Late at night in a quiet town that was next to a large body of water, and a mountain where kids play Beyblade a popular and fun game, and that's when a tall black cloaked boy at the town's entrance was then stopped in his tracks because of four teens standing in a row who were wearing street clothes have stopped him from going any further.

The Mysterious Blader looked about 13 years old who has short light blue spiky hair growing down, black eyes and wearing a black cloak with a hood over his head and underneath it is a white T-Shirt with a nine headed sea serpent on it, blue pants with a blue launcher attached to his black belt worn around his waist.

''Stop right there!'', One of the boys who was wearing a red shirt and has big spiky brown hair and brown pants demanded as the mysterious blader was just standing there.

''Who are you guys supposed to be?'', The Mysterious Blader asked obviously getting irritated because he knows that they're not going to let him through.

''We're Face Hunters for your information.'', Another boy who was wearing green pants, black boots, a yellow shirt underneath a green jacket and a hat on backwards replied with a grin smile on his face.

''Yeah if you want to enter this town, then you will have to give us all you Bey points.'', another boy who was wearing a blue shirt, a blue hat and black pants demanded with a small chuckle.

''You must be kidding you think I'm going to give you guys all of my Bey points to you guys? Now let me go through this town, so I can continue my journey!'', The Mysterious Blader demanded as he refused to give up his Bey points and wanted to go through this town.

''Fine have it your way''. The last boy exclaimed that was wearing a blue muscle shirt with a blue X as he got out his Bey launcher along with the other three Face Hunters.

''LET IT RIP'', The Face Hunters said simultaneously as all of them shot different colored Generic Beys from their launchers and were heading right towards the Mysterious Blader, who just sighed.

''I don't have time for this. So I'll end this quickly'', The Mysterious Blader exclaimed as he got out his blue launcher and shot a strange dark blue and white Bey at the other four Beys and clashed with the other four causing all four of them to be pushed back.

''I'm already tired of this guy's big mouth; he thinks he's all that! Well, this should cut him down to size''. The face hunter with an X on his shirt exclaimed angrily as he was then annoyed with the Mysterious Bladers overconfidence and underestimating all of them, and that's when he finally said something.

''Listen carefully I'm going to show all of you the awesome power of water and how dangerous it can be.'', The Mysterious Blader shouted out loudly as his bey got closer to their beys leaving all of the four face hunters confused about what he was talking about.

''Is he crazy or something'', The face hunter, who was wearing the red shirt asked as he backed up not knowing what was going to happen then the Mysterious Bladers still unidentified Bey slashed all four Beys which pushed all of them back with great force causing them to wobble allot, much to the Face hunter's surprise.

''He did that much damage with one hit''; all four face hunters exclaimed with shock as they watched the Beys wobbled so much with just one strike.

''I would've ended this with one strike, but I changed my mind, I'm going to make this battle last as much as possible so take this! HYDRA:Charybdis Whirlpool'', The Mysterious Blader exclaimed holding his arms out as his bey spun faster and then created a whirlpool of strong currents of water that swallowed up all four Beys up in an instant because of the water spreading at a fast rate not letting anything get away from it with the mysterious blader in front of the whirlpool.

''What is this? A whirlpool? Who the heck is this guy?'', The four Face Hunters yelled out in total fear as they watch the Whirlpool engulf their beys as they were helpless to fight back and that's when the robed man decided to end this battle as he commanded his still unknown Bey to use one of its special moves.

''Now here are your Beys watery graves, Special Move: Deadly Deep Sea Strike'', the Mysterious Blader exclaimed as his Bey glowed blue and then a huge explosion occurred with the face hunters screaming as it happened and when the dust cleared up the face hunters were unconscious with the area destroyed with almost every rock in the area demolished and with large craters in the ground and the face hunter's beys badly damaged as all four Beys layed there on the ground while the Mysterious Bladers Bey still spinning perfectly fine. Then it retreated to its owner's hand revealing it has a One Headed Serpent on the face bolt.

