Alicia's surroundings became clear again, but there was something different. She couldn't see anyone in the room and more important, wasn't seeing another Alicia anywhere. In this vision she wasn't just an observer, she was really living it. It wasn't a vision at all, this was real life. She felt her chest rise and fall. Well, that answered one of her questions: she wasn't dead. Those had been visions, about all the missed opportunities between her and Will and the life she would have had. Although she thought they mocked her a bit, it also gave her some hope. With the visions behind her, she knew that her relationship with Will could last. It was all up to her now, to make those visions come true. Alicia groaned, she had a crushing headache, and thoughts were crushing through her head. Again she felt a swooping, dizzy sensation in her head and she backed out again.

After a while, Alicia opened her eyes to see bright fluorescent lights ahead of her eyes. Where was she? She turned her head and looked at her surroundings, it looked like a hospital. How had she gotten there? Oh, she fell and hit her head. How long ago was that?

"She's awake! She's awake! Dad, Grace, she's awake!" She could hear Zach screaming into the hallway after walking into the room and seeing her with her eyes open. He walked over to her and held his mother's hand.

"Zach…" It only came out as a whisper. Speaking was hard, her throat was dry. Before she could ask for it, her son gave her water. At that moment Peter and Grace entered the room and hugged her too.

"What's going on? What happened?"

"When you were late for work, Will called me to see if I knew about you. We couldn't find you or reach you, so I went to the apartment and found you on the bathroom floor. The doctors said you had a brain bleed, but it has been controlled. They also said you would eventually wake up on your own."

Oh, a bleeding in the brain. That explained all those visions, they were hallucinations. Even if that made sense, they seemed too real to be only her mind's work. They felt more like alternate realities in which she had taken the other way she had taken in real life. Oh, like this explanation seemed more plausible than the hallucinations one.

"How long have I been out?"

"Three days. We'll let you rest now."

"I'm fine. Well, a little bit of a headache, but other than that, I feel just like I have slept a really long and resting sleep. When can I go home?"

"I'll go find out."

By the end of the day Alicia was going home. Her kids were supposed to be at Peter's, but they decided to stay and take care of their mom.

Alicia was lying in bed when she felt her cell phone vibrate. It was Kalinda.

"Hey, Kalinda, what's up?"

"You scared the hell out of us, that's what's up!" She answered, with concern in her voice. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine. I'll be back in a few days, don't worry."

"Yeah, Diane told me you would be crazy and want to come back to work so soon. Take some time off."


"Yes, Peter called her to let us know you were ok. He also told her about your plans of coming back and asked her to forbid you." She chuckled, picturing Alicia rolling her eyes to that. That was exactly what the lawyer did.

"Okay, I'll see you on Monday." And then they hung up.


On the next day Alicia, against her kids' and Peter's protest, went back to the hospital to get her clothes from the day of the fall, because they had forgotten to take it. In order for them to let her do it, she had to claim she was ok and would go crazy being alone in the apartment while Zach and Grace were at school. After all, the doctor hadn't forbid her to drive or go out.

"Hi, my name is Alicia Florrick and I was released yesterday, but my husband, sorry ex-husband, forgot to get the clothes I came in."

"Of course Miss?


"Miss Cavanaugh" Miss Cavanaugh, it had been 18 years since she had been called that. She wasn't used to that, but she supposed old habits died hard. The nurse went to the back and came back bringing her pile of clothes.

"Here's your stuff. This is a scarf that nice man, hmm, Will forgot here yesterday. Is there a possibility for you to give it to him?" The nurse said handing her a scarf she recognized. She had given it to Will for Christmas the previous year.

"Will was here?" Of course he was. Was she really expecting him not to? Maybe she was afraid he wouldn't.

"Yes, yes. Every day. Of course he couldn't enter the room, because only family is allowed, but he sat there," she pointed to one of the waiting chairs, "and waited. Poor guy looked really worried. So, can you give this to him?"

"Uhum, sure." Alicia was astonished. She had expected phone calls, a drop bye visit. Not this.


When she got home she was still thinking about Will's visit. She tried to rationalize that it was the normal thing for friends to do, but she couldn't get around the fact that Kalinda hadn't been there. Not that she resented the other woman for it. She didn't want to analyze the meaning of his constant presence, especially not when she was still under strong influence of her coma dreams/visions or whatever they had been. She just wanted to forget them. But the scarf resting on the chair in her bedroom wasn't helping. It was a constant reminder of his caring that would lead her thoughts to her visions, which would leave her wanting what was in them, again. It also was making her have to acknowledge the fact that she missed him, she really missed him. After a whole day, when she couldn't take the scarf staring at her every time she entered the bedroom anymore, she decided to put it inside her dresser beside that 'Chicago Magazine', which she still had. It didn't work, though. She knew it was there. 'Out of sight, out of mind' was not necessarily true, especially in this case. Alicia had nothing to do but think. After 3 years of working such long hours and having so many things to do, she really didn't have anything to do. The lack of work wasn't really welcome. Alicia wondered how she had been able to do it for so long. She was a different person back then was her answer.

On the third day of wandering the apartment while avoiding the scarf, she wasn't even entering her room by then and Alicia was going mad. To preserve her own sanity, she rationalized calling him was the best thing to do. Alicia didn't know if she could ask that of him or if he even had the time to come over, but she dialed anyway.