, so we'll set the dung bombs in the dungeons exactly at three o' clock while the second years are in their Potions class with Snape." George absently whispered to his brother, pointing at their Marauder Map and compared it to their blueprints. "Got it?" George didn't look up when his sibling sat with him.

"Got it." Harry affirmed, using Fred's voice box.

"And remember, keep an eye out for any red sparks at the other end of the corridor if I failed and if I did failed, do not proceed with the plan, okay?" He turned to Fred, and then froze. "Fred?" George eyed at his twin. "You look… different."

Fred raised his eyebrows with perfected confusion. "What do you mean?" He looked over himself as if he could find the problem.

"It's just… nothing." George looked away then back with suspension. "You never raise your eyebrows, unless you're faking innocence with mum. What's going on, Fred? Is there something you're not telling me?"

Inside, Harry was shouting at himself for his stupidity but on the outside, he remained cool and calm. "I have no idea what you're talking about, George. Now excuse me, I need to check something with Professor Flitwick." He recalled the Charms teachers and walked out the common room.

George sat there, gaping at where his twin was before. There was something wrong with his brother, he knew. And besides, Fred would never willingly meet up with a professor unless it was a detention and George perfectly well knew that Fred didn't have one, having been with him at all times.

Something was wrong with his identical twin and he was going to find out why.

Harry, or also known as Fred continued down the hall where he knew the gargoyle was located. He sensed the pulse of another soul of Tom's coming from behind it and he could not get in without a physical form of a regular wizard. The gargoyle would have no choice but to accept the password without staying firm for no apparent reason. It was the law.

"Hey, George! Or is it Fred?" Katie Bell stepped in front of him and Harry on instinct hissed at her. He stepped around her and left the corridor, leaving behind a stupefied Gryffindor.

"Lemon Drops." Harry spoke in his vessel's language as soon he arrived at his destination. It was easier to speak in their language when possessing one of them.

The gargoyle sensed bad things from the redheaded in front of him but he had no proof but to obey the wizard's command, and thus, moved to reveal a staircase.

Harry grinned manically, moving Fred's legs up the stairs that led to the Headmaster's office. He heard no voices or movements coming from within the door, nothing but the whispers of a broken soul. He entered in the office unwelcome and the whispers became clearer to him as he moved closer to a desk's drawer.

His broken soul pulsed and he knew he found another part of the soul of Tom Marvolo Riddle.

'Six hundred and thirty-six days. Six hundred and thirty-six days.'

It was another mission completed and Harry had no more use for the vessel, and so he unleashed the connection that connected his damned soul to the body, letting it drop to the hard floor. Harry felt a little regret in letting it go, missing the soft skin and no pain when he possessed it but he knew he had a quest to complete or face Satan's wrath.

And Harry did not wish to damn his soul any more than it already was.

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