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**(::. .Short chapter, pretty much just an intro that brings the story into everything. .::)**


When I come up in the club, I'm talking mad shit,

Come up in the club I'm 'bout to get my ass kicked,

'Cause I'm sippin' on some Gin, Sip, Sippin' on some Jack,

Slip 60 in her panties with my number on the back

'Cause the proof is in the Kodak,

The throw-backs in a dark and vacant corner,

You were freezing, I was warmer,

And the roof is gone, when we know that,

And baby chases like she don't know what she's seeing,

I was steady, you were fleeting


Uh, yeah, sounds good,

Throw me up in the headphones; sounds good

When I come up in the club, I'm actin' mad dumb,

Ladies lookin' at me tell 'em, "come and get some,"

'Cause I'm sippin' on some Jack, Sip, Sippin' on some Gin,

Tip, tippin' all these strippers like I know them as my friends


Hands, at least four that weren't his own, were holding onto him. He silently took mental note of who the hands belonged to,

"Let's see," he thought. "The guy in front of me has his hands on my hip and neck. That's two. The guy behind me has his hand on my other hip and the tips of his fingers down the front of my pants. ...Is that a hand on my ass?"

He let his head drop away from resting on Ichisei? Chinosei? Something-sei's forehead and dropped it onto the shoulder of the guy behind him. As he did he rolled his hips back. Definitely not a hand! The man moaned,

"Mmh fuck, baby," the hand teasing the area where his pubic hair would have been if he has any left and crawled up his shirt. It located a nipple and began fondling and pinching it. Something-sei took the bared throat as an offering and began laying gentle kisses and nips on it.

"I'm Kariya," the guy behind his said with a bite to the ear. "That's my brother, Ichinosei."

"Ichigo," the sandwiched man panted, arching his chest into the hand on his chest. Ichinosei, he knew it was something-sei, grabbed the back of Ichigo's neck and pulled him so that they were forehead to forehead. Their breath mixed together as their hips and groins were ground together. Kariya laid open mouth kissed along the left side of his throat, drawing whines from Ichigo. Smirking, Ichinosei followed his brother's lead and made his way down the other side of the neck. Ichigo was a writhing mess of moans even though he was just waiting for one of the boys to pop the question to him. Kariya was the one to do it; pulling his head away and turning Ichigo's head half way around to look at him. Look at his lips and think lewd thoughts was more like it, Ichigo mentally rolled his eyes.

"You wanna get outta here?" Ichigo just chuckled,

"No," he pushed the two baffled men away from him and straighter his shirt out. "Sorry guys, I just wasn't feelin' it. Thanks for the dance though, I had fun!" He smiled sweetly and walked back to the bar, relieved to have his drink in his hand again.

"Anyone drug my drink, Ren?"

"Nah, might wanna go get a seat though. Ran's bout ta go on and you know she'll complain if ya don't tip her."

"Yeah, yeah," Ichigo waved him on. "Cough up your half of it so I can go!" receiving a $20 and a $5 from the red headed bar tender, Ichigo pulled the same amount out of his pocket and sat in front of the stage in the only open seat left. To his right was the bar tender Renji's little brother who was practically jumping out of his... well, pants, in excitement. He'd had the biggest crush on Rangiku since he was, what six? Seven? Having just turned 18, he was so excited to finally see her nearly completely naked. The five $10s in his hand helped show it.

Ichigo had grown up with nearly everyone who worked at the strip club. Renji and his brother were adopted by Urahara Kisuke when they were really young, their mother died after birthing Shuuhei and their dad walked out when she died. Renji and Ichigo had a love/hate relationship, they had each others back for the most part but spent half the time insulting each other or arguing. He got along with Shuuhei just fine. Rangiku grew up in the slums with Renji too, except she stayed there until she was 17 after an abusive boyfriend who she was living with at the time beat her senseless. Orihime grew up near Ichigo, they went to school together and eventually a friendship blossomed when he stopped a group of guys from assaulting her. Nel and Rukia came from rich families and were best friends. They shared everything in nearly every sense. When they were old enough they moved to Karakura Town and got an apartment. Their room was next to Rangiku and Orihime's, and the girls' immediately hit it off and met Ichigo and Renji at a welcoming party that they threw the girls in their apartment.

In Urahara Shoten, the maximum amount you could tip the strippers was $50. No one really knew why, something about them having to work for their pay and not just get naked (near naked. All lower undergarments must stay on) but Urahara's word was law.

To Ichigo's left was a guy that... Ichigo could definitely see himself taking home. Not that he would any way, but if he were a slut then yeah, he'd spend a night with the guy. He was tanned, extremely muscular, with pronounced cheekbones, green eyes, and long stringy black hair. He had a bored look in his eyes that barely changed when the lights dimmed and Rangiku sashayed onto the stage, hips swaying as much as her barely contained breasts. She worked the pole while removing her dress, Ichigo was vaguely away of what she was wearing; a far too sparkly red dress with matching heels and a feather boa. He was too busy watching the stranger next to him.

Rangiku strut around the stage twice, the first time around she winked at either him, the stranger, or Shuuhei, who moaned. The second time around Ichigo threw his money at her, hitting her in the lower back and grabbing her attention. She sauntered over to Ichigo before dropping to her knees,

"You missed; your aim was a bit high there."

"My friend's got somethin' for ya, hun." He smirked and tilted his head to a heavily breathing and blushing Shuuhei.

"Oh?" She shifted her body so that she was lying on her stomach, breasts nearly overflowing from her lacey bra. She looked nearly nude, thong straps barely seen and her hair covering the bra-hooks. Shuuhei looked to Ichigo, nervous and unsure of what to do. Ichigo snatched the money from him and placed the folded paper in the boy's mouth. As he held it with his teeth Ichigo shoved Shuuhei's face away from his own and towards an amused looking Rangiku. She leaned forward and took the money from Shuuhei's mouth with her own and winked,

"Thank ya. Say, Ichigo. While you're back there, ya mind unhooking me?" She dragged her body up. Her legs were spread and she flipped her hair over her shoulder giving access to the cherry red hooks. As Ichigo reached forward to unhook it singlehandedly, another hand moved forward out on his peripheral vision. It was the stranger next to him. He slid money into the strap of her thong; it was folded in half at an angle showing how much he was handing out to her. One, two, three $20s one of which had something scribbled on Andrew Jackson's face. A cut off set of numbers and 'achi' were sharpied onto the outer bill. As the bra tumbled to down, Ichigo looked to his left in what felt like slow motion. Brown met gleaming green eyes as the man smirked and stood up as Rangiku did and continued dancing. Ichigo was deaf to everything around him as the man turned and walked from the stage to the VIP. He really needed a drink.