''How pathetic they didn't even put up much of a fight did they my Lernean Hydra?'', The Mysterious Blader asked his bey with an expressionless look on his face as he looked at the four unconscious face hunters and then the Town.

''I think I should take a break here. I know I'm on a mission, but a small vacation wouldn't hurt!Beside this town sounds like it will be a lot more interesting than the other places I've already travelled to'', The Mysterious Blader said as he walked off into the town, and then he said to himself.

''After this I have to find Ginga Hagane and take him down, which shouldn't be pretty hard,but I don't see any reason I can't have a little fun on the way''. The Mysterious Blader exclaimed as he walked off into the town not knowing how lucky he would be.

About three days after the Mysterious Blader appeared in town, he was competing in a competition without his black cloak and was up against a small green haired boy who was wearing blue shorts, a yellow T-Shirt with a green stripe on the chest and sleeves, blue and white shoes and has brown eyes in a big red stadium were lots of kids were cheering from the sidelines.

''Ok let the match's Kenta vs. umm. What's your name'', Blader DJ:a man wearing a sleeveless black coat with a blue shirt underneath it with and a red bandanna and fingerless brown gloves asked loudly because he never mentioned his name.

''My name is Nakamaru Katane''. The mysterious Blader exclaimed as he revealed his named to everyone.

''Ok let the battle begin''. Blader DJ exclaimed as Kenta and Nakamaru got there bey launchers out.

''3..2..1'', Everyone in the stadium yelled out, and that's when Kenta and Nakamaru finished it.

''Let it Rip'', Both Kenta and Nakamaru yelled as the shot their beys into the arena and clashed with each other

''Go Flame Sagittario'', Kenta demanded as his Sagittario clashed with Nakamaru's Lernean Hydra but as soon as both beys clashed Sagittario was the one that got sent flying in the air, but it landed on its performance tip near the edge of the stadium but was wobbling a bit.

''That was a close one''. Kenta exclaimed looking worried as his Sagittario was wobbling a bit and was really confused to why this is happening.

''How could my Sagittario, a Stamina Type take so much damage with just one hit?'', Kenta thought to himself

''Sorry but since being a Stamina Type your attacks aren't that powerful meaning it's no match for an Attack Type Bey, who has amazing attack power like my Lernean Hydra meaning it can't withstand my Hydra's attack so easily since I can tell that you're still a new at this.'', Nakamaru exclaimed as his Bey spun towards Sagittario but Kenta wouldn't go down without fighting.

''I won't give up! Go Sagittario get some distance between that Bey'', Kenta demanded as Sagittario raced across the top part of the arena trying to get away for Hydra but Nakamaru had other plans as his Bey followed Sagittario and easily caught up to it then repeatedly rammed into it.

''What a day it has been here at the WBBA competition but this battle looks completely one-sided with the mysterious Nakamaru's Bey keeps smashing into Sagitarrio'', Blader DJ yelled out asking everyone in the stadium as the Hydra Bey kept clashing with Sagitarrio gradually weakening its spin rotation.

''Kick some Bey Kenta. Teach this guy a lesson, don't give up'', A chubby boy who looked wearing Blue T-Shirt with a red shirt on top of it has hazel spiky hair yelled out from his seat to Kenta with a smile.

''RIP IT UUUUP spin spin'', a skinny kid wearing a blue shirt with grey trousers with curly brown hair yelled out from his seat while everyone else in the stadium was screaming as more people ran into the stadium.

''Sagittario hang on don't give up, get away''. Kenta yelled out not wanting to go down as Sagittario picked up speed but Nakamaru not wanting it to get away

''We won't let you escape so easily HYDRA: Swift Swim'', Nakamaru yelled out then his Lernean Hydra Bey picked up incredible speed much to everyone's surprise as the Bey Hydra rammed into Sagittario repeatedly and knocked it out of the arena much to Kenta's surprise.

