Alicia was in her bathroom getting ready for work, one eye in the mirror in front of her, but the other kept eyeing the divorce papers on the bed.

With the separation going public after Peter's testimony, they had come to a turning point. The press and political repercussions were no longer part of the equation. It was the right moment to decide whether they would give their marriage a final shot or end it formally. They agreed that it had already ended; the only thing left was to make it official. The divorce was very quick and smooth, since they handled it like adults. They had been getting along better lately. It was still weird, though, being no longer Mrs. Peter Florrick after 18 years. Taking her ring off and seeing the mark left on her finger, she started to cry. When she had put it on for the first time, she expected to be buried in it, the 'til death do us part' thing.

Suddenly her cell phone started to ring and she ran to get it, but slipped on the moist bathroom floor. She hit her head on the sink on the way down and everything went black.


Alicia felt herself waking up, but she wasn't home, she was… in Will's apartment at Georgetown. Will was there, of course. But strangely, she could see herself there as well. It was like she was out of her body watching it. Like watching a movie, only it was one she remembered living as well.

Oh, she remembered that day. It was when they had first kissed. The day she decided she had to avoid Will Gardner, because she was already dating Peter and being so close to him was dangerous territory. She saw them locking eyes and then Will leaning towards her younger self to kiss her. After a few seconds, college Alicia would pull away and flee. At any moment now. That's when something strange happened. At the moment when she should be getting up to leave, young Alicia deepened the kiss.


The movie of her life was put on fast forward. She saw herself getting married, only this time it was her dream wedding on the beach, not the big church wedding Jackie had forced on her – 'Peter's father is an important figure in Chicago and Peter will be one day, too, so we have to have a big, traditional church wedding for everyone to attend', she had said. The one in the "movie" had only a few guests – Owen, her mother and Mary on her side and Oh my God, Sara and Aubrey on the other one. As she reached the "altar", present Alicia could finally see the groom. It was Will.

It kept going fast, as she saw herself at her approximate age in the present, working in an office bigger than her current one. Her computer's wallpaper was the logo of the firm she worked for: Lockhart, Cavanaugh & Gardner. On the desk were a few pictures – herself and Owen, herself and Will, herself and three kids. Probably her kids. Hers and Will's.


In the next scene, Alicia could see herself in a bar; clearly waiting for someone by the way she kept checking her watch and her cell.

Kalinda then entered and sat next to her. They apparently still knew each other.

"Leila, what happened? I was starting to worry."

Wow, she had never become Kalinda. It was really weird seeing that now her best friend, Leila, was the woman that in her present had caused her the most pain. All of this had never happened there. Her marriage to Peter, the scandal, Kalinda's betrayal…

"It was just traffic. Two tequilas please."

Apparently some things didn't change.

"I have already ordered."

"I know, after the day I've had, I need two for myself. And you can keep them coming!"

"What happened?"

She took a minute to drink her shots.

"Lisa told us she is pregnant. She's 17, only a child, Alicia, how can she take care of a baby? I am too young to be a grandmother!"

What? Kalinda had children? Apparently a husband too, as she had mentioned 'us'. Well, a husband that she was still living under the same roof with, because an estranged one she had in real life as well.

She drank another shot that had just been put in front of her by the bartender.

"You know what my problem is? I didn't get my tubes tied."

Present Alicia remembered Kalinda telling her the same thing once.

It was strange seeing this whole other Kalinda, well Leila, really. And despite the circumstances of their meeting; she seemed better than the real Kalinda. Not so secretive, closed and professionally paranoid, like she was always running from something.


Even further she saw herself, now older than the present one, sitting at a big Christmas table beside Will – who looked older, too. There were a lot of people she didn't know, but she recognized the kids from the photograph at the office – now all grown up – and, of course, Owen. There were small children, too. She could see Will caressing her older self's hand with that sweet look in his eyes. Old Alicia looked lovingly back at him.


The next scene was a casket being opened – probably for the last time since it was beside a grave – and present Alicia could see old Alicia lying there. Flowers were being tossed quickly before the casket was closed, but before it happened, she could notice a wedding ring on her old hand. A different one to the ring she was wear… – wait, she looked down at her present hand and it was no longer there. She had forgotten she had taken it off after the divorce.

Among the people crying in the funeral she could recognize everyone from Christmas, sans Will. That's when living Alicia looked at the headstone besides her own. It read: 'William Paul Gardner – beloved husband, father and friend'. A little too cliché for her own taste, but, for her to use it, it must have been the perfect fit for him. Present Alicia felt something warm on her cheeks and realized she was crying for Will's death. The thought of him gone, even if she was seeing it in a movie, hurt.

After that, everything went dark again.

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