''Sagittario'', Kenta yelled as his Bey fell to his side much to his surprise of how a stamina type could be taken out so easily with a few attack's

''Wow the mysterious Bey known as Lernean Hydra has mysteriously gained a large amount of speed and knocked Flame Sagittario out of the arena and has claimed victory'', Blader DJ yelled out to everyone cheering as the Lernean Hydra returned to his owner Nakamaru and as Kenta picked up his Sagittario.

''The winner of the Third round is Nakamaru Katane meaning Nakamaru will be advancing to the second round''. Blader DJ exclaimed loudly as everyone cheered loudly

''Man this is so unfair, but there is no use complaining about it''. Kenta exclaimed as both held out there Beypointers and the Kenta Transferred 20 Beypoints to Nakamaru but Nakamaru made sure no one saw how many bey points he had.

Nakamaru Beypoints: 37035BP - 37055BP Kenta's Beyponts: Kenta 1250BP - 1230BP

''That was a fun battle'', Nakamaru said as he left the arena but not before noticing the two guys staring at Kenta and him while smiling

''Those are the two of the four face hunters I faced when I first came to this town'', Nakamaru said under his breath quietly but decided to ignore them and just wait for the second round to begin.

Later in the daytime Nakamaru easily won the second round and was in the last round competing against a tall boy wearing blue jeans and a green T-shirt and has brown bushy hair and has silver eyes and was clashing with Nakamaru's Lernean Hydra with his light-blue Generic Bey and Nakamaru was going to end this.

''HYDRA: Swift Swim'', Nakamaru yelled out, which made his Hydra moved faster and smashed into his opponent bey causing it to have a stadium out

''Wow the same technique that had been used to beat Kenta's Flame Sagittairo has claimed victory for him once again, and the winner of this competition is Nakamaru Katane'', Blader DJ yelled out to Nakamaru as Lernean retreated back to Nakamaru.

''I came this far only to be defeated so easily''. The bushy haired boy said sadly as both of them held out his Beypointers and transferred 20 Beypoints to Nakamaru

Nakamaru Beypoints 37075BP - 37095BP

''Not much of Bey Battle, but at least I got some points out of it'', Nakamaru said to himself as he left the arena

''I have to find Ginga right away. I wasted enough time in this little town! So far, no blader in this town has reached my standards here. I should just continue my mission and move on to the next town, and I already bought more supplies since I ran out of supplies right before I came to this town.'', Nakamaru said as he went down the escalator and got a pack filled with supplies and went outside, and then he noticed four of the same face hunters who tried to take all of his Beypoints three days ago and one big, fat kid wearing grey pants, black shoes, and black and red jacket, a white beanie with a red bulls head on the side of it and has purple hair forcing Kenta to walk with them to a place where no one could hear him scream and where he can battle.

''Face hunters! I'm guessing they want to take all that kids bey points well I guess I should do something but-huh''. Nakamaru exclaimed as he saw a someone then quickly went back into the building when he saw a white skinned boy with dark spiky red hair, gold-brown eyes, wearing a headband with a Pegasus with one wing on it a long white scarf around his neck, a blue short-sleeved jacket a plain orange shirt. With white and blue gloves, a red and brown belt around his waist, with a launcher attached to his belt and wears black pants, red and dark colored shoes and has a white bandage on his nose. The unknown kid was following them, and he didn't notice Nakamaru in the building as he passed by and when he was almost out of sight Nakamaru came out of the building.

''What luck! My target has now been spotted! Ginga Hangane'', Nakamaru exclaimed with a slight smile as he followed Ginga without him noticing and then looked at his Hydra Bey.

''Lernaean Hydra even if your other eight heads haven't already grown you still have more power than that Storm Pegasus, so we should have no trouble taking them down'', Nakamaru said to his bey quietly as he continued to follow Ginga.